Have you ever heard of weave hairstyles? For those who love dense and thicker hair texture and look, the weave hairstyles can be the best friends. Mostly originated from the African or Afro-textured hair, the weave hairstyles are now widely adopted by women across the globe, and there is no turning back. With the lovely, charming thick look, stylish appearance, and mesmerizing fancy and rich hair texture, there is absolutely no one who can deny this style.

If you are looking for something worth all the hairstyle appearance or don’t mind adding beautiful hair extensions on you, these cute hairstyles with weave are all for you.

Modern and Easy Weave Hairstyles to Check out this Decade:

The hairstyles in weave are quite versatile – those who want it can try it out depending on their preference or face shape and features. Any hair texture can be ideal for making beautiful weaves and can suit every woman on earth effortlessly. We are sure we don’t want to miss out on such gorgeous looks, isn’t it? Let’s explore these latest and best weave hairstyles.

1. Curly Weave Hairstyles:

If you love that intense and thick curly hair textured weaves, you can go ahead. This is one of our top favorite and has to be first on our list. With the medium to long length hair and curly texture, along with the thick stylish and shining weaves, we are in awe with this look. This is a cute and vintage girls with weave hairstyles and ideal for any young women out there.

  • Women with oval, round, and diamond face shape can try this one easily.
  • Those in the 30s age group and the early 40s can look ideal in here.

2. Weave Ponytail:

In case you want to go a bit bold and prefer on the Afro inspired weave look, why not attempt this lovely weave ponytail? With the braids near the crown and edgy ponytail look till the ends, this is a unique one to try out. For those parties to wild fun dance outings, this can be a perfect choice. What do you guys think about it?

  • Women with oval and oblong face shape can try this girl hairstyles with weave easily.
  • Those in the late 20s to the 30s age group can try this intricate and bold style statement.

3. Bob Weaves:

Who doesn’t admire or love the bob haircut? We all love the style, chic nature and appearance and comfortable maintenance associated with the bob. But did you ever hear of Bob weaves? Yes, this chic style has gone a step ahead and we love this contemporary and ultra-modern style. For those girls who love to always succeed and be top on the fashionista world, try this out.

  • Women with any face shape and facial features can ideally try this hairstyle.
  • Those in any age group can try this versatile hairstyle without any doubts.

4. Half up Half Down Hairstyles Weave:

Once you get the hair weaved as per the preference, you can try this half up half down hairstyle with the weaves. This dense, curly weave is worked well to make hair knot bun with half section of the hair, while the rest is open with the lovely edgy style statement. This weave hairstyles is quite refreshing and can be ideal for those who love youthful and fascinating style statements.

  • Those with diamond, oval, and round face can try this hairstyle.
  • Women with the 20s age group can look chic and sleek in this easy to style look

5. Wedding Hairstyles with Weave:

You can also bang on with perfect wedding hairstyles with weave. Wondering how? This elegant and classy graceful style is ideal one. If you are in look for a makeover option for the big day and ideally are in search for something intricate yet mesmerizing, why not try this one out? For further elevating the style, you can add floral attachments too.

  • Those with any facial features and face shape can try this hairstyle.
  • This wedding weave hair makeover can be edgy for those in the 30s age group.

6. Bob Quick Weave:

We have another bob weaves look, but this time with the short bob quick weave style statement. In case you prefer such short hair but a much more flatter and feminine straight weave hairstyles without risk and boldness, this quick weave hairstyle can be ideal. They are versatile, perfect for offices, formal work spaces or even outings and colleges. What do you think?

  • Women with oval and round or square face shape can try this lovely hairstyle.
  • This hair makeover can be edgy for those in the mid-20s to the 40s age group.

7. Hairstyles with Brazilian Hair Weave:

Here we come with another newly upcoming and popular hair variant. This Brazilian hair weave is much tamed and natural, yet gives a fancy and classy look. If you love something on these lines, why not try out this one? With the wavy curly hair texture and the long hair length, we are in awe with this beauty.

  • This smart makeover can be perfect with women of round and oval face shape.
  • Try this lovely makeover for those in the 30s age group.

8. Braids with Weave:

Here we have this lovely braided weave hairstyle. In case you want to upscale and try out intense and bold or wild hairstyles, why compromise? You have this lovely and ultra-modern style that you may not want to miss. Try this out and we bet you would receive a whole lot of attention.

  • Women with any face shape and features can quite try this style.
  • This lovely look can go well for women across age groups – it is very versatile.

9. Modern Braids Hairstyles with Weave:

We have another variant in this Braids with weaves as well. In case you are a sucker for a much thicker version of hair and love flaunting the heavy curly weaves, why not try this one out? This is already quite in trend across the globe and you won’t look any less than a fashionista. Further, this style can suit women across countries and preferences as well, can go for works as well as parties.

  • Women with diamond, heart, and oval face shape can try this lovely hairstyle.
  • This feminine, charming look is ideal for women in the 20s to the 30s age group.

10. Short Weave Hairstyles:

While we have seen bob short hair weave look, how about too short and looking contemporary with bold modern preferences? Here is a super short weave hairstyle, with platinum bold hair. Add on these charming short curly weave hairstyles on your short natural hair and you would look just like a celebrity. Isn’t it cool?

  • Those with round and heart face shape can try this lovely makeover.
  • In the 30s to the 40s age group, women can look youthful and edgy in this chic appearance.

11. Cute Short Black Weave Hairstyles:

If you have further thicker hair texture in the short length weave hairstyles itself, why not this look? This short hair weave look can be perfect for women who want to balance out on the elegance and class and the chic, edgy appearance. Further, this is also good to go with offices, work spaces as well as parties again.

  • Those with oval and round faces and shapes can try this makeover.
  • This style is ideal and suitable for the 30s age group women.

12. Afro Weaves Hairstyle for Long Hair:

This long weave hairstyles look with the Afro weaves variant. In the loose weave look as well as a simple style statement, this edgy makeover is nothing too bold nor too simple too. Yet it gives the charming and refreshing feminine style statement. Wear them with the heavy western outfits and you can look amazing.

  • Women with round, oval and oblong faces can look beautiful in this one.
  • Try this style for those in the late 20s to the 30s age group.

13. Short Weave Look with Blonde Hair:

We quite are in love with this edgy blonde hair weave hairstyle too. With the more frizzy and bushier look and unique appearance, this blonde short weave hairstyles is more inspired by the western countries. You can try it out too if you prefer, add on good western outfits and try this for parties; we bet you can look amazing and gorgeous.

  • Those with heart and oval face shape can try this lovey hairstyle
  • This style is good to go for women in the 20s and the 30s young women.

14. Red Weave Hairstyles:

While weave hairstyles itself give that edgy and mesmerizing appearance, are you searching for elevating the look further? Color your hair! This red-colored weave hairstyles with long length hair are trendy right now as well as very fascinating. With the overall chic and contemporary hues and vibrant style statement, this one is surely a good shot for young women to try out.

  • Those with oval and long face shapes can try this lovely chic look
  • Women in the age of mid to late 20s and the mid-30s can try this mesmerizing style statement.

15. Wavy Weave Hairstyles:

Last but not least, let us also check out this open hair wavy weave hairstyle makeover. Without too thick and curly a weave, yet with the feminine and graceful sizzling style statement, this is for the much younger women who want something youthful and light in choice. This also can be versatile, be it for colleges or offices or parties, you can transform it in a jiffy and yet look beautiful.

  • Those with any face shape and facial features can try this lovely hairstyle.
  • This edgy look can be good to go for women in younger age groups, in the 20s.

We hope you enjoyed browsing these lovely and modern weave hairstyles and makeovers. These cute and simple styles can be ideal for women across age groups and can instantly elevate the chic look and appearance for all. Try them out and we bet there is no turning back to you as well.


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