No Indian women can imagine her wardrobe without sarees? From Kanjeevarams to chiffons, sarees can instantly elevate the look of a woman and make her look elegant. Many women prefer sarees for everyday wear for keep up with the traditions and also stay comfortable. Heavy silk sarees are not practical in these cases and one can’t even go for dull looking sarees. The perfect solution – Radhika sarees! Radhika sarees are those who which are made in light-weight, flowy material with multi-color prints. They are bright and add a touch of drama with vibrant and bold prints. These are the most popular varieties with many women, who prefer sarees which are easy to maintain, stylish, economical and comfortable. Radhika sarees are definitely a steal for the price and can give high-end designer sarees a tough competition. Explore more about these beautiful drapes and choose your favorite pick.

Fabrics Used In Radhika Sarees:

Radhika sarees are generally made with soft, flowing fabrics, which are quite low on maintenance. They are color-fast, wrinkle free and can be machine washed. The popular fabrics used for making Radhika sarees are Chiffon, Georgette, Faux Pas silk and Lycra. These fabrics are ideal for making designs which involve multi-colors and bold prints.

Preferred Age Group For Radhika Sarees:

Radhika sarees can be worn by women of all ages. As they are made with airy materials, the sarees drape like a dream and accentuate the figure of a women. However, the bold prints and the bright hues make them suitable for those between 20-40 age groups. The best part of these sarees is that, they can be worn to any occasion by choosing the right accessories.

New Designs of Radhika Sarees For Simple and Elegant Look:

Explore some of the best Radhika saree designs in this article and own a beautiful piece!

1. Black Radhika Saree With Designer Palla:

This is one of the classiest designs in Radhika saree models. The black pleats come in cotton silk and bears an elegant self-embroidery. The palla is the highlight of the saree. The multi-colors in digital print make it look attractive and stunning. The saree comes with a velvet border.

  • Saree Design: Black and Rainbow Colored Radhika Saree
  • Material: Georgette, Cotton Silk
  • Preferred Occasions: Evening Parties
  • Suitable Body Shape: Suits Slim Women

2. Green and Blue Printed Radhika Saree:

This unique designer saree comes in olive green, blue and white color combination. The interesting feature of the saree is the black stripes all over the body, which gives a taller and slimmer appearance to the woman. It is embellished with a maroon border to complement the rest of the colors in the saree.

  • Saree Design: Green and Blue Radhika Saree With Black Stripes
  • Material: Georgette
  • Preferred Occasions: Daily Wear
  • Suitable Body Shape: Suits Slim Women

3. Black and Multi-Colored Radhika Saree:

This Bollywood inspired Radhika Saree is sure to steal your hearts. The pleats of the saree comes in black color and the pallu is given a unique chequered print in multiple colors. You can wear this saree with a contrast blouse and choose minimal accessories. Style, comfort and elegance, that’s Radhika sarees for you!

  • Saree Design: Black Radhika Saree With Chequered Palla
  • Material: Georgette
  • Preferred Occasions: Daily Wear
  • Suitable Body Shape: Suits Slim Women

4. Blue and Green Floral Printed Radhika Saree:

This stunning designer piece makes you look like a walking garden. The saree comes with beautiful floral prints and complemented by a solid print. It is made with georgette material and is quite light and airy. You can pair this saree with some ethnic jewellery to look stunning!

  • Saree Design: Blue and Green Floral Printed Radhika Saree
  • Material: Georgette
  • Preferred Occasions: Daily Wear
  • Suitable Body Shape: Suits Slim Women

5. Blue Designer Radhika Saree:

This beautiful designer saree makes any woman looking stunning. The saree comes with water color effect prints in brown and orange. It is embellished with a maroon color border to elevate the look. You can pair this saree with matching blouse and come statement accessories!

  • Saree Design: Teal Blue Designer Radhika Saree
  • Material: Georgette
  • Preferred Occasions: Daily Wear and Kitty Parties
  • Suitable Body Shape: Suits Slim Women

6. Multi-Prints Radhika Saree:

This saree is a riot of colors and prints. The classiness of the cheques is combined with the freshness of floral prints. Colors like red, white, black and blue make the saree a true mood lifter. You can team it with a matching red blouse and some pearl jewellery for an interesting look!

  • Saree Design: Multi-Prints Designer Radhika Saree
  • Material: Georgette
  • Preferred Occasions: Daily Wear and Kitty Parties
  • Suitable Body Shape: Suits Slim Women

7. Black And Yellow Printed Saree:

A soft and comfortable georgette style saree, Radhika sarees brings you this fashionable saree to wear during the day time whilst shopping or out for the day. It’s the current trend with a black and white pallu in an abstract design and pop of yellow and green on the end of the pallu and pleats.

  • Saree Design: Black, Green and Yellow Colored Radhika Saree With Gota Border
  • Material: Georgette
  • Preferred Occasions: Best For Evening Get Togethers
  • Suitable Body Shape: These are suitable for slim body types

8. Shades Of Blue Printed Radhika Saree:

Shine like a star in this beautiful georgette modern saree in a vibrant aqua blue color, and a dark blue printed linear design. The pattern is fashionable and stylish and this saree has a gorgeous shine. Perfect to wear during summer days.

  • Saree Design: Sea Green and Blue Radhika saree With Abstract Print
  • Material: Georgette
  • Preferred Occasions: Everyday wear
  • Suitable Body Shape: Suits Slim Women

9. Radhika Multi Colored Chiffon Saree:

Look radiant in this multi colored chiffon brasso saree in shades of green, blue and cream. The saree is printed all over in a delicate white floral pattern. With a border made from heavy lacework, this would be just right for any party.

  • Saree Design: Cream Color Radhika Saree With Blue and Green Border
  • Material: Chiffon Brasso
  • Preferred Occasions: Get Togethers
  • Suitable Body Shape: Suits Slim Women

10. Pink And Black Radhika Saree:

Adorn this elegant baby pink saree with black border and embroidery work and look and feel stylish all day. The delicate pink color is bordered with an ornate, black floral design and a black sequinned border. It speaks style and grace and would be perfect for a day or evening event.

  • Saree Design: Baby Pink Radhika Saree With Black Lace Work
  • Material: Chiffon
  • Preferred Occasions: Cocktail Parties
  • Suitable Body Shape: Suits Slim Women

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11. Multi Colored Radhika Georgette Saree:

Look like a work of art in this gorgeous, multi colored Georgette type saree. The printed design look like beautifully blended water colors on a piece of canvas using all the colors of the rainbow. Flowy, bright and chirpy, feel happy in this summer time saree.

  • Saree Design: Watercolor Print Radhika Saree In Multi-Colors
  • Material: Georgette
  • Preferred Occasions: Daily Wear, Kitty Parties
  • Suitable Body Shape: Suits Slim Women

12. Shades Of The Sun Radhika Saree:

Stand out from the crowd in this very artistic georgette fabric saree. Perfect for the younger generation, the shades of red, yellow, orange are vibrant and warm, the printed designs of circles and the splashes of black on white are quirky and the latest in up to the minute fashion. This saree really is a work of art. Be the trendsetter in your circle in this very stylish saree.

  • Saree Design: Orange and Red Designer Radhika Saree
  • Material: Chiffon Georgette
  • Preferred Occasions: Daily Wear, Kitty Parties
  • Suitable Body Shape: Suits Slim Women

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13. Red Net Brasso Radhika Saree:

Similar to a Bollywood number, you can look as you’ve just stepped out of a film set in this alluring and glamorous red net saree. With a turquoise border embossed in golden sequins in a beautiful design, this saree is perfectly stunning for any evening occasion.

  • Saree Design: Red Brasso Radhika Saree With Golden Border
  • Material: Brasso
  • Preferred Occasions: Get Togethers, Simple Parties
  • Suitable Body Shape: Suits Slim Women

14. Pink Radhika Saree With Embroidery Border:

Be the blushing bride or sparkle under the lights as a wedding guest in this exquisite saree. The bright shade of the pink saree is heavily decorated in elaborate embroidery all over and a beautiful thick, gold, sequinned border with large, mirrored flower motifs. Be the admiration of all, perfect for engagements and weddings.

  • Saree Design: White and Pink Radhika Saree In Half and Half Style
  • Material: Satin Georgette
  • Preferred Occasions: Get Togethers, Simple Parties
  • Suitable Body Shape: Suits Slim Women

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15. Art Silk Radhika Saree:

Go rustic in this lovely fashionable and stylish printed art silk saree. The plain, dark orange of the pallu is very rustic and the black border with oranges patch motifs is contrasted perfectly with a white bottom half printed with black patterns. This saree is the latest in trend and style. Be the envy of your friends in this perfect day to evening wear.

  • Saree Design: Printed White Radhika Saree With Brick Colored Pallu
  • Material: Georgette
  • Preferred Occasions: Get Togethers, Kitty Parties
  • Suitable Body Shape: Suits Slim Women

How To Style Radhika Sarees?

Radhika sarees are easy to style and drape. One can dress up or dress down with Radhika sarees with proper styling. Here’s how to get the right look:

  • If you want a stylish, sexy look, wear these sarees with a single palla.
  • A well-done hairstyle can elevate the whole look. Opt for side buns or loose hair with curls.
  • Bangles, especially the metal ones match perfectly with Radhika saree. Be sure to wear atleast a dozen for that extra cling!
  • Wear a nice choker with matching earrings to look like a star.
  • Do wear a matching bindi to complete the look!

Radhika sarees are one of the most creative looking sarees! The variety they offer are matchless! Each saree is a piece of art with the unique color combinations and prints used. The best part of them is that they are affordable and stylish. So, one need not think twice about buying them. So ladies, if you are looking for a complete wardrobe change and wish to go for a set of designer wear sarees, Radhika sarees are totally worth your money! Wear them and get ready to impress the world!

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