Hair loss is a constant and recurring problem that both men and women face today. A receding hairline is the start after which hair fall and dandruff follow in dynamic suit. Hair is also destroyed by the constant use of products such as hair color that is why hair fall has become more widespread amongst teenagers and people ranging from ages 20-30. The constant hair fall problems are acutely related to today’s stress and panic level. Because of a hectic schedule we do not have the time today to use any homemade method to prevent hair fall.  Along with such subsidiary problems come the issues of stunted hair growth, hair breakage and spillage. There are multitudes of well known food that can help in hair growth because of the high amounts of protein that they can provide the body with.

Protein Rich Foods For Hair Growth:

Given below are some protein-rich foods for hair growth that are perfect for your hair.

1. Honey:

Honey is also a natural product that is a perfect way to fight hair loss and baldness and facilitates hair growth because of the presence of proteins. Man baldness syndrome is a problem faced by many middle-aged men and therefore a receding hairline is visible. The application of warm honey sometimes paired with ginger or garlic extract on your entire scalp daily will give you the best results. For women too honey has shown and proven to be a worthy adversary in the fight against baldness.

2. Bananas:

Bananas are rich in protein as well as iron that help to strengthen the roots of your hair so that you do not have too much hair fall. Hair growth is also facilitated when you have bananas every day and a good banana will also help you to stay healthy. Just like apples a banana a day will keep your hair growing strong and healthy.

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3. Apples:

Apples are also a strong and healthy fruit to help facilitate hair growth because of its rich ability to maintain high levels of vitamins and protein. An apple a day keeps the doctor away in regards to your system and your hair as well. Apples go well with your breakfast and must be eaten daily to maintain a good set of hair.

4. Meat:

Protein is very good for your hair and will certainly increase the quality of your hair. Everybody knows that the only way to achieve a lot of protein is to eat meat daily, but since this is not always possible go for eating meat at least three to four times a week for the best results. Your hair will grow strong and healthy in no time.

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5. Broccoli:

Broccoli is one of the few green vegetables available on the planet that is rich in protein and therefore is the perfect supplement for providing you with thick and luscious hair. Broccoli is an absolutely excellent vegetable that provides the roots of your hair with iron and increases the strength of your scalp as well.

6. Fish:

Fish has always been known to be a rich source of protein and many bodybuilders use it to bulk up fast but not many know that it also strengthens the skin on your scalp so that it hold the roots of your hair better and provides an excellent environment for hair growth when eaten.

7. Eggs:

Eggs are rich in protein and therefore are a perfect protein supplement for the growth of your hair when eaten. Try eating boiled eggs to achieve the best of results. This is one of the best protein-rich foods for hair growth.

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8. Vegetables:

Eating a lot of vegetables is very necessary to maintain a good strong and healthy body as well as long healthy hair because a lot of vegetables are filled with protein and iron which is perfect for hair growth. This is one of the best protein-rich foods for hair growth.

I hope the above article on protein-rich foods for hair growth is very useful to you.

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