According to the Hindu religious beliefs and astrology, naming a newborn according to their lunar constellations, zodiac, and star signs can be auspicious and lucky. In our series of baby names as per nakshatras, today we will talk about the Purvabhadra nakshatra baby names.

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So if your little star is born in the Purvabhadra star, continue reading to know all about what is the Purvabhadra nakshatra, its characteristics, starting name of syllables for those born in this star, and a list of Purvabhadra nakshatra names suggestions. Let’s get started!

What is Purvabhadra Nakshatra and Its Characteristics?

The Purvabhadra nakshatra comes 25th in the order out of the total 27 nakshatras in Indian Hindu astrology. It ranges from 20 degrees Aquarius to 3.20 in Pisces zodiac sign. The meaning of Purvabhadra nakshatra is earlies an auspicious or good luck one and has the symbol of the front legs of the funeral cot. The governing planet for Purvabhadra nakshatra is Jupiter, and the deity is a unicorn, a one-footed serpent.

The babies born in the Purvabhadra nakshatra are intelligent, sticking to principles in life, and are idealistic. They are truthful, faithful for their work, responsibilities, and family, and also passionate. These are peace-loving people yet generous to those surrounding them. They are said to excel in their work-life and are good at making money.

Now, let’s go ahead and check out the starting name letters and list of boys and girls Purva Bhadrapada nakshatra names for newborns.

Purvabhadra Nakshatra Names Starting Letters:

If your little one is born under this particular star, it is good to name them with the following starting syllables.

Se, So,Da, Daa, Di, Dee,Dha, Dhi.

In case of naming the newborn according to the padas in a nakshatra,

  • The Purvabhadra nakshatra 1st pada names begin with Se.
  • The Purvabhadra nakshatra 2nd pada names begin with So.
  • Purvabhadra nakshatra 3rd pada names begin with Da.
  • The Purvabhadra nakshatra 4th pada names begin with Di.

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Lovely Baby Names for Purvabhadra Nakshatra with Their Meanings:

The list of latest, modern, meaningful, and unique Purvabhadra names for boys, girls, and twins are the following.

Purvabhadra Nakshatra Names for Baby Boys:

1. Dakshit:

Dakshit is another name for Lord Siva. It is originated from the Sanskrit language and Hindu mythology and is a traditional meaningful, yet modern-sounding baby boy name.

2. Daipayan:

Daipayan is a very unique and contemporary choice of baby name for boys in Purvabhadra nakshatra. It means a person who is born on an Island. The name further also symbolizes wanderer or adventurer.

3. Daivat:

Daivat means a person who is lucky or powerful. It also means divine. Daivat is a rarely found and unique baby name choice for Purvabhadra nakshatra. It is attractive Purvabhadra nakshatra male names.

4. Darshit:

Darshit means sign or display. It also means a visitor. This Kumbha rasi Purvabhadra nakshatra baby names are originated from the Sanskrit language and are a lovely choice for baby boys.

5. Darpan:

Darpan is by now a trendy and classic timeless name choice for Purvabhadra nakshatra borns. It means a mirror. The name also symbolizes reflection.

6. Dasvanth:

Dashvanth or Dasvanth is none other than Lord Siva. It is also another name for Lord Murugan. It is a lovely and adorable yet traditional name choice for Purvabhadra nakshatra babies.

7. Diganth:

Diganth name is originated from the Sanskrit language, and it means horizon. It is a stylish and meaningful, unique choice of name.

8. Digvijay:

Digvijay is by now a widespread and famous name. It means someone who wins over every person. It is also a very common baby boy names for Purvabhadra nakshatra.

9. Dikshit:

Dikshit, which is also spelled as Deekshit, means initiate or prepare. It is a famous yet classic and trendy name choice for modern parents to name their little star. We immensely love it. What do you think?

10. Dipanjan:

Dipanjan means eye of the lamp. The name also symbolizes grace, hope, and light. It is a lovely name choice mostly found in both north and south Indian states.

11. Divansh:

Divansh means a particle of the sun. The name originated from the Sanskrit language and implied the sun’s ansh, which means the sun’s eye. We love this unique symbolism to the name.

12. Divesh:

Divesh means Lord of the Gods. It is a short, adorable, and meaningful name for baby boys in Purvabhadra nakshatra.

13. Divit:

We love these five letters of a cute name, Divit. It means someone who is immortal. It is not a common name and is ideal for modern parents who are searching for an attractive choice. The name is originated from the Sanskrit language.

14. Divyant:

Divyant, also spelled as Divyanth, means a handsome person. It is a cute and stylish baby boy name Purvabhadra nakshatra.

15. Diwakar:

Diwakar, also spelled as Diwaker, means Lord of the lights. The name also implies the sun. This Purvabhadra nakshatra names for boys is a widely known baby boy name right from ancient times and is already a popular choice.

16. Sekar:

Sekar or Shekar/ Sekhar is again a very famous name. It means Lord Vishnu. The name also means a person who is talented and intelligent.

17. Sethu:

Sethu is a sacred name in Hindu tradition. The name means a great warrior. It is a lovely and very intense bold name choice for babies in Purvabhadra nakshatra.

18. Sohag:

Sohag is a totally modern name choice for boys in the Purvabhadra nakshatra. It means love and sun.

19. Soheil:

The name Soheil is already famous in northern Indian states. It means handsome. The name also implies moonlight or glow and radiance. We love all the beautiful meanings and symbols associated with the name, isn’t it!

20. Sohaan:

Sohaan means a good looking and smart person. It is again a modern and rare name choice for baby boys in this new millennium. We love this among the modern Purvabhadra nakshatra boy names.

21. Sohit:

Sohit is a lovely and five letter baby boy name derived from the Indian languages. It means a charming man.

22. Somashekar:

Somashekar or Soma Shekhar is none other than Lord Siva. It is a very traditional baby boy name choice and known widely from generations together.

23. Somit:

Somit is from the Sanskrit language, which means someone who gets everything quickly. It is a unique name, both in terms of name pronunciation and meaning.

24. Soukhya:

The name Soukhya which is derived from Hindi and Sanskrit language, means well being or being happy. It also means someone who is healing with an excellent peaceful, and spiritual mind.

25. Soumik:

Soumik means a beautiful soul. It also, on the other hand, means powerful soul or powerful like fire. We love both the meanings of this Purvabhadra nakshatra baby boy name.

Purvabhadra Nakshatra Baby Girl Names:

26. Daakshya:

Daakshya is a lovely modern-day baby girl name choice. It means a smart and brilliant person. The name is originated from the Sanskrit language for baby girl name under Purvabhadra nakshatra.

27. Daamini:

Daamini means a self-controlled person. It also means conquering. The name is a very famous choice already for baby girls in Purvabhadra nakshatra.

28. Dajshi:

Dajshi is a very unique and uncommon name that means glorious soul. It is a very rare and also cute Purvabhadra nakshatra female names.

29. Dakshika:

Dakshika is none other than the daughter of Lord Brahma. It is a traditional name, meaning yet with lovely modern pronunciation and connotation. We love this name choice and idea.

30. Daritree:

Daritree or Dharitree means the earth. It is derived from the Sanskrit language and is a prevalent baby girl name choice, which is also meaningful and intense.

31. Darshini:

Darshani or Darshini is already a trendy South Indian name. It is another name for Goddess Durga. The name also means someone who is blessed to be beautiful. It is a lovely and traditional baby girl name for Purvabhadra nakshatra.

32. Digvi:

Digvi means victorious and someone who always conquers. It is a short and cute, pretty baby girl name with a unique and bold, intense meaning.

33. Dikshitha:

Dikshitha, which is also spelled as Deekshita or Diksita, means initiated or someone who begins. This is famous among baby girl names for Purvabhadra nakshatra.

34. Dipali:

Dipali or Deepali means a row of lamps or an array of lights. The name is beautiful in meaning and also pronunciation.

35. Dipika:

Dipika or Deepika means light or small lamp. Originating from the Sanskrit language, it is a classic and trendy Indian baby girl named Purvabhadra nakshatra.

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36. Dipati:

Dipati means divine. It is a very unique and uncommon baby girl name for Purvabhadra nakshatra borns.

37. Disha:

Disha means direction. It also symbolizes and implies a pathway. It is a lovely and short cute baby girl name choice for those born under the Purvabhadra nakshatra.

38. Dishita:

Dishita means focused. It means someone who is always determined. It is a lovely and meaningful charming baby girl name choice originating from the Sanskrit language.

39. Ditvi:

In case you want a very new and lovely modern name, we immensely love this one. Ditviin Purvabhadra nakshatra girl names mean divine good.

40. Divya:

We all have heard the name Divya. It is a lovely and trendy, and famous name already in several Indian states. Divya means beautiful girl, divine girl. It also means charming.

41. Divyanka:

Divyanka is a lovely and famous name mostly found in Northern India. It means divine soul or divine being.

42. Diza:

For parents who prefer a very new and short name, this four-lettered one is ideal. Diza means happiness.

43. Sejal:

Sejal means river water or flowing divine water. It is a lovely name mostly found in Northern Indian baby girls in Purvabhadra nakshatra.

44. Sevitha:

Sevitha or Sevita means cherished. It is a traditional name in meaning but is not commonly found choice as of date.

45. Sobitha:

Sobitha or Shobitha means creative person. It also means someone who is innovative and artistic. It is a lovely baby girl’s name, which is mesmerizing in pronunciation. This is also among famous Purvabhadra nakshatra names in Kannada.

46. Sohini:

Sohini means beautiful girl. It also means pleasant and charming. The name is lovely and attractive in pronunciation as well as symbolism. We love this Purvabhadra nakshatra baby girl name choice.

47. Sonali:

Sonali is derived from the word Sona in the Hindi language, which means gold. The name means a golden like person or golden soul.

48. Soujanya:

Soujanya or Sowjanya means tender or the right person. It also means polite. Soujanya is a typical south Indian baby girl name choice. It is also among famous Purvabhadra nakshatra names in Telugu.

49. Sowmya:

Sowmya means peace. It is again a very famous baby girl name choice. It also means someone who is calm and generous with others.

50. Sourita:

If you want a very new name, this can be the right choice. Sourita means a hard-working person. We bet you haven’t come across this among girl names for Purvabhadra nakshatra.

Purvabhadra Nakshatra Unisex Baby Names:

51. Sampurna:

Sampurna or Sompurna in Indian languages means complete. The name symbolizes a complete person. It is a lovely and adorable name choice for baby boys and girls.

52. Sonu:

Sonu is generally a nickname given to babies. However, we often spot this as a primary first name these days. Sonu means gold.

53. Darshi:

Darshi or Darshee means blessings. The name also is another name for Lord Krishna. It is a popular baby name ideal and suitable for both boys and girls.

54. Darshil:

Darshil means perfection. It is a lovely and unique baby girl and boy names.

55. Somal:

Somal means someone tender and soft. This is a very contemporary and rarely found unisex name for boys and girls.

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Purvabhadra Nakshatra Twin Names for Boys and Girls:

56. Daman – Daanish:

Daman and Daanish are lovely twin baby boy name choices for Purvabhadra nakshatra. The name Daman means taming or conquering a person. Daanish, on the other hand, means full of knowledge or a person with wisdom.

57. Daivat – Daivi:

Daivat and Daivi are lovely twin baby boy and girl name choices. The name Daivat means lucky and divine person. Daivi, on the other hand, means pious girl.

58. Soraj – Sorav:

Soraj means God. Sorav means celestial. They both are cute and short baby boy twin name choices for those born under Purvabhadra nakshatra.

59. Sonia – Sonakshi:

Sonia and Sonakshi are twin baby girl name ideas. Sonia or Soniya means golden girl or lovely girl. Sonakshi means golden-eyed beauty. It is also another name for Goddess Parvathi.

60. Somesh – Somjit:

These are twin baby boy names for Purvabhadra nakshatra. Somesh means the moon. Somjit means one who wins over the sun.

We hope you enjoyed exploring these name ideas for those born in Purvabhadra nakshatra. These Purvabhadra nakshatra baby names are all stylish, modern, attractive, and also creative. Let us know your thoughts on them; we love to hear from you.


All the names and meanings mentioned above are contextual and may alter as per different languages, regions, and countries. We advise conducting in-depth research for understanding several meanings and symbolism attached to the same name.


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