A pullover as the name suggests is the garment that you can pull over your neck. The pullover sweater is a great product that is perfect for the winters and the cold days. These pullover sweaters are worn by men and women.

Best Pullover Sweaters For Women And Men:

Select your favourite top 9 pullover sweaters,

1. Ribbed Pullover Sweater:

A classic pattern in pullover sweater is the ribbed look. This long striped look is perfect for any kind of person. The grey colour sweater is also a good choice as it goes on all kinds of clothes. The side slits of these sweaters make it very stylish too.

2. Turtle Neck Pullover Sweater:

Here is casual women’s pullover sweater that you can wear for outings. The turtleneck pullover makes it very chunky at the neck. This gives you warmth for the cold days during the winters. The loose fitting oversized sweater is perfect to give you a casual look and this goes well over jeans too.

3. V Neck Pullover:

Try out a classic V neck pullover sweater women’s wear that is in a lovely shade of yellow. This pullover is smart and chic and is a wonderful combination with jeans or any other bottom wear. The V neck is versatile and lets you have a wide range of styles.

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4. Pullover Sweat Shirts:

If you like the outdoors and the sports arena then a wonderful women’s pullover sweatshirt is what should be in your wardrobe. This pullover gives you the freedom to move around and do your activities with ease. The sweatshirt is great to absorb the sweat and at the same time keep you safe from the elements.

5. Zip Pullover Sweater:

A powerful men’s pullover sweater is a classic zip style. This sweater has the quarter zip at the top. The brass zip gives not only ease of wearing the sweater but also a manly style. The grey pullover sweater is a wonderful colour for men as well. This goes well with pants and jeans.

6. Button Black Pullover Sweater:

Just like the zip pattern, the top button pattern is also a great choice. The black sweater has three buttons on the top. This gives you the ease of putting on the sweater as the buttons open up to give you more space. The broad neckline is also a great feature in this pullover.

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7. Round Neck Pullover Sweater:

Choose this ladies pullover sweater in grey that has a distinct style. The sweater is loose fitting and is a wonderful casual wear. The long sleeves and the round neck of the sweater are classic. The main difference in this sweater is the wide shoulder. This gives it the loose fit effect.

8. Cable Knit White Pullover Sweater:

Cable knit is one of the classic knitting stitches that are used widely in all kinds of sweaters. The white sweater is a broad V neck sweater that is quite trendy. This long sweater is a casual wear sweater that can be pulled over tight fitting tops. Choose from the different cable knit styles that are readily available.

9. Ruffle Sleeve Pullover Sweater:

Turn a cool sweater into something stunning with these ruffle sleeves. The three layer ruffle sleeves at the end at chic and glamorous. The layered effect is wonderful and adds a lot of drama and character to this garment. Use it for semi-formal to casual outings.

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Pullover sweaters are a great way to add style to your wardrobe. They are easy to slip on and remove and this gives it a lot of versatility. The round, V or turtlenecks are all type of pullovers that are stylish.

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