What are nakshatras, and why are we talking about Punarvasu nakshatra baby names? The Indian subcontinent is a blend of various cultures, belief systems, and experiences. According to Hindu mythology, we all believe that following lunar constellations, sun signs, moon signs and star placements in astrology can affect our lives. Accordingly, if one is born under a particular nakshatra/star, it is considered auspicious to name him or her with a designated starting name syllable. Today, that is why we are here to suggest Punarvasu nakshatra baby names for those born under this star.

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Let’s get started and explore more about the star characteristics and punarvasu nakshatra names for babies born under this star.

Punarvasu Nakshatra and Characteristics:

The Punarvasu Nakshatra falls under the range of 20 degrees Gemini sign to 3:20 in the Cancer sign. The punarvasu nakshatra means the return of the light. If the baby is born under this star, it is considered that he or she is very spiritual and full of beliefs, and will have intelligence, clever and smart. Further, it is also believed that he or she will experience prosperity and will be patient in making changes in life.

The ruling deity here is Lord Shiva, and the zodiacs are Gemini and Cancer. The animal symbol of the punarvasu star is a female cat.

Punarvasu Nakshatra Names Starting letter/Syllable:

If your baby is born under this star, it is considered lucky and auspicious if their name starts with Ke, Kay, Ko, Ha, Hi, Hee.

Best Baby Names Under Punarvasu Nakshatra:

Let’s get started and explore the most lovely, meaningful, and sweet different names of punarvasu nakshatra babies.

Punarvasu Nakshatra Baby Boy Names:

1. Harit:

The name Harit in the Hindi language literally translates to a cultivator or someone who loves greenery. The name is quite a new and modern name, and it isn’t very popular yet in India.

2. Hameer:

The name has come from the Hindi word, ameer, which means someone who is rich. Hameer thus implies someone who is Rich or belongs to a rich family. Alternatively, there is also a music raga after this name.

3. Hanish:

Hanish is another name for Lord Siva. The name also means someone who is ambitious or determined. We love both meanings. This is a lovely and short baby name under punarvasu nakshatra.

4. Hansal:

Want a modern and cute sounding name with modern pronunciation, Hansal can be a good choice. Hansal means someone who is like a Swan or also symbolizes beauty and peace. The name origins from Hindi and Sanskrit languages. The other spelling for the same name is Hanshal.

5. Hansith:

The name Hansith is derived from the Hindi language word, Hans. This means someone who is full of joy and always happy, in laughter. This is a unique punarvasu nakshatra male names.

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6. Hanuman:

This is a pretty traditional and mythological name for Hindu baby boys. The name is inspired by Lord Hanuman himself. Among several names for a boy, this is always a classic choice.

7. Hanvesh:

Hanvesh literally means someone who has a soft mind with calmness and a gentle being. The name is a modern and sweet short name for baby boys in this millennium and is unique too.

8. Haran:

It is an alternative name for Lord Shiva. Haran is someone who destroys evils or world sins. This means someone who does harana. This name is inspired by Hindu mythological texts. What do you think of this one?

9. Hardhik:

Also spelled as Hardik, the name means someone who is cordial or affectionate towards others. It is a modern and contemporary name choice for parents these days and is slowly getting popular in India.

10. Harendra:

Again, the name Harendra is inspired by Lord Siva’s name. It is from Hindu mythological stories derived after har. We love this one under baby boy names for punarvasu nakshatra.

11. Harihar:

The name Harihar is none but Lord Vishnu and Lord Siva together. For parents searching for a traditional meaning name yet with uniqueness and rare choices, this can be an ideal one.

12. Harish:

Harish is a trendy name already in India, derived from the Sanskrit language. The name Harish again is Lord Vishnu, and Lord Siva combined both together.


Harmin is a short and modern-day choice with good pronunciation. Harmin means harmony and being noble.

14. Harsh:

The name Harsh in the Hindi language literally translates to joy, delight, excitement, and happiness. It is a modern name which got popular in the last two decades already.

15. Harshal:

Harshal means someone who is always joyful and glad. The name is again derived from harsh, yet with a unique sound and name choice. What do you think of this sweet name?

16. Himadri:

Himadri is another name for the snow mountains of the Himalayas. It is a new and modern unique name choice upcoming these days.

17. Hiran:

Hiran in Sanskrit and Hindu mythology means someone who is immortal. Alternatively, on the other hand, Hiran is also someone who is precious.

18. Hitesh:

It is a new and rare name found in India. Hitesh is Lord Venkatesha. The other meaning of Hitesh’s name is someone who is lord of goodness.

19. Hivan:

Hivan means confident and intelligent person. While the name is not much known yet, it is an upcoming and new unique name choice for modern parents.

20. Kerav:

Kerav means eternal or something that never fades away. If you want to keep a name beginning with ke, this is a unique and cute short name choice.

21. Kesav:

The name Kesav although it is very popular and well known in India already, is yet a timeless and classic name choice. It has many meanings, Lord Venkatesa, Lord Vishnu, and Lord Krishna too. The other variations possible in this name are Kesava, Kesavan, Kesavulu, and Keshab.

22. Ketu:

Ketu is none but Lord Siva. The name, however, also has other meanings – someone who is a leader, intelligent and eminent famous person full of knowledge and wisdom. If you want a four-letter short name choice, this can be a good one.

23. Kokil:

Many do not name their kid after such a name, but if you prefer uniqueness and freshness over anything, this can be a beautiful artistic name. Kokil is derived from Cuckoo from the bird.

24. Koushik:

Also spelled as Kousik, this is another name for Lord Indra and Siva. On the other hand, Koushik also means someone who is full of love and knowledge.

25. Kovidh:

Kovidh is a unique name and new for all of us. Also spelled as Kovid, it means a person who is skilled, artistry, cultured, and full of experiences.

Punarvasu Nakshatra Baby Girl Names:

26. Keyara:

Keyara is someone who has dark hair with beautiful looks. The name has been gaining popularity these days and is a modern Indian name for a baby girl.

27. Hiya:

Hiya means someone who has a compassionate and generous heart. This punarvasu nakshatra female names is a beautiful short Indian baby girl name to try out.

28. Harshita:

Also spelled as Harshita or Harsita, the name is derived from the word Harsh which means being happy and joyful. Harsita implies someone who is joyous or cheerful, full of happiness and always delighted.

29. Keya:

The name Keya is a cute and short four-letter name that is rare and unique. Keya means a monsoon flower. If you prefer an unpopular name, this can be a good choice.

30. Himani:

It is a traditional meaning name, yet not very known for its beautiful meaning. Himani means Goddess Parvathi, which is someone who stays in the snow and Himalayas.

31. Harika:

The name Harika is quite well known and popular in India. It means Goddess Parvathi and someone who is beautiful. This baby girl’s name is popular in South Indian states. It is classic punarvasu nakshatra Telugu baby names.

32. Hiza:

It is another short and sweet-sounding cute name. Hiza means beauty and luck in person. We quite love these punarvasu nakshatra names for baby girls.

33. Hazel:

Hazel is a new day and a modern name again. It is named after the Hazel tree in English. Some also believe Hazel means a leader or a person who has leadership qualities.

34. Kethana:

The name Kethana is not a popular name, yet lovely and beautiful in its meaning and sounding. Kethana, also spelled as Ketana, means Goddess Lakshmi. This is all-time classic baby girl names for punarvasu nakshatra.

35. Komal:

It is a famous and well-known name in Northern Indian regions for decades together. Komal means someone who is delicate, affectionate, sensitive, tender and soft. It is originated from the Hindi language.

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36. Hanisha:

The name Hanisha is again another of our favorite and lovely name of our choice. Hanisha implies a beautiful starry night. The origins of the punarvasu nakshatra female baby names, however, are unknown.

37. Hasini:

Hasini is a beautiful name. Originating from the Sanskrit language, Hasini means happy, full of laughter or someone who always is happy. Isn’t this punarvasu nakshatra mithuna rashi names beautiful?

38. Hamsa:

Hamsa literally translates to Swan in Sanskrit and south Indian languages. It is a new and contemporary name choice which is rare to find, yet with beautiful meaning and sound. This name is 3rd pada names choice, beginning with the letter ha.

39. Keshavi:

Keshavi is a traditional meaning name and sounding, which means a long, beautiful hair girl. However, the alternative meaning is Goddess Radha too. This is punarvasu nakshatra 1st pada names choice, beginning with the letter ke.

40. Hanshika:

The name Hanshika is quite charming and lovely, too; it means a sweet person or a girl full of laughter. On the other hand, the name also implies a beautiful lady like a swan.

41. Harshi:

The name Harshi is again derived from the word Harsh, which means joyous. Harshi symbolizes a person full of laughter and joyous.

42. Koesha:

Koesha is a place with a river name. It is not much known and popular yet all, but if you prefer an edgy and unique name, this can be it.

43. Horia:

The name Horia isn’t of Indian Origin, but if you would love something foreign and unique, it can be short and beautiful too. Horia means Angel in the Romanian language.

44. Hiranmayi:

It is not a new name but is a classic and timeless choice that can never go out of trend. Hiranmayi means someone who has a heart of gold or is a precious person.

45. Kosi:

Kosi is the name of the river which begins in Bihar and goes to Nepal. It is a unique name with four-letter words, making it ideal for those looking for cute names.

46. Hari Priya:

Hari Priya is quite a popular one in the southern Indian States, which means Goddess Lakshmi, who is beloved by Hari. This is a traditional name meaning, yet with beautiful connotation and sounding.

47. Himali:

Himali means someone who has the skin of Gold. Alternatively, the name, on the other hand, also means cold, like ice.

48. Koel:

Koel literally translates to a cuckoo bird. It is a lovely and charming name to try out for baby girls born in this millennium.

49. Hital:

It is a popular north Indian name. Hital means someone who is a compassionate and generous person in nature. This is punarvasu nakshatra 4th, pada names choice, beginning with hi.

50. Hardini:

Lastly, Hardini translates to a hard word, which means heart. Hardini means a person who is near or close to heart always. Isn’t the meaning beautiful?

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Unisex Name Choices for Punarvasu Nakshatra:

51. Ketul:

The name Ketul can be given to both boys and girls. Ketul name is originated from the planet name, Ketu. It is a unique and rare north Indian baby name for boys and girls.

52. Keva:

Keva literally translates to a fair and gentle person. It also symbolizes beauty, beautiful skin, and a soft person.

53. Keny:

Keny means someone who is bright and intelligent as a person. While the origins of the name are not known yet, it is a short and cute-sounding baby boy and girl name to try.

54. Harsha:

It is another lovely unisex name for both baby boys and girls. Harsha means joy and delight. It also implies someone who is happy and joyous.

55. Haan:

The name Haan isn’t an Indian name yet is a lovely and short pronunciation name. Haan means sun. In the western part of the world, it is the last name too. However, this can be a rare and fresh name to try out for us.

Twins Names for Punarpoosam Nakshatra:

56. Haima – Haimi:

Both are beautiful and short twin baby girl name choices. Haima means Goddess Parvathi. It also symbolizes and implies snow and is made of snow. Haimi, on the other hand, means a golden person. Both are lovely and beautiful baby girl twin names to try out.

57. Haksh – Hakesh:

Haksh means an eye. Hakesh, on the other hand, means good sound or Lord of the sound. Both are unique and rare choices of baby boy twin names.

58. Hamsa Deepika – Hamsa Lekha:

Both names begin with Hamsa. Hamsa Deepika is the name of a music raga. HamsaLekha, on the other hand, means someone who is smart. Both names make excellent baby twin girl name choices.

59. Hanish – Hans:

These are twin baby boy names. Hanish means an ambitious person and also means Lord Siva. Hans translates to pure person, snow, and mountain soul.

60. Keyura – Keyush:

This is a twin baby girl and boy name idea. Keyura means an armlet. Keyush, on the other hand, means someone who always shines. Isn’t the combination beautiful?

We hope you enjoyed exploring this list of lovely Punarvasunakshatra baby names. Let us know your favorite choice names and your thoughts. We love to hear from you!


The name meanings and origins may differ and can be understood differently as per countries, regions, languages and cultures. It is advised to conduct in-depth research on what the name means in several languages and countries before finalizing it.


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