It might be tough to find a person who doesn’t love rainbows. Rainbows remind us how artistic and wonderful our nature is, making it one of the reasons many people get a rainbow tattoo engraved. In addition, you can find something that represents you by incorporating the rainbow into your tattoo design.

However, each person associates different meanings to the rainbow tattoos. For example, there is an association supporting gay pride and the LGBT movement worldwide with a rainbow for many. At the same time, others associate happiness and hope after a tough time, like the sun evitably coming out after the clearing of rain. Go through this article for the curated list of rainbow tattoo designs ranging from traditional to vivid neo-traditional designs you can choose from.

20 Beautiful Rainbow Tattoo Designs:

Check out the collection of the best 20 rainbow tattoo design ideas that can inspire you to choose the right one for your personality.

1. Minimalist Rainbow Tattoo:

Sometimes simple designs are more than enough to express unique and big emotions. The perfect example to represent the same is this colourful rainbow tattoo design with sleek lines. Though you might enjoy getting this tattoo, decide where to engrave it. For example, this tattoo design looks exceptional on the forearm, biceps and even near the heart. Using thin lines but in colours can be an idea to implement.

2. Tiny Rainbow Tattoo:

If you get a tattoo for the first time and don’t want to experiment too much, this tiny rainbow tattoo can be an ideal choice. Though the tattoo might be minimal, that doesn’t mean the meaning it exudes any less. Since the tattoo design is small, you can engrave it anywhere, including the wrist, arm, or neck. A rainbow tattoo means different things to everyone, ranging from diversity to a fresh start or hope.

3. Watercolour Rainbow Tattoo:

Though black ink is widely seen, some people love adding colours to their tattoos to make the design more lively and unique. This rainbow tattoo’s meaning varies for everyone and how they interpret it. However, this rainbow tattoo looks exceptionally engraved on the waist. Therefore, it can be a perfect option to cover stretch marks or scars. In addition, the use of multiple colours makes this tattoo visually appealing.

4. Unique Rainbow Tattoo:

If you want uniqueness, this funny and enthusiastic rainbow tattoo is perfect. You can get this tattoo permanently tattooed or make it a fun experience by getting the design done on your kids as a temporary tattoo. The phrase ‘dive into the rainbow pool’ creates a tattoo that represents the kid inside you. The rainbow is done in colours inside the pool, and the words in black ink complimenting each other beautifully.

5. Rainbow And Flower Tattoo:

This rainbow and flower tattoo attract kids more than adults, making it a unique temporary tattoo. However, the simplicity yet elegance of the tattoo makes it an option even for adults who wants to represent their inner child. The use of multiple colours for the rainbow, flowers, the sun, and cute little hearts makes the tattoo all the more special.

6. Gorgeous Rainbow Colour Tattoo:

This one is a perfect option to incorporate a simple rainbow tattoo with a rustic finish. The crudeness represents the rainbow with blended colours, creating a natural rainbow. Additionally, the word somewhere is written on top, which can mean that there is a rainbow or positivity in your life and to keep it going. The perfect places to engrave this tattoo are on the arm, calf, or back.

7. Rainbow Bridge Tattoo:

A rainbow bridge tattoo has a deeper meaning for the wearer. This tattoo represents a mythical overpass of a connection between Earth and heaven or a spot where pet owners can reunite with their deceased pets. The wearer in this picture has gotten the tattoo engraved on the area above the knee, which can feel personal, giving you a chance to cover up when you don’t want everyone to see the emotional journey.

8. Rainbow Cloud Tattoo:

Though the rainbow tattoo has a beauty of its own, this tattoo with the rainbow coming out of the cloud creates a sense of secret and mystery. However, using a cloud with greyish shading might represent the rain which, when it comes in contact with the sunlight, creates a beautiful rainbow. Since the design is small, you can engrave this tattoo on your neck, arm, ankle, back, and even leg.

9. Rustic Watercolour Rainbow Tattoo:

This is another minimalistic rainbow tattoo with a rustic finish, creating a unique design. The wearer has gotten this tattoo on their shoulder, which looks like a rainbow flag representing the optimistic approach to life. The shoulder area can be ideal for getting this tattoo because they age well. After all, it is protected from the sun. Irrespective of gender, this tattoo is suitable for anyone.

10. Beautiful Rainbow Tattoo Designs:

This rainbow name tattoo makes the tattoo more personal for the wearer. In addition, you can make the tattoo more customized for yourself by adding the name you want inside the cloud. The addition of broad lines of rainbow colours behind the cloud represents hope, peace and beauty. Furthermore, you can also represent a happy phase in your life by smartly using a rainbow tattoo. The shoulder, calf or forearm are perfect places to get this tattoo.

11. Cute Rainbow Tattoos:

This is another rainbow bridge tattoo which looks very detailed, making it look very realistic. Additionally, unlike the other tattoos, this one has shiny elements, and blending colours create a visually appealing tattoo. Depending on where you want to get this tattoo engraved, you can determine the size of the design. For example, choose this tattoo in medium size if you get it done on the wrist or in large size on the back, shoulder or calf.

12. Rainbow Minimalist Tattoo:

This is yet another rainbow tattoo with a cute, minimalistic, yet sophisticated design. The sleek and crisp lines in the tattoo make it look elegant without occupying too much space. Using multiple colours makes the tattoo look even more beautiful. You can get the tattoo engraved anywhere on your body because of its tiny size.

13. Little Rainbow Tattoo On The Forearm:

In this picture, the wearer has a beautiful rainbow tattoo on the forearm which looks simple but elegant. In this design, some rainbows are behind the grey cloud, representing the wearer’s consistent path towards reaching their goal or desire. The rainbow’s light and detailed colouring look gorgeous, and the greyish shading inside the cloud makes the tattoo realistic.

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14. Crude Small Rainbow Tattoo:

Suppose you are looking for a freestyle rainbow tattoo. This one can be a perfect choice for anyone, regardless of age and gender. Unlike the conventional rainbow designs, this one stands out and even kids like the pattern. This tattoo can perfectly represent your feelings that a picture, even with imperfections, can be beautiful. Furthermore, if your kids like this tattoo, you can use glitter pens to get them a temporary one.

15. Rainbow Temporary Tattoos:

This is another example of a temporary tattoo ideal for adults who want to try getting a tattoo but don’t want to go through the pain of getting a tattoo done. Using multiple colours to create single-lined rainbows makes for an entertaining tattoo. You can also make it a memorable and bonding experience by bringing this temporary tattoo with your kids.

16. Rainbow Infinity Tattoo:

The Rainbow infinity tattoo means eternity, representing unlimited potential and the never-ending love of the wearer. Unlike the simple infinity symbol, this tattoo design is done in rainbow colours with the insertion of names in between. Adding names can look like creating a personal or customized tattoo for the wearer.

17. Rainbow Tattoo With An Aeroplane:

Suppose you are a person who loves travelling and wants to represent the love in the form of a tattoo. This rainbow tattoo can be an ideal choice. The aeroplane is engraved in black ink with crisp and precise lines, and a colourful rainbow adds to the beauty of the design. Furthermore, adding clouds to this design creates a perfect-looking tattoo design.

18. Rainbow, Sun And Clouds Tattoo:

This is another rainbow tattoo that looks exceptional on adults and children. This tattoo might also represent the phrase ‘no rain, no rainbow tattoo’, which means you cannot see a rainbow without rainfall. Furthermore, you can also use this design to engrave it on your kids as temporary tattoos, irrespective of their age and gender. The use of multiple colours or authentic colours makes the tattoo more realistic.

19. Adorable Rainbow In Clouds Tattoo:

This is a super cute rainbow tattoo design that dignifies happiness and power. This design mainly works out if you are into body art. Though the wearer has gotten the tattoo done on the arm, you can do it on your leg or the back. This design might also be a magical representation of being together beautifully. Authentic colours create a visual treat for the wearer and onlooker.

20. Mini Rainbow Tattoo:

This rainbow tattoo design has a cloud which, when added to the sunlight, results in a rainbow. The said statement is gorgeously represented pictorially. This pictorial representation can be a beautiful reminder that you cannot have rainbows without a bit of rain simultaneously with sunlight. To be precise, you must ensure hardships to have something meaningful and successful.


Whether for symbolic purposes, supporting the LGBT community’s strength, or just for the love of colours, this article’s wide range of rainbow tattoos will help you choose well. Therefore, remember what you want the rainbow to represent before permanently engraving one onto your body. Don’t forget to let us know if you found the article helpful!

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