Protein is one of the most essential nutrients needed in our body, besides carbohydrates and fats. Important metabolism process and organs in our body need foods that contain protein to help it grow and gain strength. Muscles use protein for their growth and enlargement, protein helps in memory development, protein helps in improving our immunity system as well, etcetera. There are various benefits to having protein every day. There are many protein rich foods that contain protein that we consume in our daily lives, like eggs, nuts, chicken, oats, milk, cheese, etcetera.

There are also various other food products as well that can also provide you with the best source of protein as well. If you ask, what foods are high in protein? And therefore, in order to know all the other sources of protein, you have to go through this article in its entirety. With more food options by your side, you will be able to experience different recipes every day and still consume protein on a daily basis as well.

What Is Protein?

Protein is termed as a compound that contains amino acids and helps in the growth of the body. It is considered as the building block of life and is currently found in every cell of our body. Proteins are attached with one molecule to another in long chains. The way the amino acids are lined up with each other will determine the role of that specific protein.

Importance Of Protein To Your Body:

Protein helps in playing various roles in your body, and without protein, your body cannot function. Top high protein foods help in transporting various types of molecules throughout the body and also helps in repairing various injured cells throughout the body as well. Proteins also help in insulating the body from all kinds of bacteria and virus and protects the body from major diseases. Apart from that, protein is also very essential normal growth of height, body, weight, muscles, etcetera. of the body. This is why natural protein rich foods are very important for teenagers, children and also pregnant women as well. The importance of protein is huge in the human body.

How Much Protein Do You Need?

The Dietary Allowance has recommended that the minimum amount should be 0.8 grams of protein per kilograms of your body weight. That means if you have a bodyweight of 40 KG, then 32 grams of protein should be your recommended protein intake on an everyday basis. Over intake of foods that have protein is not recommended as it can lead to deposition of excessive amino acids in your body.

Best High Protein Rich Foods List In India:

Here we enlisted 40 delicious protein food sources and how to include in your diet. Let’s have a look into them.

1. Peanut Butter: 7.7 grams of protein per 2 tablespoons

It can be easily experienced that with 2 tablespoons of peanut butter, you will get almost 8 grams of protein. You can easily top-up your bread toast with this food, and it will be a great combination. One can also add it to protein shakes or smoothies too. Even if it is a vegetarian diet, it has large amounts of protein. It will help your body to gain more nutrients for building muscles and the immunity system.

How To Include In Your Diet:

  • Just add peanut butter to a bowl of fruit or bread every morning or evening.

2. Swiss Cheese: 7.5 grams of protein per slice

This is also another source of healthy protein-rich foods, which can help you benefit your eyes, bones, and also your immune system as well. It has a low content of potassium, and thus even kidney patients can also eat this food as well. There is also goat cheese, which has 7 grams of protein per ounce. With the help of this food product, you don’t have to worry too much about calories intake.

How To Include In Your Diet:

  • Just add Swiss cheese to your sandwich or bowl of soup, and you’re good to go.

3. Cottage Cheese: 28 grams of protein per cup

It should be noted that every half-cup of cottage cheese contains about 13 grams of high-quality protein rich foods. The food item is not very expensive and still remains healthy as well. It not only provides protein for the muscles but also provides calcium to the bones too. Combining with vegetables or fruit is a great way to eat it. There are also other forms of cottage cheese as well.

How To Include In Your Diet:

  • You can add cottage cheese to your toast, vegetable or fruit salad, or enjoy it on its own.

4. Egg Whites: 3.6 grams of protein per egg

It is not a surprise to see that eggs are a brilliant source of protein rich foods list for most users. Egg whites are low in cholesterol and very high in protein. They are also low in fat as well. Therefore, you can have a healthy and nutritious breakfast easily with it. It will also provide you with all the energy and amino acids too. It is recommended to eat at least one egg per day, for adults.

How To Include In Your Diet:

  • Just make the egg whites a part of your daily salad.

5. Tofu: 12.8 grams of protein per ¼ tofu

It is no doubt to see tofu as a great alternative type of food to animal meat and therefore is very much used in most Indian dishes as well. It is very much rich in high protein foods list, magnesium, iron, and other types of essential nutrients as well. Tofu also reduces heart diseases, by reducing the bad cholesterol in the body, and thereby promoting good cholesterol. Good cholesterol is needed for a good heart and also normal blood pressure.

How To Include In Your Diet:

  • You can easily try it with your favourite food recipes, by replacing meat with tofu.

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6. Greek Yogurt: 11 grams of protein per ⅔ cup

If you intake greek yoghurt you will not only be getting protein but also calcium and vitamin b12 as well. Calcium is a specific kind of mineral that you cannot produce on your own and therefore need to intake food that has calcium. Calcium is very important for your bones as well. Vitamin b12 is very much needed for the formation of red blood cells in your body as well. By the formation of more red blood cells, the oxygen intake of your body will be higher.

How To Include In Your Diet:

  • After the end of your meal, just have greek yoghurt.

7. Soy Milk: 8 grams of protein per cup

If you are a vegetarian, then soy milk is also a great source of foods that have high protein. Drinking soy milk with your everyday food will help in replenishing the daily needed protein requirement for a normal man. It has also been proved by various studies as well, that soy milk can help in reducing osteoporosis too, which is excellent, to say the least. This will help you feel your strong bones even when you get older and stay fit.

How To Include In Your Diet:

  • Just add soy milk to your everyday breakfast cereal.

8. Steak (Ground Beef): 7.6 grams of protein per one ounce

Steak is very much high in amino acids. These amino acids help in protecting the body from various types of diseases, related to muscle fibres. They help in building your body muscles. Amino acids also help in reducing blood pressure as well, and also makes connective tissues strong too. A normal serving of ground beef, which is of 85 grams contains 23 grams of protein. The high amount of protein in the steak will help you reach your daily protein requirement.

How To Include In Your Diet:

  • You can make beef stock soup or include beef in your salad.

9. Pork Chops: 39 grams of protein per one pork chop

Pork chops not only contain protein rich food items but also zinc as well. Zinc is very much essential for maintaining numerous reactions in the body. Also, if you have a deficiency in zinc, you can easily lead to night blindness or an immune system that is weak. Apart from pork chops, you can also eat Canadian bacon and Spanish pork sausage as well.

How To Include In Your Diet:

  • You can easily have pork chops with salad or vegetables that are cooked.
  • You can also eat it with brown rice and mushroom sauce.

10. Turkey Breast: 4 grams of protein per slice

This is one of the best types of protein rich foods with high amounts of protein. The turkey breast can also make your tummy full for longer periods as well. The breast of the turkey has low amounts of calorie and fats than other types of meat as well. Turkey meat also contains selenium too, which can help you fight different types of cancers. This food product is also relevant for patients who are currently undergoing cancer treatment.

How To Include In Your Diet:

  • Get a fresh, organic turkey, and do not eat processed turkey.
  • You can eat turkey in your evening meal.

11. Chicken Breast: 28 grams of protein per ½ chicken breast

If you start in-taking poultry products, you can have numerous kinds of health benefits for your body as well. If you are an individual with high protein and calorie requirement, then poultry products will be best for you. You can use chicken breasts for your requirements, and after throwing the bones away, you can make soup. This is great food with high protein content. The fat and cholesterol content is undoubtedly low in the chicken breasts.

How To Include In Your Diet:

  • You can eat chicken breasts with whole grains, vegetable, and fruits.

12. Halibut: 42 grams of protein per ½ fillet

Halibut is a type of oily fish which is very much rich in omega-3 fatty acids. These type of fatty acids are very good for your heart and will help in decreasing any kind of heart diseases as well. This is why halibut, which is low in saturated fat, is very much recommended for your health. Saturated fats are very unhealthy for your body. Saturated fats also lead to diabetes and various other diseases for the heart and blood vessels.

How To Include In Your Diet:

  • This type of fish is enjoyed when baked or grilled, along with lemon, herbs, and spices.

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13. Sardines: 3 grams of protein per small sardine

Sardines are very much high in omega-3 fatty acids, which helps in reducing any risk of inflammation and also any type of cardiovascular diseases as well. There are also other nutrients as well, that are present in sardines, which are very much rich in selenium, and also vitamin b12 as well. Sardine also have vitamin d as well which helps in bone health. With strong bones, you don’t have to worry about osteoporosis at old age.

How To Include In Your Diet:

  • Just add sardines that are chopped to your main salad.

14. Pacific Cod Fish: 21 grams of protein per fillet

The best thing about eating codfish, apart from its high content of different types of high protein foods, is the content of fat it has as well. There are many mono and poly-unsaturated fats as well, that can be found in codfish. There is also traces of vitamin d and b12 as well, which will help you improve your health and also improve the functioning of your nerves. Good nervous functioning will also lead to better reflexes and also good brain health as well.

How To Include In Your Diet:

  • Codfish should be eaten with green beans, along with a very delicious sauce as well.

15. Anchovies: 5.7 grams of protein per ounce

Anchovies not only contain protein but also are very rich in magnesium, phosphorus, and calcium as well. These minerals are very important for the development of bones and also the maintenance of bones as well. Calcium also helps in the better functioning of the cardiovascular system in our body. Calcium also stimulates blood vessels inside the heart, and magnesium helps in relaxing them. Relaxed blood vessels pump more blood into the heart and thereby keep the blood circulation normal.

How To Include In Your Diet:

  • Always choose fresh anchovies, which can be grilled with pasta and tomato sauce.

16. Octopus: 4.2 grams of protein per ounce

Octopus, like all seafood, is very less in calories. But the main disadvantage is that it is very high in cholesterol. Therefore, you have to careful from eating too much. Apart from that, Octopus is very much rich in iron, which helps in the transport of oxygen from cell to cell. Octopus also has selenium and vitamin b12 too as well. Good oxygen transportation between cells is very much required for good and relaxed health and body.

How To Include In Your Diet:

  • Simmer octopus in seafood stock, add onions, bay leaves, salt, pepper and also lemon.

17. Yellow-Fin Tuna (Light Tuna): 6.6 grams of protein per ounce

Apart from being rich in protein, tuna is also rich in vitamin b as well. Vitamin b helps in the better functioning of the nervous system, and also helps in the blood circulation of the blood as well. Tuna has low calorie and fat content, which makes it an ideal protein source. One serving of 154 grams of tuna contains 39 grams of protein. This amount of protein will very much aid you in solving all your low nutrient problems in your body.

How To Include In Your Diet:

  • The best way to eat tuna is by grilling it.

18. Alaskan Salmon: 6.3 grams of protein per ounce

It is not a surprise for anyone that salmon is just a powerhouse for all kinds of nutrients. It very much contributes to the overall health of the body. It has omega-3 fatty acids which aid in the treatment of joint pains, helps in the heart health, repair of the neurological system and can also help in promoting skin health too as well. Good skin is required for a healthy body so that you don’t suffer from skin diseases.

How To Include In Your Diet:

  • Just add salmon that is smoked to your pasta, and then add cream.

19. Tilapia: 4.2 grams of protein per ounce

Tilapia is not only just high in protein but also contain omega-3 fatty acids as well, just like other popular fishes as well. Omega-3 is a nice source for calcium, which helps in the building of bones and strong teeth. It also has potassium which allows the nervous system in our body to function in the right way possible. The nervous system is the key system in our body which controls all the other body functions.

How To Include In Your Diet:

  • You can easily cook tilapia with any type of food.
  • You can add it to your salad or cook with your favourite sauce.

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20. Pistachios: 25 grams of protein per cup

Apart from being a high source of protein, pistachios are also a great source of fibre as well. Fibre helps in improving your digestion, and can also keep your tummy full as well. This will prevent you from any kind of overeating, and thus helping in dieting or weight loss. They are also high in folate, which is important for pregnant women. They also contain anti-oxidants too. Anti-oxidants help in making your body detoxify by itself, and eliminate all the toxic elements from the body.

How To Include In Your Diet:

  • Just add pistachios to your salad or yoghurt and you’re done.

21. Quinoa: 24 grams of protein per cup

The quinoa seeds contain two kinds of plant compounds, known as kaempferol and quercetin. These plant compounds help in fighting inflammation in your body and also has various anti-cancer properties as well. Therefore, by eating these food products you reduce your risks of getting cancer. This makes this food a great option for patients who are currently fighting cancer and will help in curing it faster. Apart from that, it will also provide all the essential nutrients needed for sustaining the health of the patients as well.

How To Include In Your Diet:

  • You just have to boil the seeds, add salt and enjoy as a great evening snack.

22. Almonds: 5.9 grams of protein per 10 almonds

Almonds not only have high amounts of protein but also are very effective in reducing any form of cancer in the human body. They also help in reducing any form of heart diseases as well. Almonds also help in reducing cholesterol levels as well. This is why almonds are very effective in fighting diabetes as well, and also lower risk for diabetes too. This will help reduce any kind of strokes or heart attacks on the body.

How To Include In Your Diet:

  • You can add almonds to salads, or any other dishes or smoothie for getting the better flavour.

23. Walnuts: 18 grams of protein per cup

If you regularly eat walnuts, then it can help in preventing any kind of formation of gallstones. Walnut also contains copper as well, apart from protein. Copper helps in improving the mineral density of the bones, and thus prevents any kind of osteoporosis. Walnuts also contain magnesium too as well, which helps in combating any kind of epilepsy. This is why walnuts are very much recommended by doctors for a healthier lifestyle. Walnuts also provide fibre for improving the digestion of food in the body.

How To Include In Your Diet:

  • Just add walnuts to your salads.

24. Pumpkin Seeds: 12 grams of protein per cup

The seeds of the pumpkin have protein in them and also zinc too as well. This greatly helps in improving the immunity of your body. Zinc also allows to improve the prostate health too as well, and thus prevents any kind of prostate cancer in men. The seeds also allow insulin secretion to be normal in the body, thus prevents any kind of diabetes risk in the body

How To Include In Your Diet:

  • You can easily eat the seeds on your own, or just make the topping for your salads.

25. Pecans: 10 grams of protein per cup

Pecans apart from having high amounts of protein food chart, also contain healthy fats as well, which help in the maintenance of weight in the body. Pecans are also high in antioxidants as well, which can help you to relieve any kind of stress. Pecans also help in the growth of the hair, improve the digestive system, and can also lower the stroke risk too. With good hair and digestive system, you can have a good overall positive healthy body structure.

How To Include In Your Diet:

  • You can easily have roasted pecans as a great evening snack.

26. Hemp Seeds: 9.2 grams of protein per one ounce

If you are allergic to soy products then you should try out hemp seeds. The seeds will provide you with all the essential nutrients, like amino acids, which the body will use to build new muscles. Also, the fatty acids inside the hemp seeds also vastly help in improving the immunity system in your body. By having better immunity, you can protect your body from harmful germs and bacteria.

How To Include In Your Diet:

  • You can eat hemp seeds by toasting them or eating them normally.

27. Cashews: 5.1 grams of protein per one ounce

Cashews contain iron and copper, apart from protein, which helps in the formation of new red blood cells. This helps in keeping the entire system of the body functioning in the best way possible. Cashews are also great for your eyes as well. Cashews also contain magnesium too, which is a needed mineral in the human body. Cashews also help in the maintenance of weight and can also prevent cancer too. Since cashews are pretty cheap to get, you should have this every day.

How To Include In Your Diet:

  • You can easily eat cashews by themselves, or in your smoothie.

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28. Chia Seeds: 4.4 grams of protein per one ounce

Chia seeds are very much rich in fibre content and also contain omega-3 fatty acids as well. The chia seeds also give energy boost too as well. These seeds contain huge amounts of nutrients, with just a few amounts of calories. Chia seeds can reduce the risks of heart risks, and even type-2 diabetes too, which makes them a great food for diabetic patients. It will also help in the normal secretion of the insulin hormone.

How To Include In Your Diet:

  • You can add chia seeds to your smoothie and enjoy them.

29. Soybeans: 68 grams of protein per one cup

Soybean has the highest amounts of high protein rich foods list for weight loss among all types of plant sources. It has all the essential amino acids, along with omega-3 fatty acids, which help in preventing any kind of diseases related to the cardiovascular system. Soybean also improves digestion too as well. It also has high amounts of iron and calcium too as well. This helps in maintaining optimal health.

How To Include In Your Diet:

  • You can go for soy milk, or add soy cream to your morning coffee or tea, or eat soy yoghurt.

30. Lentils: 3.1 grams of protein per one tablespoon

Lentils are very rich in potassium, fibre and also folic acid. Thus, these are great for your heart. Folic acid is important for pregnant women. It delays early delivery and also reduces any kind of birth defects in newborn babies. Lentils also help in fighting fatigue as well, since they are very rich in iron content. More iron content will also help in cells carrying more oxygen throughout the body.

How To Include In Your Diet:

  • You can easily add lentils to any kind of soup and therefore get nutrients and fibre.

31. Kidney Beans: 1 gram of protein per tablespoon

The kidney beans are very rich in the b1 vitamin and therefore helps in improving memory. The beans also help in avoiding Alzheimer’s Disease as well. The beans contain molybdenum which allows the body to detoxify. All kinds of kidney beans are rich in protein. This is why kidney beans are the favourite snack for more people out there and thereby highly benefits too. Kidney beans are very easy to be found and therefore makes a great option for an everyday snack.

How To Include In Your Diet:

  • You can easily include beans in soups and salads and enjoy.

32. Wheat Germ: 27 grams of protein per cup

It is not a coincidence that another plant high protein vegetarian foods that are very high in protein content. Wheat germ also contains vitamin e as well, which help in fighting free radicals. It also contains other essential nutrients and important minerals needed for the body too, like magnesium, potassium, thiamin, and finally zinc. This makes the wheat germ a perfect all-around food for many people. Wheat germ can be easily had by people who are suffering from nutrient deficiency diseases.

How To Include In Your Diet:

  • You just have to add wheat germ to your yoghurt or smoothie and that will do it.

33. Oats: 26 grams of protein per cup

Along with the high protein content, oats are also a great source for plant fibre as well. Fibre helps in preventing any kind of coronary heart diseases, and also improve digestion in the stomach. Oats also prevent colorectal cancer too as well. Also, by eating fibre will help you in weight loss and keeping your tummy full. Having good fibre in your everyday food is needed for a better bowel system.

How To Include In Your Diet:

  • You can use oats in your smoothie, or eat oats with apple, yoghurt, and cinnamon for a very powerful breakfast.

34. Barley: 23 grams of protein per cup

Barley is very much high in fibre, just like oats. This helps in improving digestion and also weight loss. Apart from that, barley also maintains blood sugar to the normal levels, and can also maintain cholesterol as well. It also helps in protection against cancer too as well. Therefore, barley should be your daily ingredient for the intake of lean protein foods list.

How To Include In Your Diet:

  • You can easily eat whole grain bread and get barley.
  • You can also cook it with cereals too.
  • Barley can also be applied to various types of stuffing too.

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35. Chickpeas: 15 grams of protein per cup

It can be easily said that chickpeas contain the most complex carbohydrate structure, and therefore needs time for digestion and release energy. It helps in keeping the blood sugar levels in check. It also has fibre and high protein low-calorie foods too as well. The high fibre content improves digestion too, and therefore allow in shedding weight. A  normal serving of chickpeas contains about 3 grams of protein. And that amount of protein is enough for a normal person’s protein requirement.

How To Include In Your Diet:

  • You can easily add chickpeas to your main salad and enjoy.

36. Soba Noodles: 4 grams of protein per ounce

If you want a great source of manganese, then soba noodles are a great way to fulfil that need. Manganese helps in improving the metabolism of glucose and also help the nervous system to work better as well. Manganese also helps in accelerating wound healing too. Soba noodles also contain thiamine, which reduces muscle weakness and confusion. Therefore, your body muscles will be strong and healthy for you to do more work.

How To Include In Your Diet:

  • You can make soba noodles with spinach, mushrooms, and carrots and finally enjoy all that extra amount of nutrition.

37. Green Peas: 9 grams of protein per cup

Green peas are not only rich in high protein low-fat foods but also has various other nutrients as well, like iron, zinc, copper, manganese, calcium and also vitamin k as well. These nutrients help in the functioning of the body as a whole. Peas also prevent any kind of brain damage and therefore prevent Alzheimer’s disease too as well. They are also cheap to buy too. They also have fibre for improving digestion. It can also help in weight loss as well and good bowel movement in the body.

How To Include In Your Diet:

  • You can simply add peas to your salad.

38. Brussels Sprouts: 3 grams of protein per cup

These sprouts apart from having a moderate amount of protein in them, also contain fibre, vitamins, minerals and also proteins as well. These sprouts are organic and therefore will help your body to function better. They also contain all the essential nutrients and has various anti-cancer properties too, which makes it great for reducing any risks of having cancer. This food can also be had by patients who are currently suffering from cancer as well.

How To Include In Your Diet:

  • You can easily mix the sprouts with your normal salads and then enjoy them raw as well.

39. Broccoli: 4.3 grams of protein per broccoli

Broccoli is one of the highest protein content vegetables out there. It can even fight cancer as well. Since it has phytochemicals, it is no doubt a great anti-cancer food as well. It is also a huge source of fibre too as well. You can also get vitamin k as well, which can help in improving bone health and also calcium absorption too. Good teeth and bones maintained by having calcium intake in the body via this food product.

How To Include In Your Diet:

  • You can add broccoli to your daily meal or eat as a salad.

40. Asparagus: 3 grams of protein per cup

Asparagus can not only provide you with good protein diet food content but also help in preventing any kind of urinary tract infections as well. It also has amino acids, which is a natural diuretic. It also has vitamin e, which improves skin health. Apart from that, it is also a source of vitamin b6 and also folate, for boosting moods or feelings. This will help you boost your mood when you’re sad or in depression, and help you get back to normal life.

How To Include In Your Diet:

  • You can eat Asparagus as a raw vegetable, or just steam it.

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In case you are asking, which food contains more protein? Then it can be easily seen that there are various ways to obtain protein, from either plant or animal sources. But, as we can see the food products listed above, it not a surprise to see so many organic plant products, which is actually a good thing, because you also get fibre from plant products as well, apart from all the proteins and minerals. Also, protein can be heavily obtained from fishes as well, as we have covered in the article too. Do let us know of your feedback and suggestions if you have any. And hopefully, with the help of this article, you can enjoy good eating habits, if you want to know how to get protein from food.


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