Top 15 Protein Rich Fruits In India

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Fruit has always been a necessary part of your breakfast as it gives you the energy to take the day head on. Moreover a good bowl of fruits everyday will help to keep you fit and healthy for a long time due to the availability of so many vitamins and minerals. Fruits are very well known to have a variety of nutrition which is perfect to keep a healthy body. Fruits are also filled with high protein that not many people know about. People often look beyond fruits to gain some high protein from other edible foods such as meat and vegetables but it is a known fact that fruit is also rich in protein. Eating fruits everyday will help provide a strong standing substitute for protein gained from other meals such as meat and vegetables. Given below are a few great fruits that are ripe in high protein for a healthy body.

High Protein Fruits In India:

To day this article will guide you about the list of protein rich fruits along other benefits of that fruit which are easily available in India.

1. Avocado:

protein rich fruits

Avocado is the first in the list of extremely well known protein rich fruits. This heavenly fruit is a perfect representation of the fact that even fruits are a strong protein source. Avocado can easily be found at any supermarket and must be eaten immediately after purchase so that you can retain the maximum protein level.

2. Banana:


If you are interested in increasing the mass in your body then eating bananas is the best way to go. Bananas are rich in iron and protein which is the perfect diet for any body builder. One banana is enough to provide your body with enough protein that is equivalent to at least 20 grams of pure meat. A banana again can be found at almost any supermarket and is available for the most part of the years.

3. Guava:


Do you want to know what is the best in the list of high protein fruits? Guava is a also a little known fruit that contains a large amount of protein. Guava is the best way to go when you need a quick source of protein every day. Eat a guava with your breakfast everyday and over time you will surely see a difference in mass in regards to your body. This is the beauty of guava which is named ‘gods own fruit’.

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4. Apricot:


Apricot is full of very natural proteins that are perfect for every day eating. Apricot is a very sweet and beautiful fruit that is an extremely rich protein friendly fruit. Apricot is also full of other natural vitamins and minerals that is absolutely perfect for your body. To stay healthy enjoy an apricot with your meals every day.

5. Oranges:


Everyone knows that an orange is rich in vitamin C which is a perfect and very essential item for the body. But not many people know that oranges are great fruits rich in proteins. As well which is a haven for every body builder or for people that want to gain weight. Oranges are available in abundance and even taste great when made into a fresh juice at home.

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6. Apples:


No doubt apple is one of the excellent fruits rich in protein that can keeps away from doctor when you eat one daily. Apples are known to be the only fruit that if eaten once a day will certainly keep the doctor away as the saying goes and the hard fact is that this wonderful fruit consists of a complete variety of minerals and vitamins and little known protein as well which is a perfect protein substitute for your body.

7. Grapes:


Grapes are also rich in vitamin C but the little known fact is that this fruit is also rich in protein which is a great protein substitute for your body. It is a very efficient fruit to eat every day. Most of the doctors suggests list of fruits with high protein,this is one of them.

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8. Dates:

Fruits Rich in Protein-Dates

With 2.4 grams per 100 grams, dates are a classic protein rich fruit. Your 5% of the daily need will be essentially managed by dates. It might not have content as high as meat, but combining and comparing other fruits on the list of fruits rich in protein, these tiny brown fruits are quite the wonder. Besides, dates are also rich in potassium and hence might save you from severe complications with health. Your fiber goals will also be achieved with dates, thus managing your sugar levels and controlling your bowel movement for good.

9. Prunes:

Fruits Rich in Protein-Prune

4% of your daily protein intake is managed by prunes, a bowl of which has about 2.2 grams of protein. Prunes are a good alternative snack compared to nuts and cashews when hungry. Although high on sugar content, taking them thrice a week will bring no harm. Prunes are also a rich source of cancer fighting antioxidants, and fiber, which helps maintaining your weight and keeping your pressure in check.

10. Jack Fruit:

Fruits Rich in Protein-Jackfriut

Jack fruit is one of the most powerful protein rich fruits in that list which makes more healthy. With 1.7 grams of protein, jack fruit is 11th on this list of high protein fruit. In India, it is as easy to find and a powerhouse of Vitamin C and fiber as well. Jack fruit apart from protein boosts your potassium level as well. To eat a jack fruit might seem as a tedious task given its large size, but it will be a trouble worth taking occasionally, since not only does it add variation to your diet, but also allows you to please your sweet tooth without trying too hard.

11. Raspberries:


Raspberries is one another highest protein fruit. 1.2 grams of protein engulf a raspberry per 100 grams of serving and while it might not be all there is to recharge your protein levels, but they definitely do help boosting up the levels in total. The berries are known for other health benefits like fighting the free radicals and uprising your scale of fiber. Raspberries can be taken with yoghurt as well for a healthy breakfast, making it a complementary delicacy owing to the difference in taste of the two.

12. Peaches:

Fruits Rich in Protein-Peaches

Come summer time and the need for high protein fruits increase. Other entries on the list may be high on that end, but doesn’t stop peach from making it to the 13th spot. 900 mg of protein is ready to hit your body per 100 grams of peach serving.  Besides, peach is also a rich source of beta-carotene, which boosts your immunity and eyesight both. Peaches keep your organs toxin free and hence allow you to lose weight. The best way to each peach is turn them to a smoothie topping or add them into fruit salads.

13. Grapefruit:

Fruits Rich in Protein-grapefruit

Almost everyone has indulged in the benefits of grapefruit and Vitamin C. Not many however know how grapefruit is also protein rich fruit. With 0.8 grams, grapefruit is high in protein. Grapefruit can also help with your weight loss plan, being a low calorie fruit. It provides you with the energy needed, but won’t make you fat. Now, isn’t that a news to celebrate? Grapefruit is sour, but adding honey instead of sugar will take your health to a better turn.

14. Fig Fruit:

Fruits Rich in Protein-Fig Fruit

With 0.8 grams, high protein fruits list is incomplete without figs. Fresh or dried, figs taste great either way, only if you are used to its taste. You can add them as a salad topping as well.

15. Pineapple:


The last on the list of best protein rich fruits but not the least, ripe pineapple is rich in protein which when eaten everyday will contributes very well to the maintenance of your body effectively. Don’t worry eat this high protein fruit daily and stay healthy and fit.

These protein rich fruits not only contribute to a healthy diet, but also enhance the protein balance in your body. While they can’t serve as a protein intake alternative all alone, but even the slightest amount of protein they provide can take you there.