A pyramid is a three dimensional polyhedron, where all the sides other than the base are triangular. The shape of a pyramid is known to a supernatural source of power or energy. Recently pyramid meditation has become very famous because it helps us to stay in harmony with the people and environment around. It rises the feelings of calmness, well being and gives us a positive attitude to face life and situations with courage.

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The Concept of Pyramid Meditation:

You get the best results from this meditation if you sit facing north. You get a healthier mind and body if you sit facing east. And for wealth in the near future you must sit in the north-east direction. The Pyramid is a geometric amplifier which helps you receive more of the power of prayer. It makes a devotee stronger in his religious beliefs. By the use of this technique of meditation a lot of meditators, have expressed, their results to be very fruitful. They have experienced memory recall, visions of the past incarnation, telepathic communications and an increase in awareness.

The concept that a simple geometric shape could generate energy through meditation seems hard to believe. But the truth is that it works and that too without any side effects. There are a few important points which people should not neglect when they start practicing pyramid meditation. We have been greatly blessed to have been provided with these tips we discuss below.

a. When you are starting to meditate under a pyramid, always keep in mind that you are have a shape which is 4 times higher and bigger than you.

b. You need to know which material to use. You should avoid plastic, plaster of Paris and bricks of cheap quality. These could be responsible to harm your nervous system. Use natural materials like wood, sacred rocks and marbles, crystals, etc. Meditation in Savasana should be used by crystal pyramids.

c. Consult your therapist about the colorful pyramids. If you don’t know which to use don’t just choose at a random.

d. Always wear loose clothes and clothes which are of light colors like white or dull like gray.

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e. Meditate in a secluded place where you are away from electronic devices and gadgets. You might just have a CD player which would play the audios for meditation or the mantras.

f. There are Pyramid caps available which can be used during reading, learning, cooking, resting, etc.

g. Pyramids transfer cosmic energy into human body and so all sorts of metal or leather materials should be removed from your surroundings as they can have a reverse effect.

h. Put images or idols of the deity you believe in. That will make you feel more positive and you will have the sense of spirituality alive, while you meditate.

i. Keep the room neat and clean, you will not only enjoy the moment but also be content at heart.

j. Keep the Pyramid and the area inside it clean as well.

k. Keep your shoes and sandals away from the meditation room.

l. It is advised to keep pregnant ladies and kids below 3 years away from pyramid meditation, or they shouldn’t stay there for more than 20 minutes. This happens as the rooms as transfer Cosmic energy which could be harmful for them.

m. Always keep in mind to sit facing east, north or north-east, as stated above.

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n. Sit on a carpet of a mat of saffron color.

o. Always pray that you are thankful to your parents, nature, God and cosmic energy of the Pyramid before you start off with meditation.

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