Quartz clocks are a different type of clock that uses an electronic oscillator to keep time. It is more accurate than a mechanical clock. Quartz clock designs are more popular, and you can get them to ornamentate your home. There is an analogue type and a digital type in this category. Get one with simple or some decorative designs.

Latest Quartz Clock Designs In India:

Here, we enlisted 10 simple and modern quartz clock designs with pictures. Let’s have a look at them.

1. Quartz Alarm Clock:

This quartz white alarm has a bright dial with easy-to-read numbers. You can switch on the light behind the clock and check the time even at night. Snooze the alarm whenever you want. Take this quartz alarm clock to your bedroom and wake up on time.

2. Quartz Crystal Clock:

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If you want something extravagant, you can get this beautiful quartz crystal clock. This is made of high-quality crystal, and the interior is decorated with rose flowers. Those white rose flowers look amazing, and you can get a different colour. Make your office table or bedroom beautiful with this cute clock.

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3. Quartz Mantel Clock:

The quartz mantel clock has a cute design, and you can decorate it in your room. It comes with a crystal dome and dials with Roman numerals. There is a rotating pendulum below the clock that looks amazing. This will make your home sparkle.

4. Grandfather Quartz Clock:

Grandfather clocks are very popular and expensive types as well. You can get this beautiful quartz grandfather clock and keep it in your living room to welcome guests. The design is very unique and is made of good quality wooden material. It shows you accurate time with reliable quartz movement, and if you don’t want that sound in the night, you can just turn it off.

5. Black Quartz Clock:

Quartz clock with a good look is very less to pick, and this is one of them. You can get this black quartz clock to mount on your wall. This is a vintage design that shows the internal mechanical gear and Roman numerals on it.

6. Crafted Quartz Clock:

When you want to get a quartz clock for crafts, then try them with seashells. This is a small quartz clock you can set to decorate your home. This design is a peacock made of sea shells. Get a variety of colours of the same design. Those seashells have crystals on them.

7. Cuckoo Silent Quartz Clock:

This is a German quartz cuckoo clock with 12 melodies for each hour. It has a moving train that revolves around the whole clock. Two pine cones are hanging on it as pendulums connected by chains. You can turn the ON/OFF switch whenever you want; there is a light sensor that silences the clock when it is dark.

8. Adonis Table Top Analogue Clock:

This is a rosewood hall-finished quartz analogue clock with a good finish. It is finished with a front and back with a white dial and black Roman numerals. There is a glass crystal with a silver-toned bezel, two black hands, and a silver minute hand. You can keep it on a tabletop with a flat bottom, and it is battery-operated.

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9. Quartz LED Clock:

Quartz LED clocks are not very common, but they are very interesting clocks you can use. This is designed to show you the date, time, day, temperature, etc. It is a very interesting feature of this clock. It is a table clock type and keeps it near the bedside. You don’t have to go anywhere to know the date and temperature.

10. Wooden Vintage Quartz Clock:

Wooden vintage quartz wall clock you can get for your home. This very beautiful design has a colourful section and looks rustic. This has Roman numerals on it and black hands and red minute hands. You can keep it in your living room to give it a vintage look. They are long-lasting and beautiful, too.

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Quartz clock designs are more famous in this category. If you want to get one with various looks, you can try this. When it comes to options like the wall clock and table clock, this is the most preferable choice. You will find a wide variety of designs in this category.

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