Qureshia frocks are so adorable in their looks. They are the outfits that are made especially for the season of cold weather. But they can be also used for both the spring and summer seasons. They are so light and comfortable to wear for those cute little girls and also kids of young ages, that they love the weather in those cold days. There are varieties of designs made according to one’s creativity. It can be widely used for newborns and also infants so that they can feel its warmth.

Latest and Beautiful Qureshia Frock Designs for Kid Girl:

Let we have to look at the Top 9 models of qureshia frocks.

1. Pink Qureshia Frocks with Accessories:

Here is a superb collection of qureshia frock which is in pure white and baby pink shades. It comes with a set of accessories such as a hair band and cute booties. It consists of a three medium sized rosettes in white colour which highlights the beauty of the frock. It is a sleeveless frock which has borders in contrast colour compared to the body of the frock.

2. Cute Baby Qureshia Frock:

Always your baby needs that extreme comfort in cold winter days, that too without wearing those bulky winter wears. They are also not comfortable for our newborns. Then those people can try such kind of full sleeves cute frocks for their newborns. Here, the frock is a not too complicated and has a simple applique. It is our own creativity that we can choose our own desired shades.

3. Multi Colour Baby Qureshia Frock with Flowers:

Discover this brand new design of multi colour qureshia baby frock for a one year old girl baby. It has unique colours of pink, yellow, white, peach and blue. Even Grey shade makes its own place. It has three rosettes in front of its chest top as its highlighter. It has also a cute little bow made in Satin Ribbon material. As a whole, this multi colour baby qureshia frock would steal the show when your baby wears it.

4. Creative New Born Qureshia Frock:

Here comes the striking yellow shaded qureshia frock design for a newborn. It has huge white flowers along with its green petals as a patch work on it. It comes with its set of inner wear and it is of a sleeveless type. This particular frock can be worn as a party wear and at the same time, it also gives that extreme comfort to wear in severe spring season also.

5. New Born Qureshia Frock for Winter:

This one is the dazzling sea green and pink shaded new-born qureshia design frock. It is so cute and tiny that its design is very unique and it is a sleeveless type. It has a cute little crochet pattern knitted carefully both on its top and body parts. This design can be readily worn for any special occasion without disturbing the wearing comfortable of the cute little new-borns.

6. Striking Purple Colour Qureshia Frock:

Put your gaze on this wonderful collection of a pure purple shade of qureshia frock for infant girls. This frock comes with the set of a head band and a pair of booties. It has the signature design of a huge flower on its head band and also chest and on those boots. The contrast colour used here is light purple shade which gives it the extra special look. It also has a belt which is made in soft smooth Satin Ribbon material. It has a square neck and of sleeveless type.

7. Mesmerizing Baby Qureshia Frock:

Now take a look on this mesmerizing cute little baby frock of qureshia material. It also comes with a set of a headband and booties. The total set is so beautiful and cute that anyone can opt such an option for their new-borns for any occasion.

8. Pakistani Qureshia Baby Frock:

There is no doubt that your new-born would be the centre of attraction if she wears such a kind of a brand new collection of qureshia frock design. It has tiny little sleeves which is of a perfect design and has a square neck. The body of the frock is knitted with stunning designer model and the border of the frock is also of a unique pattern design. This entire attire is based on a Pakistani model.

9. Sleeveless Qureshia Baby Frock:

Last but not the least, have a look on this gorgeous mix and match of grey and pink shades of qureshia baby frock. This is a sleeveless type frock and has a broad square neck pattern. It has the signature model of rosette design on its top that makes its look extremely to the higher level. It can be worn by the infants of 1 to 2 years.

Hence, you can have an idea of the models of qureshia frocks which can be wearing both by babies and infants up to 3 years. This type of frocks comes in various cute shades with cute designs. You can have a look on those Top 9 models and opt for your favourite ones.

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