We sure know how cute Punjabi kids, in general, are! Their cute little bun adds to the charm even more. Some of their names are also quite common these days. Despite being common, sometimes finding the right name can be an ordeal, especially when you have to name your baby. To make this a little easier for you, here is a Punjabi baby name list with meanings for you to check.

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Punjabi Baby Boy Names List:

Here is a list of Punjabi kid’s names for boys.

1. Adith:

The meaning of Adith is “sun”. This can be said to be one of the most wonderful names for Punjabi boys. The name is very cool and sounds great as well. It can be said to be one of the best Punjabi names for boys. Generally, there is more than one Punjabi child in the family, and parents love naming their first child (if a boy) by this name.

2. Anhad:

This name has a beautiful meaning and can be said to be one of the best modern Punjabi names. The name means “limitless”, which further means that the baby named Anhad will have no limit. He will be successful no matter what it takes, no matter what limit he has to go to in order to be successful.

3. Anoor:

Here is another modern Punjabi name for boys. This name is quite modern and has a traditional touch to it, which is only because of the meaning of this name, “sun”. In the retro period, a lot of Punjabi boys were named based on the different names of the Sun. That is why this name is quite traditional at the same time as well. The meaning is the only thing which probably allows this name to be related to the old ones. Otherwise, it is totally new and unique.

4. Arman:

Arman means “expectations, wishes, etc.”. This is one of the best names for Punjabi boys. The name is really beautiful and will easily suit almost any Punjabi boy child.

5. Arjun:

The name Arjun is of high significance to Indian history. However, the meaning of the name Arjun is “confidence, strength, power, etc.” and other similar stuff. The name is really special, and it requires a special child to be named by this name. A person will automatically look and sound superior if he has such a name.

6. Baldev:

Baldev is a popular Punjabi child name. It means ‘God like in power’. Baldev is also another name for Balram.

7. Balbir:

Balbir means one who is mighty and strong. The name is also used to refer to people who are brave.

8. Balvinder:

Haven’t we heard this name often? Balvinder means ‘God of force’. The name also refers to strength.

9. Bishmeet:

Bishmeet is a ‘great friend’. Your baby boy must be a good friend to you already. This, then, sure will be a good name for him.

10. Charnjit:

Charanjit means ‘respectful’. It also means ‘blessed by everyone’. The name has a positive connotation and is a beautiful Punjabi name.

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11. Chainpreet:

Chainpreet means ‘peaceful love’. This is a rather rare and unique Punjabi name.

12. Chattarpal:

Chattarpal means ‘fosterer of intelligence’. This is a rather thoughtful name for you to give your baby boy.

13. Charminder:

Charminder is another common Punjabi name for us to hear. If you are looking for a popular name for your child, Charminder will be a good option. The name means ‘beautiful’.

14. Didar:

Here is a rare and unique Punjabi name for your baby boy. The name means ‘melancholy’.

15. Davinder:

Davinder means ‘leader of all Gods’. The name is used to signify how the baby boy is your biggest prized possession.

16. Daljeet:

Daljeet means ‘the conqueror of forces’. The name is a popular connotation of telling someone that they are strong and powerful.

17. Devender:

Devender is a variation of Davinder. The name means ‘King of Lords’ and is yet another modern Punjabi name for baby boys.

18. Ekbir:

Ekbir means ‘brave’.

19. Ekamjeet:

The name Ekamjeet is very rare. It means ‘the victory of one God’.

20. Fakeer:

Fakeer is not a common Punjabi baby name. It means ‘devotee’. It also has another meaning, ‘a saintly person’.

21. Guru:

Guru means ‘teacher’, ‘master’ or ‘priest’.

22. Gur:

Gur means ‘young lion’. The name is an apt one for all the naughty little boys.

23. Gunwant:

Gunwant means ‘virtuous’. This is a not-so-common Punjabi baby name. If you are looking for something rare, this could be a good one.

24. Gurudas:

Looking for a name with a religious connection? Gurudas is one. It means ‘servant to the enlightener’ or ‘servant of the Guru’.

25. Gulzar:

This must be a commonly heard name by all of us. It means ‘rosegarden’. It also means ‘inhabited town’ or ‘flourishing’.

26. Hukam:

Hukram is a very beautiful and stud name for Punjabi boys. It is quite unique as well. The meaning of this is quite bold and heavy at the same time. Hukam means “order”. It will suit a boy with a bold and tough personality.

27. Happy:

One of the cutest names that Punjabi men carry are Happy, Joy, etc. Happy Singh is a pretty common name among the Punjabis, and this can be said to be one of the best Punjabi boy names. The name is quite beautiful and will suit one who is a sweet and smiling baby. That child will one day grow up to be a happy and successful man, and the name will suit him just fine.

28. Jaipal:

Jaipal is a commonly heard name. It means ‘King’.

29. Jasvir

Jasvir means ‘to get victory’. The name also has many other meanings. The other meaning of the name is ‘hero of fame’ or ‘famous personality’.

30. Jasbeer:

This Punjabi child’s name, Jasbeer, means ‘victorious hero’ or ‘powerful’.

31. Jagjeet:

Jagjeet means ‘winner of the world’.

32. Keerat:

Keerat is an unusual Punjabi baby name. It means ‘sing God’s praise or glory’. In Hinduism, the name refers to Lord Shiva.

33. Karanvir:

Karanvir is a popular Punjabi kids’ name that means ‘brave and kind, like the warrior Karan’. This name is a good name to indicate the strength of your baby boy.

34. Kuljit:

Kuljit means ‘God-like person of the family’.

35. Kamaldeep:

Kamaldeep means ‘illumination’. It signifies how the baby will be the torch-bearer of wisdom and light.

36. Lakhwinder:

Lakhwinder, as the name is very interesting. It means ‘man who has defeated lakhs of Inders. Inder refers to Lord Indra.

37. Loveleen:

Loveleen means ‘absorbed’. It also means ‘imbibed’ or ‘infused’. It popularly is understood as one who is absorbed into the Lord.

38. Lakhbir:

Lakhbir means ‘brave as a hundred thousand’.

39. Manvir:

Manvir means ‘brave heart’. For your baby boy, this name would mean a lot.

40. Mandeep:

Mandeep means ‘light of the mind’. This is also used as a popular Punjabi nickname.

41. Niranjan:

Niranjan means ‘simple’.

42. Navaljyot:

Navaljyot means ‘a new ray of light’. Your baby boy must truly be a light in your life. For him, this name would do all justice.

43. Navinder:

Navinder means brave Lord.

44. Prem:

A universally known term for love is Prem. Prem is also a good nickname for Punjabi babies, probably for all the babies who are very lovely!

45. Praneet:

Praneet is not a Punjabi kid’s name. However, because of the rising popularity of the name, it is not being accepted by a lot of Punjabi parents too. The name means ‘humble boy’.

46. Paramvir:

Another common kid’s name is Paramvir. It means ‘the greatest warrior’.

47. Paramjit:

To yet again motivate your son to do better, Paramjit as a name will be good. It means ‘highest success’. It also means ‘supremely victorious’.

48. Pratap:

Pratap means ‘glory’.

49. Ranvir:

Ranvir is a popular and famous Punjabi name. It means ‘hero of the battle’. It also means ‘winner’.

50. Rupinder:

For that handsome little baby of yours, Rupinder will be a good name. It means ‘Lord of beauty’.

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51. Sanjog:

Sanjog is a unique Punjabi name for your baby boy. It means ‘coincidence’ and is probably a good rare name for your son.

52. Supreet:

It means ‘loving’. Supreet also means ‘’loved by everyone’.

53. Satyajit:

Satyajit is a modern Punjabi kid’s name which means ‘one who conquers the truth’. It also means ‘victory of truth’.

54. Sukhwant:

Sukhwant means ‘full of happiness’.

55. Sanmeet:

This name means ‘symmetry’. The name has another meaning, ‘harmony’.

56. Tej:

It is a popular name among all religions and cultures. Tej, in the Punjabi context, refers to ‘light’, ‘power’ and ‘brilliance’.

57. Tanvir:

Tanvir means ‘enlightened’ or ‘rays of light’.

58. Takhat:

Here is another beautiful Punjabi name which is also unique. It means ‘royal thorn’ or ‘master of empire’.

59. Utaam:

Uttam means ‘best’.

60. Upkar:

Upkar, as a name, means ‘favour’. It also means ‘kindness’.

61. Udaipal:

Udaipal means ‘fostered by rising Sun’.

62. Wazir:

The meaning of the name Wazir is “minister”. The name is pretty royal and is generally not used in every Punjabi family. Wazir is quite authentic and can be claimed as one of the best modern Punjabi names. The name is very beautiful and suits a child with royal beginnings.

Best Punjabi Girl Names:

Here are some names for the girl babies.

1. Armin:

Armin is a popular Punjabi female name. It means ‘dweller of the garden’.

2. Atmaja:

Atmaja means ‘daughter of the soul’. The name is also popular in Hinduism as it refers to Lord Parvati.

3. Antarpreet:

Antarpreet means ‘one who loves the light within’. This name is a modern name that is now a popular choice among parents.

4. Bakshi:

Bakshi is yet another unique Punjabi female name that means ‘blessed’. Your daughter is sure your blessing!

5. Channan:

Channan is a rather unusual girl baby name. The name means ‘full of fragrance like sandalwood’.

6. Divyajot:

Divyajot means ‘light of diya’. ‘Diya’ means a lamp in the regional language and is popularly understood by all.

7. Divroop:

Here is a beautiful name for Punjabi girls, and this can be said to be one of the best ones for modern kids. The name is quite new and has a catchy pronunciation to it as well. People will actually love saying your name. It is one of the best Punjabi girl names there is, and it means “good beauty”.

8. Fajal:

Fajal means ‘accomplished’. It also means ‘bountiful grace’.

9. Garima:

Another good choice of name for your beautiful baby boy is Garima. It means ‘warmth’.

10. Gunreet:

Gunreet has a lot of significance. It is generally believed that people with this name tend to be very inspired. They are also known to be creative and would strive hard to see themselves in a big frame, having achieved all success and dreams. Sounds like a choice for your baby girl. Isn’t it?

11. Gursheen:

Gursheen means ‘Guru’s pride’. The name signifies the importance of a child to the world and how she will be blessed forever.

12. Gurparveen:

Gurparveen means ‘goddess of the stars’.

13. Hir:

Hir means ‘powerful’. It also means diamond or power.

14. Harmadeeo-Kaur:

This is the Punjabi women’s name that is infamous, meaning “beloved”. The name is very beautiful and suits a sweet baby girl. It is one of the best Punjabi names for girls, and almost any girl will easily rock this name. The name will go hand in hand with your great attitude and will assist you in gaining popularity in your growing years. This can be said to be one of the finest and most well-made names that will suit a Punjabi girl pretty easily.

15. Heera:

Another common name, Heera, means ‘diamond’ and ‘queen of hearts’. For all the baby daughters, this name is sure for you!

16. Harsleen:

Harsleen has a religious connection. The name means ‘who remembers God’ and is popularly used by parents for their daughters.

17. Jasmeet:

Jasmeet means ‘famed’. It also means ‘celebrated’ and ‘famous’.

18. Jaspreet:

Jaspreet is a very common name. This Punjabi women’s name means ‘one who loves to sing the praises of the Lord’.

19. Jasleen:

Another common name in Punjabi, this name means ‘absorbed in singing God’s praise’. It also means ‘in the name of God’ and ‘abode of fame’.

20. Jusmeet:

Looking for a rare name? This is the one for you! Jusmeet means ‘glorious friend’.

21. Kaur:

A very popular surname, Kaur, means ‘princess’. It is often used in association with other names preceding it.

22. Kulwinder:

Kulwinder means ‘hero of the family’. The name also means ‘the great warrior’.

23. Kushala:

Kushala means ‘safe’, ‘happy’ and ‘expert’. The name signals a lot of happiness and positivity.

24. Lavanya:

Another name to indicate beauty is Lavanya. Lavanya is very popular as a name, not just in Punjabi but in other languages too.

25. Luvleen:

Luvleen means ‘absorbed in love’.

26. Mridula:

Mridula means ‘soft’, ‘tender’ and ‘gentle’. The name is a very modern Punjabi female name that is used by a lot of parents.

27. Maya:

This is yet another beautiful name among the numerous Punjabi names for girls. The meaning of the name Maya is “goddess”. It is a very pretty name and has a wonderful meaning to it as well. The name is quite attractive too.

28. Masum:

Masummeans“innocent”. This is one of the most rare Punjabi girl names ever. The name displays the nature of the person, whether that woman is innocent or not. One can easily carry this name as most people know the meaning of it.

29. Misphreet:

Girls would actually want to be recognized by this name. This is one of the sweetest Punjabi names for girls, and the meaning of this name is “sweet” as well. The name will suit a baby girl who is equally sweet as the name.

30. Manpreet-Kaur:

The meaning of Manpreet-Kaur is “mind full of love”. This one is for the kind of babies that almost every Punjabi girl is.

31. Noor:

A very classy Punjabi baby girl name, Noor, means ‘light’ and ‘angel’.

32. Navkiranjot:

This is a rare Punjabi name for you to have heard. The name means ‘novel light victory’.

33. Naamsukh:

Another unusual name is Naamsukh. This name means ‘attaining happiness through naam’. Naam means ‘name’ in Hindi and some other languages too.

34. Preet:

Preet means ‘love’. It is used by a lot of parents and not just Punjabi parents.

35. Praneeta:

Praneeta means ‘led forward’. It also means ‘conducted’, ‘advanced’ or ‘promoted’. This name thus has multiple meanings and could be a good choice for your daughter.

36. Palvinder:

Palvinder means ‘moments spent with Lord’. Another unique one to think about as a name, isn’t it?

37. Premleen:

Another reference to the Almighty, this name means ‘absorbed in the love of God’.

38. Ridhima:

Ridhima is a famous Punjabi name for baby girls. The name means ‘spring of love’ or ‘full of love’.

39. Raveena:

Raveena means ‘sunny’ or ‘bright’. In both cases, it indicates the spread of light or positivity around other people.

40. Ramnik:

Ramnik is a beautiful Punjabi child name that means ‘beautiful’.

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41. RajdeepKaur:

Rajdeep Kaur means ‘best of Queens’. This will be one good name for your baby girl.

42. Shana:

This is a modern Punjabi name that means ‘praise’, ‘prayer’ or ‘art’.

43. Simran:

Simran means ‘meditation’ or ‘gift of God’.

44. Tripta:

Tripta means ‘satisfied or satisfaction’. The name might be a rather unusual name for you to have heard.

45. Tavleen:

Tavleen means ‘engrossed in God’.

46. Tekjot:

Tekjot means ‘one who takes the support of the divine light’.

47. Ujjalroop:

Ujjalroop is a very rare and modern Punjabi name that means ‘a pure and beauteous person’.

48. Wahidpreet:

Here is something that you probably would not have heard. The name has been said to be one of the rarest names and, at the same time, one of the most beautiful modern Punjabi names. The meaning of the name is as beautiful as its pronunciation. It means “unique love”.

Punjabi Unisex Names:

Some people would like to name their child a unisex name. If you are one such, here is a Punjabi name list for you to take a look at.

1. Aad:

Heard of this name before? Aad means ‘in the beginning’. Although this is a unisex name, it is often given to girls.

2. Balwant:

Another famous Punjabi name is Balwant. The name means ‘full of might’ or ‘immense strength’.

3. Chadda:

Chadda is used to mean ‘one who is born in a battle’.

4. Chainpreet:

Chainpreet means ‘the one who is in love with the moon’.

5. Chitleen:

It means ‘absorbed in awareness’.

6. Dilreet:

Dilreet means ‘a lion’.

7. Erjot:

This name is extremely rare. It means ‘a new beginning’.

8. Gurleen:

Gurleen is a unisex name that means ‘one who is absorbed into the Guru’. Guru here means master, and leen means to be absorbed.

9. Hab:

Hab means ‘love’. This is another extremely rare name to come across.

10. Jerri:

Jerri means ‘spear ruler’.

The Punjabi name list above contains some of the best Punjabi names for both boys and girls. Almost all of them are beautiful, and some are really rare as well. Take a good look at them and decide on a name accordingly for your baby girl or boy.


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