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15 Unusual Punjabi Baby Names with Meanings for All Religions

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Punjabi baby names are pretty cute. One of the best things about the Punjabi baby names is their pronunciation. The Punjabi baby names are so popular now that they are officially taking over the country at this moment. The names come with beautiful meaning and there are plenty of amazing Punjabi names for both boys and girls. The best ones are discussed in this article and are as follows.

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Latest and Cute Punjabi Baby Names for (Shahmukhi or Gurmukhi):

1. Adith:

The meaning of Adith is “sun”. This can be said to be one of the most wonderful names for Punjabi boys. The name is very cool and sounds great as well. It can be said to be one of the best Punjabi names for boys. Generally, there are more than one Punjabi children in a family and parents love naming their first child (if a boy) by this name.

2. Anhad:

The names sports a beautiful meaning and can be said to be one of the best modern Punjabi names. The name means “limitless”, which further means that the body being named by this will have no limit. He will be successful no matter whatever it takes, no matter what limit he has to go to in order to be successful.

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3. Anoor:

Here is another modern Punjabi name for boys. This name is quite modern and has a traditional touch to it, which is only because of the meaning of this name, “sun”. In the retro period a lot of Punjabi boys were named based on the different names of the Sun. That is why this name is quite traditional at the same time as well. The meaning is the only thing which probably allows this name to be related to the old ones. Otherwise, it is totally new and unique.

4. Arman:

Arman means “expectations, wisher, etc”. This is one of the best names for Punjabi boys. The name is really beautiful and will easily suit almost any Punjabi boy child.

5. Arjun:

The name Arjun is of high significance to the Indian history. However, the meaning of the name Arjun is “confidence, strength, power, etc” and other similar stuffs. The name is really special and it requires a special child to be named by this name. A person will automatically look and sound superior if he has such a name.

6. Hukam:

Hukram is a very beautiful and stud name for the Punjabi boys. It is quite unique as well. The meaning of this quite bold and heavy at the same time. Hukam means “order”. It will suit a boy with bold and tough personality.

7. Happy:

One of the cutest names that the Punjabi men carry are Happy, Joy, Haneet, etc. Happy sing is a pretty common name among the Punjabi’s and this can be said to be one of the best Punjabi boy names. The name is quite beautiful and will suit the one who is a sweet and smiling baby. That child will one day grow up to be a happy and successful man and the name will suit him just fine.

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8. Wazir:

The meaning of the name Wazir is “minister”. The name is pretty royal and is generally not used in every Punjabi family. The name is quite authentic and can be claimed as one of the best modern Punjabi names. The name is very beautiful and suit a child with royal beginnings.

9. Wahidpreet:

Here is something that you don’t hear everyday. The name has been said to one of the most rare and at the same time one among the most beautiful modern Punjabi names. The meaning of the name is as beautiful as it’s pronunciation. It means “unique love”.

10. Harmadeeo-Kaur:

Here we have the Punjabi version of the infamous name which means “beloved”. The name is very beautiful and suits a sweet baby girl. It is one of the best Punjabi names for girls and almost any girl will easily rock this name. The name will go hand in hand with your great attitude and will assist you in gaining popularity in your growing years. This can be said to be one of finest and well-made names that will suit a Punjabi girl pretty easily.

11. Divroop:

Here is a beautiful name for the Punjabi girls and this can be said to be one of the best ones for the modern kids. The name is quite new and has a catchy pronunciation to it as well. People will actually love saying your name. It is one of the best Punjabi girl names there is and it means “good beauty”.

12. Maya:

This is yet another beautiful name among the numerous Punjabi names for girls. The meaning of the name Maya is “goddess”. It is a very pretty name and has a wonderful meaning to it as well. The name is quite attractive and will surely suit a girl with a unique personality.

13. Masum:

Masum basically “innocent”. This is one of the most rare Punjabi girl names ever. You don’t generally carrying this name, though this is a pretty good name. The name displays the nature of the person, whether that woman is innocent or not. One can easily carry this name as most people know the meaning of it.

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14. Misphreet:

Girls would actually want to be recognized by this name. This is one of the most sweet Punjabi names for girls and the meaning of this name is “sweet” as well. The name will suit a baby girl who is equally sweet as the name. This name can melt hearts and people will love the name when they hear it.

15. Manpreet-Kaur:

The meaning of Manpreet-Kaur is “mind full of love”. This one is for the kind babies which almost every Punjabi girl is. So, the name will probably suit almost anyone and everyone (girl).

The list above contains some of the best Punjabi names for both boys and girls. The names are quite beautiful and will hopefully be helpful for the Punjabi parents who are struggling to find the right name for their child. Each one of these names have a different meaning which are all beautiful by the way.