9 Best Push Up Bras And Wearing Tips

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Push up bras push your breasts up to give maximum cleavage. They generally have padded cups which can be either in-built or removable. Padded push up bras make your breasts look larger. Push up bras are a great option for women with relatively smaller bust. It enhances the shape of the breasts, lifts them up and gives an appearance of fuller bust.

Best Push-Up Bras:

Push up bras are very popular and are available in different styles. Here are top 9 push Up bras listed below.

1. Calvin Klein Off White Push Up Demi Bra:


This off white Demi push up bra with lace detailing from Calvin Klein’s underwear collection is made of nylon and spandex. It offers an amazing fit with maximum support and sufficient coverage. It is ultra-comfortable and gives an excellent lift to your breasts. The straps are stretchable and have sliders for adjustments. It has hook and eye closure at the back. Various size options are available.

2. Penny Pastel Power Wired Gentle Push Up Long Line Plunge Bra:

Want the benefits of a plunge bra along with push up bra? Then, this is the bra for you. It has seamless, moulded padded cups with underwire for support. It has a plunge neckline which is ideal for low cut tops. The push up padding cups enhance lift. Made of polyester and spandex, the straps are adjustable. It comes with hook and eye closure at the back.

3. Amante Glossy Underwired Plunge Push Up Bra:

This designed bra with smooth shiny micro fiber fabrication by Amante is a gorgeous choice for low neck outfits. It has glossy padded cups with floral lace detailing on the sides. The cups are contour underwired which shape and supports the bust. It has in-built push up padding to enhance cleavage. The straps are sleek and adjustable. It is made poly amide, elastane and polyester with hook and eye closure at the back. Different sizes available.

4. Penny Movement Breathable Back Padded Yoga Bra with Light Push Up:

If you are looking for a push up bra you can wear while you exercise then your search stops here. This slip on style bra with racer back has moisture wicking breathable fabric which will keep you cool and comfortable. The cups are seamless and padded with light graduated push up padding for a gentle lift to your bust. The shoulders straps are wide and stretchable.

5. Enamor Daily Essentials Padded Wire Free Comfort Bra:

This daily essential bra by Enamor is a padded and push up which is totally wire free. It has lightweight foam cups for the right lift and support. It gives medium coverage and provides right shape to the bust. The straps come with sliders and are detachable. Made of nylon and spandex, it has hook and eye closure at back.

6. Caprice Contrast Lace Padded Underwired Push Up Bra:

This bra from Caprice is crafted with mesh overlay with push up padding’s to enhance your bust. It is underwired for the required lift and support. The straps are elastic with adjustable sliders. It’s provided with laced side wings. It is made of polyamide and elastane with hook and eye closure at back.

7. Leonisa Personal Fit High Push Up Bra:

This is a triangle bra with provides a good lift and the perfect fit for an ideal bust shape. The cups are padded with level one push up padding. It is underwired and seamless for a smooth look. Straps are multi way and adjustable. It is made of polyamide and elastane with soft side boning for shape and support. It also has a plunging neckline so you can low cut tops with this bra underneath. It comes with the usual hook and eye closure at back.

8. Triumph Plunge Push Up Maximizer Bra:

It’s a push up bra with a plunging neckline. The ¾ cups are underwired with a soft second padding to give a natural lift. The fabric used are lace. The bra fits and gives a natural round shape to the bust. It comes with the usual hook and eye closure at back.

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9. Enamor Lace Luxe Level 1 Push Up Padded Bridal Bra:

If you are a bride-to-be, you most definitely will like this bra by Enamor. It has beautiful lace on the cups and stretch mesh at the back wings for added support. The cups are padded with level 1 push up and are wire free which gives a great shape to the bust. It provides medium coverage and has detachable, adjustable straps. It also provides transparent straps with the package. Made of nylon and spandex, it has hook and eye closure at back. This is one of the best bridal bras.

Push Up Bra Wearing Tips:

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How to Wear Push Up Bra:

Tips to remember while wearing a push-up bra are listed below.

1. Put The Hooks On The Right Holes:

Slide your arms through the bra straps and hold the band around your bust. Hook the band. Most bras have hook and eye closure so you go to put the hooks on the right eyes. You can do it the conventional way by taking your hands at the back or you can do it in the front and then slide the bra around.

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2. Lean Down A Little To Place Your Breasts In The Bra:

In case of a push-up bra, your breasts should be sitting on top of the padding or underwire. So you can bend down a little so your breasts can properly place themselves in the cups. Readjust the bra to make sure there’s no breast spillage over the top as you straighten up. Your bra should be properly fitted.

3. Adjusting The Straps:

The next step is to adjust the straps so that the straps are neither too tight nor too loose. If they are too tight, it will sting your skin and make you feel uncomfortable or if they are too loose, they will simply hung over loose on your arms. So adjust the sliders accordingly making sure that both the sliders remain at the same level. Also check the bend across your back. It should lay horizontal.

4. Your Bra Should Look Natural:

Try selecting push-up bras with light, seamless padding so that it does not look unnatural underneath your clothes.

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