Is your kid a fan of colouring? Then this article will help you engage them. We have collected the 15 best Rainbow coloring pages suitable for adults and kids. In many cultures, rainbows symbolize hope and look attractive with multiple colours. Rainbows often appear during a rainstorm when the sun shines onto water droplets, resulting in brilliant colours appearing as perfect arcs.

Without further ado, gift these rainbow colouring sheets to your kids and let them unleash their creativity, transforming a simple page into a masterpiece.

15 Rainbow Coloring Pages for Kids:

Scroll down this article to explore a collection of some lovely rainbow coloring pages, along with a simple guide.

1. Natural Rainbow Colouring Page:

This rainbow colouring page looks beautiful and can be an exciting option for kids aged four to six years. The bright sun can be done in orange, trees and bushes in different shades of green. The Rainbow needs to be done in the VIBGYOR colours with guidance from parents. It is best to use crayons or colour pencils, given the age group of the kids.

2. Rainbowfish Coloring Page:

Kids are very fascinated with fish. This rainbow fish colouring page is a perfect way to make them interested in colouring. Kids aged between 3 to 6 years will enjoy adding colour to this page. You can let your kids use multiple colours for the fish’s scales but prominent colours for the face and tail. Using colour pencils can be an excellent option to get a smooth finish.

3. Unicorn Rainbow Coloring Page:

Unicorn and Rainbow go well with each other and are two of the favourite things of many kids: this beautiful sketch is filled with fluffy clouds, bright sun, greenery, unicorns, and a Rainbow. This rainbow unicorn colouring page is best suited for kids between four to eight years. You can go for silver or metallic for the clouds, whereas purple, red, orange, etc., are the preferred colours for the Rainbow. You can also use gold and glitter to make this page picture perfect.

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4. Cute Rainbow Coloring Page:

Suppose you are looking for a colouring page with all the natural elements surrounding the Rainbow. In that case, this cute colouring page is a great option. However, since there are too many elements in this sheet, it might be suitable for kids above seven years rather than young ones. Use pastel colours or colour pencils as colouring tools to brighten the page beautifully.

5. Rainbow House Coloring Pages:

A rainbow is incomplete without water. The mist and the spray from a river can also cause a rainbow other than the water droplets. This colouring sheet depicts a rainbow between the clouds perching above a house. You can use seven different hues, like violet, blue, yellow, etc., for the Rainbow. Go for orange for the sun, and you can use metallic and grey for the clouds.

6. Rainbowdash Colouring Page:

Rainbow dash is one of the main characters in My Little Pony Friendship is Magic and is a female Pegasus pony. She clears the skies in Ponyville by maintaining the weather. You can use shades of pink or grey for the body to highlight the other elements. In addition, you can use a combination of light and dark shades for the rail, hair and wings. Finally, you can go for metallic colours for the clouds. This page is suitable for kids in the age group of 5 to 8 years.

7. Butterfly Rainbow Coloring Page:

Butterflies are yet another element that blends in beautifully with the Rainbow. You can use hues like red, yellow, orange, etc., for the Rainbow and different shades of green for the grass. Kids can choose vibrant colours for the butterflies. You can either choose the same colours for the same-looking butterflies or go for a different colour, making them stand out. This colouring sheet is suitable for kids above eight years.

8. Rainbow Rangers Coloring Pages:

Rainbow rangers is an animation shoe set in a land called Kaleidoscopia that focuses on seven nine-year-old girls. They protect their land and nature by acting as guardians. Give each girl vibrant colours for their dresses and shoes. You can use glitter to highlight the flowers or bows on their heads. This page is suitable for kids above seven years, and sketch pens can give the paper the required sharpness.

9. Rainbow Brite Coloring Page:

Rainbow Brite is one of the kid’s shows from the ’80s. This Rainbow Brite picture produces a powerful rainbow in the form of a rainbow by wielding a colour belt tool. Although work comes first for her, she is carefree and fun-loving. There is a horse in the background which can be left in white or used with a lighter shade of brown. However, the details present in this colouring sheet might require more attention. Therefore this page is suited for kids above seven years.

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10. Preschool Rainbow Coloring Pages:

If you are looking for a rainbow colouring sheet suitable for preschoolers, this page can be ideal. The details are pretty simple, and crayons or colour pencils might be the perfect tool choice. You can use grey for the clouds and five bright hues like red, orange, violet, etc., for the Rainbow. A bright orange is a perfect option for the sun with a hint of glitter.

11. Rainbow Colouring Worksheet:

This is yet another rainbow colouring page that might interest kids above seven years. However, it might not be suitable for younger kids because of the details present on the sheet. You can use orange and yellow alternatively for the sun and grey for the clouds. Choose bright colours like purple, red and pink for the flowers and light blue for the raindrops.

12. Free Printable Rainbow Coloring Pages:

This is yet another rainbow colouring page that helps your kids visualize using different colours. This colouring sheet is usually suitable for preschoolers under four years. For example, you can use purple, red, green, etc., for the Rainbow, grey metallic colour for the cloud and orange for the sun. Crayons might be the perfect colouring tool for younger kids to have a mess-free workspace.

13. Rainbow And Sun Coloring Pages:

Sun and Rainbow are some of the patterns you can see together for kids’ colouring pages. As you can see, the sun has cute and big eyes, which attracts younger kids, but even older kids can try their hand. You can use different shades of green for the greenery around the colouring sheet. Choose a greyish colour for the clouds and light blue for the raindrops.

14. Rainbow Colouring Pages For Adults:

Who said only kids could colour? Even adults can use their hands at drawing with this beautiful colouring page. Since it is for adults, they can choose the colours as per their preference. This design can also be suitable for elder kids who love subtle elements. You can use multiple colouring tools like brush pens, sketch pens, and colour pencils to fill this sheet.

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15. Rainbow High Coloring Pages:

Rainbow high is a line of fashion dolls that emphasize outward appearance and are many kids’ favorites. If your kid is a fan of these dolls, this colouring sheet can be an exceptional choice. However, it is best suited for kids above eight years because of the tiny details present on the page. In addition, you can choose metallic colours to highlight the dolls beautifully.

These are some famous and beautiful Rainbow colouring pages suitable for kids of all ages. Go through these colouring sheets that will help you productively engage your kids. The basic guide for colouring is provided in this article. You can also let them experiment with the colours of their choice. Don’t forget to let us know if you found this article helpful!

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