30 Best Puff Hairstyles With Pictures

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When you would like to go for a look that is highly dramatic, puff hairstyles are always the best one to go for. Puffy hairstyles give an illusion of the hair having more volume and thickness. This is usually done by teasing the hair a bit and usually gives an exaggerated look to your hair. If you would like to go for puffy hairstyles, here are some that you could try.

Wondrous Puff Hairstyles With Pictures:

This article has given list of marvelous puff hairstyles for girls with images that make your look more beautiful.

1. Puffed Crown With A Bun:

puff hairstyles

This puff hairstyle looks very classy and elegant. This is mostly suited for formal occasions. The hair is puffed up at the centre of the crown, and the rest of the hair is tied into a knot bun. The bangs are middle partitioned so that they fall on either side.

2. Puff With Curly Ponytail And Side Sweeping Bangs:

If you would like to tie your hair casually, and go for an everyday look, then this is the best puff hairstyle for you. The side bangs almost graze the eyebrows. Give your hair some curls using curlers, if your hair is straight. The curls would give a bouncy look to the hair.

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3. The Fishtail Braid:

Do you love doing fishtail braids? Then mix your fishtail, with a slightly puffed up front. This would work great as a prom hairstyle or for day hangouts. Girls with medium length hair can go for this puff hairstyle. Give it a slightly messy look, by letting a few hair strands loose.

4. Front Puff With A Chignon:

This is a very classic style that would usually work for evening parties. It is best suited for cocktail dresses and gowns. The puff appears right on the front giving an exaggerated look. The puff is slightly teased using fingers or a brush. The rest of the hair is then tied into a bun at the centre of the back of the head.

5. Puffed Asymmetrical Bob With Side Swept Bangs:

If you have short hair and think you cannot have a puff, then you might want to think again. Here is an asymmetrical bob that blends in so many styles together. The bob has very feathery ends circling the face with side sweeping bangs almost covering one of the eyes. The hair near the crown is given a puffed up look. You would require a stylist to help you get this bob style.

6. Centre Puff With Straight Ponytail:

Although curls and waves are considered stylish at the moment, there is nothing more enviable that sleek straight hair. Hold a nice puff at the centre of your head with help of a few clips and pins. Straighten your hair and then tie a nice high pony.

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7. High Front Puff With Natural Curl Pony:

If you have naturally wavy hair, then you could give this hairstyle a try. Make a nice high puff, making it seem like the hair has huge volume. Then, without tampering the natural waves of your hair, tie it up in a nice high pony. You are sure to grab some attention with this look.

8. The Puffed Ponytail Bun:

This hairstyle is an everyday look. You could wear this style to college or a casual hangout or even a dinner party. It would suit absolutely any outfit. The hairstyle is best suited for people with medium length hair. The pony is given puffy look in this case, almost making the hair seem like it has more volume.

9. Half Pin Curl Puff With Braids:

This look would give a slightly vintage feel to your hair. Do a half pin curl on the front. Make a puff at the back, and braid the rest of the hair in a nice French Braid. This hairstyle can look even more appealing if you have colour highlights or accents. This works well for people with long hair.

10. Side Swept Bangs With Low Side Pony:

This hairstyle is best suited for proms or like in the picture for weddings (as bridesmaids or even the bride). There is thick amount of side bangs which is swept totally to the side. The crown has a very light puff. The rest of the hair is tied in a pony on one side, with the pony falling on the shoulder.

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11. Messy Puff With A Low Pony:

Having a messy hairstyle seems to be the trend at the moment. If you have natural curls or waves, then this hairstyle would be the best suited one for you. Make the puff one the front in a messy manner. You could tie your hair low, almost near the neck or at the nape. If you do the latter, let your pony fall on your shoulder.

12. Simple Puff With Long Curly Tresses:

This is one of the most glamorous and easy to do puff hairstyles for girls. The puff is made low and at the centre. Give your hair slight gentle curls at the end of your hair and use a hairspray to make them shiny. Then let your hair loose on either shoulder and flaunt the look.

13. The Victorian Puff:

The vintage hairstyles seem to be influencing the modern hairstyles. Celebrities all around are trying to experiment the vintage look with a slightly modern twist. Here is a Victorian puff, which has highly dramatic feel, with a slide partition that is visible at the centre.

14. Half-Up Half-Down Updo:

This is a very easy to do updo puff hairstyle at home. The hair is divided into sections. The upper section is tied into a puffed up bun and the lower sections is let loose and wavy, falling on either shoulders. The bangs are straightened and combed to one side.

15. Puffy Fishtail Braid:

Fishtail braids seem to be a puff hairstyle trend that cannot be overlooked. Here is different fishtail braid. The hair is tied into a high pony and then a small part of the pony is given a puffy look and the rest of the hair is braided into a fishtail.

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16. Neat Teased Hairstyle:

Puff Hairstyles 16

Paris Hilton is back at it again, being the diva that she so famously is. When you are looking for simple and latest puff hairstyles, you will love the beauty of this hairstyle that you see here. Neatly tied up into a single ponytail, this one literally gives us hair goals. One thing you need to remember though is that you cannot miss out on the fact that if you have a thinner volume of hair, this one is probably not meant for you, but otherwise, go ahead and you will love the results this hairstyle brings you.

17. Messy Puff Pony:

Puff Hairstyles 17

Right, now moving on to the next puff hairstyle, what we can say about, it is one of the messiest on this list and ideal for you to give off the ‘Out of bed’ vibe. While it might seem apt for lazy days, don’t try to execute this one on the recently combed strands, since that destroys the whole purpose of this hairstyle.

18. The Headband Puff:

Puff Hairstyles 18

Just when you thought you have seen all in the hairstyle puff, here’s another on the list that will pleasantly surprise you. The puff hairstyle is not only new, but equally trendy. What you see here is a beautiful highlight of black and blonde, contrasting each other. Along with that, featured is a black headband with a puff ponytail. It doesn’t get any better than that, of course.

19. High Tease Hairstyle:

Puff Hairstyles 19

Megan Fox is being the diva that she is as usual with this hairstyle, which is so simple yet oozes out oomph from all angles. The tease and puff are on point and high, but it doesn’t make her look even the tiniest bit weird. Much like her, you can wear a nice silver earring as well, and look equally flawless. If your forehead is broad, this hairstyle is a good redeemer for you.

20. Puff Ponytail:

Puff Hairstyles 20

Hair styles are many, but if its hairstyle in puff that you are looking for, you will love what this one has to offer you. The puff is different, and the front hairstyle has bangs to brag of. If you are half the stylish diva we think you are, you will see the beauty of this chic sectioned hair. Also note, round earrings are a plus with this one.

21. Low Flirty Ponytail:

Puff Hairstyles 21

The 21st picture of our list of puff hairstyles for girls sees Kim Kardashian in her good old avatar, flaunting a low ponytail with a high tease. Give this one a try for a sure shot at perfection.

22. Hair Wired Ponytail With Puff:

Puff Hairstyles 22

While you have seen many wired hairstyles in the braided ones, this one is rather uncommon and passes off as a simple yet elegant ponytail.

23. High Puff Pony With Bangs:


The bangs that you see here are neatly stacked all together to form a very official and formal look, but with that headband in place, the look changes dramatically, bringing the overall appearance to a more casual appearance. This look can be experimented with clips and bands of all sorts if you want to discover just what looks perfect on you.

24. Half Tied Puff With Front Bangs:

Puff Hairstyles 24

When you want to keep half your hair open or it so happens that all your hair strands won’t come together to form a complete ponytail, this is what you can do. Like literally, this hairstyle is everything you could wish for and more. Even people with curly hair can rock this look equally gracefully like the ones with straight hair, however, if you prefer a neater look, straight would be the way to go.

25. Front Puff Hairstyle:

Puff Hairstyles 25

What you see here is unique and different in every sense from the other hairstyles that you have been laying your eyes on so far. The best thing you can do is adapt to the change and undergo a makeover yourself. If you have jet black hair, then you are blessed, since it does not get better than this.

26. Loose Messy Puff Ponytail:

Puff Hairstyles 26

Yet again, this ponytail is very different from the usual and not suitable for all occasions, but if it is a beautiful puffy hairstyle that you loathe the most, this messy one should be your only pick, particularly if you are a regular party go-er as well. There is no use of rubber bands, and it is the hair that keeps the ponytail in place.

27. Wavy Puff With Side Braid:

Puff Hairstyles 27

This puff hair style will suffice as your wedding one without a doubt. There is nothing that will displease your eye. With that neat braid sitting on the crown so perfectly, the charm being added to the overall look is undeniable. The hair is wavy, since it suits the look more, so if you have straight hair, make sure to bring out the curling iron soon enough.

28. One Sided Puff:

Puff Hairstyles 28

If you are wearing one of those one sided off shoulder dresses, this look will seal the deal for you easily. Take a note of how the whole look has been put together and exercise the same on you right away. This is one of the perfect and simple puff hairstyles for girls with long hair.

29. Short Open Hair Puff:

Puff Hairstyles 29

The whole essence of the pony is to give off a party-ish vibe, without making things look too casual. It is ideal for office invitations or gala meets, where you need to dress up and present yourself in style.

30. Twist Puff Hairstyle:

Puff Hairstyles 30

This can become your mantra for the day, especially if you have a party to attend and love how things are going with your hair and its growing volume. That would be all.

So, that was the end of this perfectly laid out top 30 puff hairstyles list. We hope you have taken your pick and decided on which one your next favorite attention grabber will be.