How often have we wanted to not do any substantial gym-ing, but has dreamt about losing those extra pounds? How often do we work-out incessantly and still not achieve the flattened tummy we see across those fashion magazine pages? Do you think your favourite actress got that belly just like that? As humans, we don’t want to wait around for patience. In this live-live-fast world everything needs to be instant and so does the weight loss.

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We have all tried working out to the max, but it will never be successful if we keep consuming the foods which harm our body. This way the heavy turmoil on the workout hours become futile. So the first step to a quick weight loss diet is to attain self-control. Next time you walk past a fast-food shop, don’t turn around and look back. When working hard for the body, one must be careful with the food he intakes, some of them being fast-food or junk food or a quick cheese mayo sandwich.

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Fast Weight Loss Diet Plan:

What To Intake?

One of the most important food diets is the protein products which are basically the meats, fishes and eggs. Proteins are known to increase satiety which is the satisfaction after a hearty meal. Proteins also help the calories to burn and thus it means that consumption of a high- protein food may lead to a fuller feeling, burnt calories and lessened hunger.

Chocolate lovers should definitely opt for this diet since the myth about having more chocolate and becoming more obese is broken. Cocoa does help you shed those extra weights. They contain more phenolic antioxidants than any other food. However cocoa works in a different way. Apart from being aphrodisiac cocoa is known to bring about mood variations along with the feeling of satiety which is one of the reason this is counted as a quick weight loss diet food.

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Salads never loose their prime importance in weight loss and so does not fibres. For centuries people have been renouncing their desirable foods replacing them with salads for weight maintenance. Fibres are proven to bring about some good changes in your weight and that is why salads containing lettuce greens, carrots, tomatoes should be an everyday routine.

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Vitamin C is also a good source of weight loss. Research suggests that people that lack vitamin C tends to be more fat than the people who are filled with them. Therefore fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C should be on the mandatory list.

The trick ingredient of the lot is the vinegar. It has the ability to make you feel filled and saturated. According to research, vinegar can lessen the glycemic effect of a meal.

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A natural sweetener like honey can also help you to reduce weight. This is why all the weight loss routines follow Luke warm water in the morning along with some lime and honey.

An apple a day not only keeps the doctor but also the weight away. The anti-oxidants in apple helps prevent metabolic syndrome.

Some other belly flatteners with the guaranteed result are lentils of any kind cooked in any way. This helps prevent insulin spike which creates more fat in our body. Then there are blueberries, pomegranates, yoghurt, avocado, sardines and many more.

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However, nothing substantial can be gained from a series of rapid diet and therefore like everything this also has its pros and cons.


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