Rachel McAdams is a prominent Canadian television and film actress. She started her acting career by playing meaningful roles in drama films and miniseries such as ‘Perfect Pie’,’ Slings and Arrows’ and ‘My Name Is Tanino’. Rachel McAdams made her Hollywood debut in 2002 in a movie named ‘The Hot Chick’. This versatile actress first tasted success in 2004 for her role as a teen diva in the film ‘Mean Girls. There was no looking back for her ever since, and with every passing year, her acting skills improved.

Rachel McAdams is blessed with natural good looks. Some of her roles for which she received huge acclamation are ‘The Time Traveler’s Wife’, ‘The Vow’, ‘Spotlight’ and ‘Sherlock Holmes’. She also received Oscar Nomination for playing the character of a Boston Globe report in the movie ‘Spotlight’ released in 2015. Besides being an incredible actress, Rachel McAdams is a renowned activist working on a project on Earth consciousness. The actress believes in keeping her life simple and even makes no fuss in making public appearances without wearing makeup.

Beautiful Pictures of Rachel McAdams Without Makeup:

Here we give you the best of 15 Rachel McAdams without makeup pictures you will surely admire.

1. Perfect Example of Flawless Beauty:

Rachel McAdams is undoubtedly the most beautiful actress in Hollywood. Her dazzling complexion and perfect facial features need no makeup to make head turns wherever she goes. In this Rachel McAdams, no makeup picture, the actress is wearing a fuchsia pink dress for a Met Ball event in New York. This one is undoubtedly the best of Rachel McAdam’s no makeup pictures.

2. Natural Looks for Allure Magazine:

Rachel McAdams proudly flaunts her natural beauty for the cover page of Allure Magazine. This 38-year-old actress wears her easygoing smile and looks perfectly relaxed while shooting for the cover page. She is seen wearing a grey and cream lace blouse, and her caramel locks are falling carefree, just like her, over her shoulders. Going no makeup for a magazine cover is something only a few gifted actresses can afford.

3. What’s She Looking For:

Rachel McAdams is one actress who looks more beautiful without wearing any makeup. In this makeup-free picture of the ‘Mean Girls star, she is wearing a knitted white cap covering her hair while a few tresses find their way out. She is looking somewhere, and her facial expressions leave us wondering what that could be.

4. Layered Up for Winters:

In this picture of Rachel McAdams sans any makeup, the actress is spotted all bundled up for the cold winter. The knitted cap on her head cannot even hide the sparkle in her eyes. In this Rachel McAdams no makeup picture, the actress feels like keeping a low profile, yet her incredible looks make her stand out.

5. Oh, so Cool:

A talented actress, Rachel McAdams, looks younger and fresher when not wearing any makeup. In this picture, Rachel McAdams’s makeup is zero, and she is looking effortlessly cool in a white t-shirt and denim. She doesn’t need to accessorize as her good looks do the needful.

6. Someone’s Looking for Help:

As you can see in the Rachel McAdams no makeup picture, the actress’s hands are full holding her coffee mug and iPad. It looks like she needs some assistance here! Her expression in this picture is not very flattering yet. You cannot miss admiring her beautiful features. Her hair is neatly pulled back, and even without any makeup, she looks charming.

7. All Covered Up:

In this Rachel McAdams, no makeup image, the actress is spotted wholly covered in a blue fur jacket. She is also wearing a black scarf around her neck, and her locks are loosely falling over her shoulders. She looks perfectly happy and healthy, and you cannot miss the winter glow on her cheeks.

8. Morning Blues:

Not all pictures of Rachel McAdams without makeup can be flattering,g and this proves she belongs to the real world. The actress has just gotten up from her slumber, and even in this bare face, she manages to look good.

9. The No Make-up Queen:

Rachel McAdams can effortlessly look graceful and beautiful without touching a bit of makeup. Spotted in a white dress and her flocks framing her face as ringlets, the actress.

10. The Killing Looks:

Rachel McAdams’s beauty secret lies in a disciplined diet and workout routine. The actress does not believe in using heavy cosmetic products and sticks to only organic skincare products. In this Rachel McAdams no make-up picture, her blue eyes seem gleaming, and her flawless complexion makes her look fabulous.

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11. Arriving in Los Angeles:

In this picture, the Notebook star is spotted arriving at Los Angeles airport after completing a project in Hawaii. Despite looking perplexed, the actress looks adorable devoid of makeup. Her curls are falling loose off her shoulders, and she is dressed casually, wearing a grey ‘Kale’ sweatshirt and black leggings.

12. The Messy Curls:

Without makeup, Rachel McAdams looks much better than her artificially decorated face. Her face in this image is entirely bare, yet she naturally strives to look gorgeous. We love her curls loosely tied up that compliment her face well.

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13. The Pregnancy Bump:

The Mean Girls star looks pregnant, but not in reality. Her public appearance without makeup and a big baby bump were made for her role in the movie About Time. The picture was taken in London with a fake bump.

14. Love is in The Air:

Here Rachel McAdams is seen romancing her beau, Ryan Gosling. The duo seems to be having a good time, and one cannot miss out on their chemistry. In this Rachel McAdams, no makeup picture, the actress has her hair tied up in a white dotted headband.

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15. Age Defying Beauty:

Rachel McAdams no makeup picture makes her look way younger and wonderful, just like this one. Her flawless face and milky white complexion can make her fans drool over her even more. Even at the age of 38, she can give stiff competition to actresses younger than her.

Rachel McAdams looks amazing without wearing any makeup. These were her top 15 no makeup pictures that cannot be disappointing!


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