If you are looking to name your child according to the Hindu belief system and astrology, this series on baby names according to stars can be useful for you. For the Purvashada nakshatra born little ones, we have curated a special list of Purvashada nakshatra baby names! The Poorvashada nakshatra is the 20th of a total of 27 stars. With these meaningful, charming, and lovely baby names for the Purvashada star borns, we hope your search for the ideal choice ends here.

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Continue reading to know more about this star and poorvashada nakshatra baby names today.

Purvashada Nakshatra and Its Characteristics:

The Purvashada Nakshatra is the 20th star in a total of 27 nakshatras, according to Indian astrology. This falls ranges between 13.20 to 26.40 in the Sagittarius zodiac sign. The symbol of Purvashada nakshatra is the elephant tusk, and is under the governing influence of Venus.

Those born in Purvashada nakshatra are said to be always strong and independent. They are bold, known to have leadership qualities, and can do tasks without help from others. They may also get dominating or bossy eventually. However, they are known to lead in teams and teamwork. Further, the Purvashada nakshatra borns are kind-hearted, always ready to help others and are very understanding. They have strong attachment values to family and are very lovable in nature.

The animal name of Purvashada nakshatra is a male monkey.

Purvashada Nakshatra Names Starting Letters/Syllables:

The Dhanu Rashi Purvashada nakshatra names are ideal and lucky if they begin or start with syllables such as
Bhu, Bhoo, Dha, Pha, Fa, Da, Bu.

According to the padas,

  • Poorvashada Nakshatra 1st pada names can start with Bhu
  • Poorvashada Nakshatra 2nd pada names can begin with Dha/Da
  • The Poorvashada nakshatra 3rd pada names with Pha/Bha
  • Purvashada nakshatra 4th pada names with Dha/Da

Purvashada Nakshatra Names for Boys and Girls with Meanings:

Let us now go ahead and explore baby names for Purvashada nakshatra borns this year. These names are perfect – meaningful, modern, and lovely!

Baby Boy Names for Purvashada Nakshatra:

1. Bhudev:

Bhudev in Hindi and several Indian languages literally translates to Lord of the Earth. The other variants for this name include Bhudhav and Bhudeva. This is a traditional and conventional pooradam nakshatra baby names choice.

2. Bhumin:

In case you want a modern and lovely elegant name, Bhumin can be a good choice. Bhumin means earth. This is lovely and cute sounding Purvashada nakshatra boy names.

3. Bhupal:

Bhupal is a common baby boy name in India across states. Originated from the Indian languages, Bhupal means the king or emperor.

4. Bhupathi:

Bhupati or Bhupathi is another quite common baby boy name, found mostly in Telugu and neighboring states. The Bhupathi name means King, lord of Gods. This Purvashada nakshatra baby names for boys is originated from the Sanskrit language.

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5. Bhuvan:

Bhuvan is a lovely and cute, timeless name choice. It means home, palace. This is common Purvashada nakshatra names for boy

6. Dhairya:

Dhairya is a charming, bold and modern-day lovely name. The name Dhairya means patient and courage. It is originated from the Sanskrit language.

7. Dhaivik:

Dhaivik means good strength. The name is originated from the Hindi and other Indian languages and is a new and unique rare baby boy name choice for Purvashada nakshatra borns.

8. Dhakshith:

Dhakshith or Dhakshit is another name for Lord Siva. In case the parent wants a traditional name meaning yet unique and not commonly found the name, this can be an ideal choice.

9. Dhaman:

Dhaman means glory, splendor, power and light. It is a very fresh and new day modern short cute name which isn’t commonly found at all.

10. Dhaavit:

If you prefer a lovely sounding and pronouncing the name, Dhaavit can be a good one. dhaavit means pure or purify.

11. Dhanadeep:

For those who are in search of a traditional yet timeless and vintage name, Dhanadeep can be a good and perfect choice. Dhanadeep means light of meditation.

12. Dhanajit:

Dhanajit is a common yet classic baby boy name in Indian households. It means wealth or the one who bears wealth and prosperity. It is originated from Sanskrit and Hindi languages.

13. Dhanish:

Dhanish or Dhanis means clever, wisdom, and lord of the wealth. The name is originated again both from Indian languages and the Middle East; however, it is a commonly found name.

14. Dhanraj:

Dhanraj is a common and another name for Lord Kuber. It is a very traditional name for Purvashada nakshatra. It is classic Purvashada nakshatra male names.

15. Dharma:

Dharma means religion or justice and truth. The name is a literal translation of the Indian word Dharma in Hindi and Sanskrit languages.

16. Dharan:

Dharan means sustaining, bearing, holding and embracing. The name also symbolizes Lord Shiva or the Sun.

17. Dharesh:

Dharesh is derived from the Hindi word and Sanskrit word Dharani, which means earth or land. It means Lord of the land.

18. Phanindra:

Phanindra is a very common baby boy name in several states, including Telugu, Tamil, and Kannada languages. The name means King of Gods and is a common baby boys names for Purvashada nakshatra.

19. Phani:

Phani means snake. This is again cute and short lovely common baby boy name in India for Purvashada nakshatra.

20. Phanesh:

If you want a unique and smart rare name choice, Phanesh can be good to go. Phanesh means handsome or beautiful in Indian languages.

21. Dhawan:

Dhawan means white. The name isn’t much known as yet and is a very rarely found choice for baby boys in Purvashada nakshatra.

22. Phalguna:

The name Phalguna is derived from the star/nakshatra name itself. However, it is a very traditional sounding baby boy name choice for Indian households.

23. Dharvesh:

Dharvesh means lord of the Truth. It also means holy man, sacred and auspicious. The name is originated from the Sanskrit language and is a common yet lovely classic baby boy name for Purvashada nakshatra.

24. Dharmil:

Dharmil means a person who follows all religions. The name is originated from the word Dharma in Indian, Sanskrit languages which means religion. It is a traditional and auspicious baby boy name for Purvashada nakshatra.

25. Dharmadev:

Dharmadev is derived from two words, Dharma and Dev. Dharma means truth or religion. Dev means God or King. The name means Lord of truth or Law.

Purvashada Nakshatra Baby Girl Names:

26. Bhumi:

Bhumi in several Indian languages literally translates to earth. It also means the introduction. The name is cute and lovely, yet a classic common baby girl choice for Purvashada nakshatra.

27. Bhuvana:

Bhuvana means palace. The name also means world or home like place. It is a common name in south India, like Telugu and Tamil, for baby girls yet is a lovely choice for Purvashada nakshatra baby borns.

28. Bhuvanika:

Bhuvanika means heaven. The name also means happiness and joy. The other variants of the name are Bhuvika, which also means heaven. It is a lovely and cute baby girl name for Purvashada nakshatra.

29. Dhakshaya:

Dhakshaya means earth. The name is unique and rarely found, yet it is a traditional-sounding baby girl name originated from the Sanskrit language.

30. Dhakshinya:

Dhakshinya is the daughter of Daksh, who is Goddess Parvathi. It is traditional yet rarely found baby girl name for Purvashada nakshatra.

31. Dharani:

Dharani is a very common baby girl name. The name Dharani in Telugu, Sanskrit, and other south Indian languages means earth. It is among the famous baby girl names for Purvashada nakshatra.

32. Dhamini:

Dhamini is another common name, ideal for those who like literature and art. The name Dhamini means lightening or conquering.

33. Dhanasvi:

Dhanasvi means forture. It also symbolizes and implies prosperity and wealth. The name is not commonly found yet is a very traditional sounding baby girl name.

34. Dhanishta:

Dhanishta means a star. It is a lovely and beautiful, refreshing baby girl name choice for Purvashada nakshatra. This is among our favorite Purvashada nakshatra names for girl.

35. Dhanusha:

Dhanusha is a lovely name which is in trend for quite a few generations. The name Dhanusha means bow. It also means a genuine person. It is a common name yet a lovely and beautiful classic name choice for Purvashada nakshatra.

36. Dhanya:

Dhanya is a common name mostly found in the Malayalam language. This Purvashada nakshatra baby girl’s name means worthy and fortunate. It also means happy and auspicious.

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37. Dhara:

Dhara is a short and cute lovely name. If you want such a modern and short name, this can be ideal. Dhara means rain. It also means earth, gold and precious.

38. Dharitri:

Dharitri means the earth. It is a new day modern name to Dharani, yet with a feminine feel and lovely pronunciation to it.

39. Dharshini:

Dharshini is a lovely common south Indian state, originated from the Sanskrit language. The Dharshini or Darshini means a person who can see. It also means someone who has an eye for things.

40. Dhavani:

Dhvani means sound or noise. This is a cute and short lovely baby girl name. The variations to the name include Dhawani, Dhawni, Dhavni, and Dhavnika.

41. Phalya:

Phalya is a new and cute baby girl name. It means flower or a bud. This is a very new and rarely found Purvashada nakshatra female names.

42. Phanisri:

Phanisri is none other than Goddess Lakshmi. Those who are in search of traditional names can try this one out.

43. Phaalguni:

Phaalguni is the day of the full moon in Indian astrology. It is also a star name and the month of Phalguni. It is a charming yet common baby girl name for Purvashada nakshatra.

44. Dhavalaa:

Dhavalaa is an uncommon and rare name that means fair complexion. It also symbolizes transparency and white.

45. Dhan Lakshmi:

Dhan Lakshmi or Dhana Lakshmi is a very easily found Indian household name across states. It means God of wealth or Goddess of wealth and currency. It also symbolises Goddess Lakshmi.

46. Dhavlasree:

Dhavlasree means petals of the lotus. It is a common name yet again; however, it is an evergreen and trendy baby girl name to try out.

47. Dhakshana:

Dhakshana is the God Dhakshana Murthy. This is a feminine and yet rare traditional baby girl name in India.

48. DhanaPriya:

Dhanapriya means someone who is loved by wealth. It is originated from two Sanskrit words, Dhana and Priya and can be an ideal yet conventional baby girl name for Purvashada nakshatra-borns.

49. Dhanisha:

Dhanisha means someone who always holds to hope. It also means light, rays of sun and happiness.

50. Bhuvaneshwari:

Bhuvaneswari or Bhoovaneshwari or Bhuvaneshwari/Bhuvaneshvari means Goddess of Earth. It is a goddess name, a very traditional choice yet very famous and popular all across.

Unisex Baby Names for Purvashada Nakshatra:

51. Dhani:

Dhani is a short and cute lovely unisex name for boys and girls. It means wealthy and prosperous. It is a lovely Purvashada nakshatra name.

52. Dhawal:

Dhawal means fair, white, and dazzling. It is a rare and unique baby name for boys and girls under the Purvashada nakshatra.

53. Dhanu:

Dhanu is originated from the Sanskrit and Hindi languages from the word Dhanu itself. It means a bow. It also symbolizes Lord Ram’s bow.

54. Dhavalya:

Dhavalya means melodious noise or sound. The name can be ideal for boys and girls which is originated in the Sanskrit language.

55. Bhuma:

Bhuma means earth. It is a unisex variant of the word Bhumi, where the name is ideal for boys and girls born in Purvashada nakshatra.

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Twin Baby Names for Purvashada Nakshatra:

56. Bhumija – Bhumik:

Bhumija means a person born from the earth, who is Goddess Sita. Bhumik means Landlord. These are lovely twin baby girl and boy names for Purvashada nakshatra.

57. Bhushan – Bhuva:

Bhushan means ornament and decoration. Bhuva means fire, world. These are again lovely twin baby boy and girl name choices.

58. Dhaavak – Dhaaran:

Dhaavak and Dhaaran are lovely rhyming twin baby boy names. Tha name Dhaavak means swift. Dhaaran means protecting.

59. Dhanesh – Dhanasvi:

Dhanesh means Lord of wealth. Dhanasvi means fortune. These are similar, meaning twin baby boy and girl name choices for Purvashada nakshatra.

60. Dharinan – Dharish:

Dharinan means observer or protector of the right path. Dharish means listening. These are unique and rare twin baby boy name choices for Purvashada nakshatra.

With this list of Purvashada nakshatra baby names, we hope your search for the perfect one for the little kid ends here. These are meaningful, special, cute and lovely name choices and ideas. Let us know which is the one you are picking for the baby; we love to hear from you.


All the names given above have their meanings as per context and time. These meanings and symbols may alter according to different cultures, countries, regions, and languages. We advise conducting your extensive research before to understand the several interpretations attached to the name.


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