What is it?

Remember the time when we used to come back from the dentist with a pulled out tooth. Remember how our mothers used to cook us molten food for quiet sometime. This is a type of pureed food. Pureed food is anything that is in a puree form. It is not any flowing liquid, nor is it considered solid. It has a paste like consistency or that of a pudding consistency specially used for patients with dental problems. Now when this is incorporated as a diet routine, the outcome is pureed diet.

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How Pureed Diet Works on Us?

This diet which was initially used for patients and people who cannot eat or chew properly. The food we consume goes through a process of disintegration before finally being smooth enough for us to swallow. Nowadays this can be used in the form of a diet. This food comes handy a lot when someone has problems in digesting solid food material. After any surgery or before one, for better digestion patients are given pureed form of food. Then there are dental problem issues. Often as a result of cancer, there might be problem in swallowing. All this is taken care of by the pureed format of food. This is also a good method to lose weight.

The Essentials Required:

Some of The Foods That are Used in The Pureed Form of Diet Are:

Any sort of cooked meal. Simple rice oiled with some ghee or maybe with some lentils for some added taste forms a part of a pureed diet. Vegetables and fruits, fresh and crispy can be used as a puree too. There are simple fruits like bananas or avocados or mangoes and oranges. And then there are fruits or vegetables like the carrot, beans or peas, potatoes, apples, pears etc which have a hard outer skin and needs to be peeled and steamed and den mashed until in a pureed form.

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Any sort of liquid and beverage is allowed freely in this diet routine. Due to no solid product, calorie amount in this diet is low. To cover up for this, high calorie liquids such as milk and milk products such as smoothies or milk shakes, or pure fruit smoothie or yoghurts and juices and the common tea and coffee can be used. Then there are ready-made market protein powders which can be added with milk or any of liquid form to get that added taste and nutrition simultaneously.

The meat and fish nutrition should not be left out too and thus even this can be presented in a pureed form. Being solid materials meat or fish needs to be boiled to the extent where they disintegrate and blend themselves almost with the broth and then thickened and purified. Any sort of meat namely, ham, beef, tuna, chicken, egg, cheese, butter everything can be pureed or added on to an existing puree for more power.

A pureed diet can also contain starch bread and grains. They are required to be blended into a fine consistency until it is smooth and then consumed or once again mixed with something else. Oatmeal is another of the pureed wonders that can do delights in terms of your digestion problems. Then there are cooked cereals such as cream of rice or cream of wheat which can be used as a part of the diet as well.

How to Prepare?

The best way for preparation of pureed food is – a processor or any handheld mixture. Usually manual effort is not appreciated since the butter smooth consistency is hard to achieve on a certain number of food using just hands. Therefore, a simple mixer or food processor can help ton. The peels of the vegetables or fruits whichever is being blended needs to be removed from the body in order to make this process much smoother.

When it comes to fish or meat any dry bones or small fish bones should be carefully plucked out before the final blend in. the same goes for the seeds like mangoes or oranges or lemons.

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The only disadvantage is that pureed food looks unappealing to the eyes and maybe to the tongue as well. Also food in a pureed form loses its moisture or taste. Then there are food like nuts and certain thick skin meats which cannot be pureed and therefore has to be excluded from the list. Other than these pureed food is quite a good method of food intake.


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