Have you ever heard of PVC? It is a type of synthetic plastic that is used in manufacturing small tools and toys for doors and ceilings. In recent times, PVC ceiling designs have gained massive popularity due to their inherent advantages over other materials. They are suitable for both commercial and residential purposes, due to their low manufacturing and installation costs.

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In this article, we shall discuss more on the pros and cons of this material, along with a collection of the latest PVC false ceiling designs in the market.

What Is PVC Ceiling?

PVC stands for Polyvinyl Chloride, a form of plastic polymer, which is available in the form of sheets. These are cut and designed into required shapes and sizes and then installed into a wooden or metal framework, suspended from the main roof. The result is a secondary or false ceiling made out of PVC.

As PVC is a mass-produced material, it comes at a relatively low cost. Even the installation process is easy and economical. That said and done, the associated health risks are also quite high. The industrialized PVC contains several dangerous plasticizers and other additives. These are proven to have ill effects on the human body in the long run. So, it is very important to consider this aspect before investing in PVC ceiling panel design for your home or office.

Latest PVC Ceiling Designs In India:

Here are our 12 simple and modern PVC sheet ceiling design ideas to try for residential and retail areas. Let’s have a look at them.

1. PVC Ceiling Designs for Bedroom:

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The best part of using a PVC is its uncanny resemblance to wood. It can be designed in any texture and finish you desire. Here is one such example where PVC sheets have replaced traditional wooden logs. Using it in combination with Pop material is a clever way to decorate the room with minimal usage of plastic.

2. PVC Ceiling Designs For Living Room:

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Although priced cheaply, PVC lends a luxurious look to your room and makes it stand out. Seen here is one such example in which the secondary ceiling and the walls are covered with strips of PVC sheets. The recessed ceiling features hidden lighting within the grooves for elegance. You can also plan to accommodate a suspended light and fan.

3. PVC Ceiling Design for Hall:

Here is another simple down-ceiling idea for a small-sized hall. Instead of covering the entire roof with PVC panelling, you can go for these small suspended T-bar elements. These can work as room accents and also as functional points to hold ceiling fans or decorative lamps. Depending on the dimensions of the room, the number of T-bars can be decided.

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4. PVC Ceiling Design for Office:

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PVC ceilings are ideal for office spaces, as they are affordable and easy to maintain. If you are unsure about using it in the entire area, you can try this meeting room concept. The suspended false ceiling is covered with a layer of PVC strips to achieve this trendy look. Adding lights on either side creates the perfect environment to discuss new ideas!

5. PVC Ceiling Design for Drawing Room:

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Do you prefer an all-wood look minus the heavy price tag? Then you must check out this splendid design which is sure to leave you impressed. To replicate this idea, you can ask for wood-grain finished PVC sheets to create a sturdy secondary layer of the roof. On the outside, everything looks seamless, as the ugly wiring of the lights and fans is concealed behind.

6. PVC Ceiling Designs for Kitchen:

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Being a plastic material, PVC can repel water and humidity. This makes it an ideal material for Kitchens. Here is one such design, which features a white PVC panel ceiling. In case of stains or grease, you can simply use a wet cloth to clean it up. However, constant exposure to heat may release harmful toxins in the room. So, it’s important to check for the safety aspects.

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7. Room PVC Ceiling:

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PVC is a wonderful material that can be converted into any texture and design you want! Seen here is a contemporary 3D wall ceiling to increase the visual appeal of your room. Adding this sheet can instantly transform a normal wall into a statement accessory. Leave the rest of the décor plain to highlight this element.

8. PVC Ceiling Design for Shop:

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In retail shops and centres, a well-designed interior is a must to attract customers. Along with investing in good décor, designing a brightly lit ceiling is also important. Here is one such shop ceiling which is entirely made with PVC sheets. Small apertures are drilled for light fixtures and AC vents. The quick installation process and easy maintenance make PVC the number one choice for commercial areas.

9. PVC Ceiling Tiles Designs:

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Ceiling tiles are the latest trends in interior décor. This suspended ceiling is made with PVC tiles which are moulded to create this beautiful geometry on the roof. The installation process is very similar to that of a regular tile. The blocks are stuck on the primary ceiling using a special kind of glue, which can hold them in place.

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10. PVC Wall Ceiling Design:

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This waterproof wall décor is ideal for homes, restaurants and meeting places. The brightly designed wall décor can function as an accessory to beautify the interiors. As PVC is a versatile material, it can be customized in any choice of colour or design you want. This yellow statement wall is made of individual PVC mural tiles arranged symmetrically.

11. PVC Ceiling Design for Lobby:

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For large offices and commercial centres, the lobby is the first point that the visitors notice. To leave no stone unturned in decorating it, you can try these bespoke PVC ceilings. The futuristic design is made with sections of plastic sheets and hidden light fixtures inside the grooves. Being a waterproof material, you need not worry about leakages or maintenance issues.

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12. PVC Suspended Ceiling For Home:

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If you are a fan of the ebony and ivory combination, this ceiling is definitely for you! The infallible combination of brown and white lends a classy appearance to the room, without going over the top. The coloured PVC frames are used alternately to produce this beauty! The concept is ideal if you have high roofs or duplex houses to cover up the space.

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Those are some of the best PVC ceiling designs to watch out for! While PVC certainly has its share of disadvantages, the selling point is its versatility and availability. The risk of damages or breakages is quite low with this material and so it’s the post-care process. Buying consciously made material from trusted brands can even minimize health hazards.


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