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14 Best High Protein Vegetables

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Vegetables are very healthy to eat and the best way to go if you wish to stay fit and fight any body afflictions such as obesity and sugar, but there are other uses for vegetables as well. Many people still think that there are no available proteins in any vegetables and therefore resort to only eating fish throughout their lives with this misconception, but the truth is that there are a wide variety of vegetables available in the market that are extremely high in protein. These vegetables can actually be used very efficiently as meat substitutes as well. These vegetables can be cooked in any way of your liking and the best part is that some of them taste extremely good.

Protein is especially important for the body to stay fit and healthy and is even good when building on your brawn. Protein helps to build muscle and even allows your body to start cutting down on fat as well which is a very important part of this nutrient. There are a number of protein rich vegetables in the market that provide quite well toward your body so take some time out to do a little research on the matter for the best results in the market. Protein comes in various amounts depending on what you eat and how much you eat so make sure to chalk out the amount you eat on a daily basis to enjoy the most suitable intake of protein for your body.

Excellent High Protein Vegetables:

High protein vegetables are easy to find are produced and sold by a number of fresh vegetable markets throughout the world and with the advent of e commerce websites you can now buy what you need online as well which is very strong addition. Given below are a few well known protein rich vegetables that are very beneficial for your health and stay fit.

1. Spinach:


Spinach is  the highest protein rich vegetable in the world, it is the best meat substitute for you. Spinach is a perfect meat substitute because it contains exactly 49% protein which is a perfect way to provide protein for your body. Spinach is rich in many other vitamins as well which absolutely perfect to keep your body healthy and battle almost every disease.

2. Kale:


Kale is another green vegetable that is rich in protein. You can make a very good platter of food out of kale or involve it in any other parts of your cuisine to help fill your body with a large number of proteins. Kale is very easy to find vegetable that involves many other vitamins and minerals as well which contribute to your healthy body.

3. Broccoli:


Broccoli is another rich in protein vegetable that is a perfect substitute for meat because of its high protein level. Broccoli works well to introduce a large number of proteins into your body which amounts to an exact 45%. Broccoli is an awesome substitute which will most certainly fill your stomach when incorporated into your daily diet.

4. Cauliflower:


Cauliflower is found at every grocery market and is normally eaten by a large number of people throughout the world almost every day, but not many people know that cauliflower is actually very rich in protein which makes it a very full blown meal on its own. Cauliflower is best when fresh and green. This is one of the best and famous high protein vegetables.

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5. Mushroom:


Mushrooms are a little less eaten than any green vegetable but that does not make it any less as compared to the rest of the vegetables in the world. Mushrooms are rich in protein and amount to almost 38% protein in your daily diet. Boiled mushrooms will help retain your protein very well. The mushroom recipe is one of the greatest vegetables rich in protein and has good taste also.

6. Parsley:


Parsley is not eaten much and is normally used in cuisines as a means of flavour, but not many people know that parsley is actually rich in protein and an contribute to at least 38% protein in your body. Incorporate more parsley in your diet to help maintain a good and strong body.

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7. Cucumbers:


Cucumbers can be eaten raw and that’s actually quite phenomenal because this allows the whole 24% of the protein to enter your body unhindered. Cucumbers are quite cool to eat and well and go well during the summer. Cucumbers can be easily bought and work well when you want to increase mass effectively.

8. Green Pepper:

High Protein Vegetables

Green pepper is an excellent substitute to meat as well and fits very efficiently into the protein vegetable table as it maintains over 22% protein level which is quite phenomenal. Green peppers make for an excellent meal and go well when boiled or even fried. You may lose a little bit of protein when cooking the green pepper but at the end of the day you will still help retain a lot.

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9. Sun Dried Tomatoes:
Protein Rich Vegetables-Sun Dried Tomatoes

This is possibly one of the greatest high protein vegetables as it contains almost 14 percent of protein which is the highest ranging protein vegetable in the market. Sun dried tomatoes are easy to incorporate in your diet and can be purchased as normal tomatoes from any store and then you can sundry them at home for the best results. try and incorporate this into your daily diet for the best results when it comes to giving your body the protein it needs and in the amount that you desire.

10. Green Peas:

Protein Rich Vegetables-Peas

The best part about green peas is that it not only is a protein rich vegetable but it can also be enjoyed raw and can be added as an accessory to almost any kind of food that you may want to enjoy. Peas go well with all kinds of salads, it can be added as an accessory to any meal and goes well on all platters along with adding very well to your daily protein intake which is one of the best parts about this great vegetable so enjoy peas today for the best results. This occupies prominent place in the list of high protein vegetables.

11. Sweet Corn:

Protein Rich Vegetables-Sweet Corn

Sweet corn is an elaborate cooked version of normal corn and adds an almost gourmet feel to enjoying an already world renowned food. Sweet corn is a very strong protein source like its predecessor and can be enjoyed on a daily basis if you want to enjoy a better tasting vegetable. Sweet corn can be made at home and is easy to eat and store and is rich in other vitamins and minerals as well making it a very adept high protein veg foods.

12. Beet Greens:

Protein Rich Vegetables-beet greens

Cooked beet greens are normally the leaves of the beet root which are rich in a number of vitamins and minerals include protein and even calcium. Beet greens can be found in any elaborate departmental store and is easy to incorporate into your daily diet. Beet greens are the best vegetables rich in protein.

13. Bamboo:

Protein Rich Vegetables-Bamboo

Some people enjoy the sugary content of eating bamboo but not many know that bamboo shoots are actually part of vegetables rich in protein which is very good for the teeth and the body as well. So enjoy some bamboo today.

14. Pak Choi:

Protein Rich Vegetables-Pak Choi

A Chinese delicacy Pak choi is a great vegetable rich in a number of essential nutrients including protein which is very good for the body making it a part of rich protein vegetables.

This article talks about high protein vegetables in variety and how they benefit your body on a cellular level. The above list of vegetables are very high in protein and support to immense system along with strong and fit body. Go and add these protein rich vegetables in your diet then stay healthy and fit.