Top 30 Protein Rich Foods

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Protein is one of the essential elements that our body requires. Daily intake of protein will help in performing activities properly. Proteins build muscle and fetch torn ones as well. Every individual who is concerned about his/ her physique should add protein to their daily diet. A protein-rich diet will ensure better health and allow you to function properly. Proteins aid the proper flow of blood as it controls the percentage of the release of carbohydrates into the blood stream.

Protein is the prime component of almost every living cell in the body. It can be said that without protein we cannot walk properly, talk properly and even sleep properly. Our hair, our nails, has protein. Protein helps in repairing tissues, build hormones, enzymes, blood and even cartilage of the skin.

Healthy High Protein Rich Foods:

Everyone should eat foods containing protein. Boys, girls, men, women, everyone should consume the amount of protein required as per their body weight. Protein is crucial for those people who live an active life. Thus, it can be said that the benefits of protein cannot be neglected. Some useful facts about protein are discussed below:

1. Protein helps in building muscle. It also helps you lean down by developing the lean tissues.
2. Proper consumption of protein will keep you full. This process will ultimately lead to low intake of calories.
3. Proper intake of protein will boost the process of fat loss. A calories-restricted diet is necessary for this purpose.
4. Protein will help you lose the belly fat and keep you fit and healthy.
5. Supplements, when combined with the intake of proteins will allow you to build muscle. Proper and steady growth of muscles is only possible if you have you take protein according to your body weight.

Every physique-minded male or female should consumer 1 gram of protein for every pound of their body weight. This will maintain a healthy balance in the body. Here are the top 30 types of protein rich foods that a person must include in daily diet in proper amounts.

1. Greek Yogurt:

This yogurt is rich in protein as it made by removing the water particles. These yogurts contain more protein than the usual yogurts and come with pro-biotic bacteria and have good amounts of calcium contents which help in building bones. They can also be consumed by people suffering from diabetes as it contains very low amounts of sugar compared to the usual ones.

2. Cottage Cheese:

This type of cheese contains very low amounts of fat and high amounts of protein. Cottage cheese has slow-digesting protein which will keep your stomach full for a longer period of time. It will promote muscle growth and will make you feel a lot stronger. It will also provide your body with the proper supply of amino acids which are beneficial for the body. For best results eat this food a little while before bedtime and let it work overnight to repair and replenish the muscles from inside.

3. Swiss Cheese:

The Swiss cheese has been proved to be an effective supplier of cheese to the body. They can also be found in a variety of products. It one of the best muscle-friendly foods of all time and due to its beneficial factors, this type of cheese has found it’s usage in sandwiches, hamburgers, etc.

4. Eggs:

Eggs are the source to gaining muscle and size. Eggs have a massive role in inserting proteins into your diet. Along with proteins, they are also filled with a number of valuable elements. If you don’t like to have egg whites then you can substitute that with the liquid form of egg white which you can fin din almost any departmental store. Daily intake of egg whites can help you build up a great physique.

5. Milk:

Add some milk with your egg whites and some carbohydrates, you can make the best bodybuilders breakfast ever. Milk is a high source of protein. However, they come with fat as well which is essential to an extent. If you’re planning to lean down or just get rid of the body fat without losing muscle, then go for the fat-free milk.

6. Fish:

Tuna, salmon, etc are loaded with protein. It can be said that they are some of the best sources of proteins known to mankind. These foods come with valuable vitamins and minerals and also carry the ability to fix a number of diseases and hormonal infections.

7. Soy Milk:

Soy milk is a decent source of protein and other vitamins which are crucial for proper body growth. Per serving of this milk will provide your body with at least 8 grams of protein which means who can feed your 8 pounds of body weight just by sipping on a glass of soy milk. Though most dairy products are light in protein, soy milk is considered as one of the best sources of protein which is crucial for a steady growth and healthy body. Soy milk also forms an integral part of the pre-workout and post-workout shake.

8. Steak:

It has been scientifically proved that 3o z. per serving of steak contains more 20 grams of protein, which is a heavy number. People with a big appetite can have more than 3oz of steak and provide their body with a high percentage of raw protein. One should always eat leaner portions of the stake, at this type of food is also loaded with fats which are not good for the body. The round steak is the most economical cut ever and is considered as one of the best dishes for consuming high amounts of protein.

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9. Pork Chops:

All meats contain protein more or less. But the pork chops does not make any compromise. These chops of meat contain around 26 grams of protein per 3oz per serving. The protein available in this type of meats is called muscle-sculpting proteins as they have the tendency to affect the muscle tissues more precisely. Apart from the nutritional values, this meat is being used in a number of delicious dishes which allows us to intake protein and gives our tongue a little touch of magnificent spices at the same time.

10. Chicken Breasts:

Chicken breasts are also high in protein. If you can somehow avail the raw chicken breasts instead of buying it from the shop, you can provide your body with better quality proteins. In stores, you will find chicken breasts which lack a lot of essential parts that contain protein. Compared to poultry cuts, chicken breasts are healthier for the body and contain more protein as well. It is recommended that you purchase chicken breast directly from the poultry farms which will save you a lot of money as well.

11. Pistachio Nuts:

These nuts contain good amounts of protein and can serve the muscles with almost 6grams of raw protein. This is the bet solution for availing protein if you’re on the go. You can just grab some in your hand and give your body with one of the ideal sources of valuable vitamins. Along with that, these nuts are also loaded with natural elements such as protein and fibers. These are great for breakfasts and can be consumed with almost anything such as milk, bread, fruits, etc.

12. Yellow-fin Tuna:

This is a meaty fish which successfully deliver the body with good proportions of protein. Yellowfin Tuna’s are also loaded with Vitamin B and many valuable anti-oxidants which can replenish the body cells and make you healthy from inside. The flesh of this fish is specifically good for the body and can promote the growth of muscles.

13. Halibut:

When it comes to flesh foods, Halibut is among the top 3 protein-rich fleshy foods ever. Per 3oz serving of this food can deliver you with 23 grams of protein. This will help you build muscle at a fast rate compared to other fleshy foods. Along with the protein, Halibut also comes with a small proportion of useful fat.

14. Octopus:

Starting from fish, almost all underwater animals are rich in protein and the octopus is nothing different. The more tender the meat, the better it is for your muscle. Hence spend some buck for the sake of your physique and try having some frozen octopus.

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15. Tilapia:

You can find this food at almost any fish store. The taste of the fish is a bit mild, but it will provide your body with 21 grams of protein (per 3oz serving). This is one of those which you can eat to feed your muscles.

16. Corned Beef:

This type of beef has high protein levels which will feed your muscles until they choke.

17. Light Tuna:

This is one of the most affordable and protein rich food ever. Light canned tunas will not cost you much but still will ensure that you get sufficient proportions of protein as per your body weight requirement.

18. Sardines:

This is another canned (packed) food which is high in protein. Sardines contain somewhere around 21grams of protein (per 3 oz serving). Apart from the high protein content, this food has an essential vitamin, Vitamin D which can improve the production of testosterone.

19. Dried Lentils:

Want to provide your body with more than 10 grams of protein (per ¼ up), then add dried lentils to your diet. Eating lentils is one of the easiest ways to enhance the supply of proteins to your body. Along with proteins, it can provide your body with essential fibers, vitamins, etc.

20. Navy Beans:

Now, let’s come to beans. Each cup of navy beans can serve with 20 grams of protein. These are commonly available in almost all stores and are also packed with dietary fibers.

21. Canadian Bacon:

These come from the lean parts of the pig found in the back. These are used in a variety of dishes and are a protein powerhouse. This type of bacon has very low fat compared to the traditional bacon.

22. Wheat Germ:

Wheat Germ is basically a mixture of three amazing components – bran, endosperm, and germ. Most nutritionally dense foods contain this germ. Wheat germ comes with good amounts of valuable proteins which are plant-based. This can be added to some healthy foods such as oatmeal to make it extra beneficial for the body. The wheat germ is used in protein shakes, pancakes, etc.

23. Edamame:

Edamame has 8 grams of protein per half cup serving. This food has the goodness of plant nutrients and other vitamins, fibers, and valuable minerals, etc.

24. Jerky:

This snack food is a serious muscle-building food and is loaded with tons of vital nutritional factors. The only bad thing about this food is the chewy effect. Other than that, due to its high nutritional benefits, jerky is one of the tastiest and healthiest foods ever for building muscle.

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25. Smoothie Drinks:

Smoothie drinks are the liquid form of proteins that build up muscle. These drinks are basically made by mixing some of the best protein-rich foods which can be combined together. According to some people, protein smoothies are not as effective as supplements when it comes to building muscle and mass. But isn’t it always healthy and safe to go the natural? Supplements are basically the powdered form of the nutrients available in those foods. On the other hand protein smoothies can be done by mixing fruits along with a little amount of protein powder that won’t cause any harm. Other than that, protein smoothies are nothing different from protein powder shakes.

26. Apricots:

These are fruits which are rich source of protein and also are good if these are regularly included in the daily diet. These can supply with a good amount of protein which is approximately 42 grams for every fresh fruit whereas about 2.20 grams of protein can be obtained if these are served in raw slices. These also contain trace vitamins of A, and C.

27. Sweet Corn:

This gives about 4 grams of protein per 100 grams of the corn kernels. These can be added to various types of soups like sweet corn soup, paste and also can be done in stir fried dishes. These also contain Vitamin B, Folate and pantothenic acids. These also contain trace elements like niacin, thiamine and anti oxidants.

28. Brussels Sprouts:

These contain about 4 grams of protein per 100 grams of slightly boiled sprouts. These can be added to pizzas and pasta dishes or had with other stir fried vegetables. These also contain anti oxidants and anti-cancerous properties.

29. Legumes:

Legumes and beans contain trace minerals, vitamins and are rich in fibre. These can be soaked and had as sprouts or added to different dishes. Per 100 grams of different varieties of beans include protein content about Soy bean 35 g, Chickpeas about 20 grams, kidney beans about 24 grams and black beans about 21 grams.

30.  Meat:

Red meat is an excellent source of fibres. Lean lamb contains about 50 grams of protein per 100 grams. Food Source of Protein whereas turkey and chicken breasts which are not red meats and are easily digestible and easily included in everyday diet contains about 33 grams.