15 Best Prom Hairstyles With Images

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Prom is one of the most important events during one’s school life. On a day as important as this, every girl would like to look her best. You might have picked that beautiful cocktail dress for that day and also got every single matching accessory for it. But then, what do you do about your hair?

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Latest and Beautiful Prom Hairstyles With Pictures:

Read on further to know some of the best and easy prom hairstyles for beginners along with images that could suit you:

1. Loose Waves:

Prom hairstyles 2

This is one of the simplest of hairstyles. The hair is left usually natural, with its natural wavy texture. If you have straight hair, you could make it look slightly wavy by using a curler and by gently running your hair through to give it a slightly messy look. This would look great for medium length hair. This is even more effective when you are running late for your event after all those rushing trips to the salon and back. In such cases, this easy prom hairstyle will come to your rescue and be your knight in shining armor.

2. Simply Straight:

Prom hairstyles 3

Embrace this hairstyle for prom and rock it. If you have a straight hair, well and good, you are set for the day. Else, you need to undergo the whole hassle that we just mentioned- getting your locks straight down. For those who would be wearing a highly embellished dress, then it is better to go for a hairstyle that looks very simple and straight. You could use a straightening iron to get this look. Divide the hair into simple sections and straighten each of them, one at a time and use a spray or serum so that it remains straight for a longer time.

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3. Low Sided Bun:

Buns are overrated, particularly high ones, but this one will most certainly bring out a whole new side to you, especially if you have never tried out buns. Surprise everyone and you will see how you give off fashion and hair goals to everyone, managing to look classy. Low sided buns would look great on tall girls. This is very simple to create. You could just gather all of your hair to one side and then firmly hold it in place by rolling it up and with help of pins and clips. It would look even more elegant, if you could gather your hair covering one of your ears.

4. Thick Shiny Curls:

Prom hairstyles 5

If you have thick hair, this look will suit you best, but even if you have thin hair, curls make it hard to get an idea and estimate of your hair volume. Keep others guessing about the same, while you are ready to rock your night. Curls look great for a prom night. This retro hair look amazing for people with long hair. You could use an iron curler and curl your hair by diving them into sections. Now give them more curls by brushing your hair with a roller brush. Finally, apply a bit of serum to give that extra glossy look.

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5. The Schoolgirl Braid:

school girl braid hair

If you want a cute prom hairstyle then this one is just what you need to turn to. It is a messy fishtail and is doing rounds after most celebrities popularized it a few years back. Braids are one of the hairstyles that cannot be overlooked. Girls who have long hair could go for this hairstyle. There are several kinds of braids and the most common one being the schoolgirl braid. It is a usual braid which you can just do by tying a low pony and then braiding it and let the braid fall on your shoulder. The trend is still on, and staying on that radar is the best you can do to be the prom queen.

6. Gentle And Soft Wavy Look:

Soft waves are always considered chic for any occasion. This works great for people with long hair. You could get this style by gently using iron curler for the lower ends of your hair. You could also curl a bit at the crown to give it a lifted look. Separate a small section of your hair and then hold it up in the back with a pin. The hair in the end will be wavy to bits, but will make you look like you are ready for prom. If the theme is chic and cool for your prom, this hairstyle is worth a try and will get you a step closer to giving other hair goals for the night.

7. Dainty Braids:

Another style that people with long locks could try is the dainty braids. This can be attained very easily. Blow-dry your hair and gently curl them. Take small sections of your hair and braid them and pin them below your hair. This would give the illusion of having tiny braided bands on your hair. This hairstyle will easily make you look a little elder than your age, and since that is all prom is about, acting like grown ups for a day, why not appear at the venue looking like one right?

8. Straight/Curled and Twisted Look:

If you would like to keep your look straight, but want to give it an extra finish, you could go for this style. Straighten your hair or curl your hair just at the ends. Part your hair in the middle and take a section of your hair from either sides and twist them. Now pin both of them together at the centre of your back with stylish clip. Straight hair is in the trend always, but sometimes a twist in the tale is all you need to stand out. Literally! This pic of prom hairstyle will show you just how easy that can be for you to implement.

9. Half up – Half Down Curls:

Half up half down curls

This hairstyle is best suited for people with medium length hair. The way to go about this hair style is by making a puff around the crown, securing it with pins. For the remaining hair, just split them into sections and curl them loosely. You can use a hair accessory on your hair to add more elegance. If you have bangs straighten them to one side with a straightening iron. Most people usually believe tiaras are meant for the front, but how about this one, that draws all attention to your hair even from the back? After all, your face will do the rest and take care of making you the diva for the night.

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10. One-Sided Curled Locks:

Taylor Swift is rocking this one and it most certainly is the best prom hairstyle for you if your curly hairs are too hard to be brushed into a straight hairstyle and is stubborn enough to respond to straightening irons. If you are to wear a strapless or one shoulder dress, this would be the hairstyle that would be best suited for you. Comb and gather your hair towards one side. A side partition would be the best. Now curl the ends of your hair and messy it up a little, and let your hair fall on the front of your shoulder.

11. Twisted Curly Side Swept Hairstyle:

Girls with medium to short length hair can go for this style. This would however require the help of a stylist as it is little hard to try at home. The hair usually like the one sided curls is combed towards one style and a lot of curls and twists are added. You don’t even need a curler or all that added hassle. All you have to do is just take your hair and tie it into plaits while they’re still wet. This gives you the beachy curls that you see here and you can take this look with you to the prom and stand out.

12. Long Sweeping Curls:

The upper half of the hair is straightened, while the lower half is curled into a messy open section. Best prom hairstyles you see in the article are perfect and this one is another to be added on that list. This is yet another hairstyle that would require the help of a hairstylist, but is one of the most gorgeous hairstyles. The hair almost looks straight and at the ends the hair is curled to give a slightly swept effect. The look also makes the hair seem like it has got more volume.

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13. Perky Ponytail With Loose Bangs:

If your highlighted hair needs some action for the day to look even better, nothing will suit you better than this one. Every section of your hair will look equally good and bring out an overall classy look for you. This is a very chic yet casual style. The look as the name goes has a slightly perky ponytail that is held up at the centre back of the head. The crown would seem like it has extra volume. The bangs are left loose in the front. It is ideal for straight hair.

14. Messy Curls:

Going messy seems to be the trend even on the red carpets. It is considered to be a very playful hairstyle. To get this look, you need to part your hair from the centre and curl your hair using an iron curler. Gently mess up the hair to give it a messy look. Use a hairspray to finish the look.

15. The Gussied One-Sided Low Pony:

This look can be done by giving a spiral curls to the hair. Once the spiral curls is done. Comb your hair to one side and gather all of them. Side partition your hair and lock your bangs or a layer of hair with a clip. Now the rest of the hair gather it to one side and pull it back tight and firm and tie it low to one side, and let it fall on your shoulder.

Here we presented the list of top 15 prom hairstyles for women and girls that can easily get you the crown of the prom queen and every perk that comes along with it. Happy end to high school!