Raisins look very simple. And their aged appearance and dry texture make it all the more unpalatable. But little did you know that. These raisins or kishmish as they are popularly known are a much healthier option. To those sugar-rich candies given to us by Mother Nature. Raisins are incredibly nutritious. And, a lot of fat food that offers high energy. They are very nutritious and healthy food during pregnancy also. In this article, we will tell you the various benefits. Raisins have which makes it a must-have in your pregnancy meal plan. And, also the quantity which is safe for consumption.


Is it safe to eat raisins during pregnancy?

With a long list of safe and unsafe foods during pregnancy. Every pregnant woman becomes analytical and tries to question. Before eating any food whether it is safe or not. To be consumed in pregnancy. And, so is this big question. Is it safe to eat raisins during pregnancy? The answer is raisins are very nutritious. And, safe for consumption during pregnancy. Provided it is consumed in moderation. Following are the various nutrition found in raisin that is vital in pregnancy.

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Nutritional value of raisins:

  1. Fibres:  Raisin is a rich source of fibre. It is easy to digest and also improves digestion. Thereby reducing constipation. Which is a common complaint during pregnancy.
  2. Iron: Iron is very important in pregnancy. As it increases the blood flow. And, ensures that sufficient oxygen passes through your lungs. Deficiency of iron can cause anaemia. And, raisins being a rich source of iron. Can help avoid getting anaemic during pregnancy.
  3. Calcium: Calcium is vital during pregnancy. As it is responsible for the bone development of the baby in the womb. Sufficiency of calcium will ensure that the baby’s bone density is proper. And, the baby is born healthy without any anomalies. Raisins being a rich source of calcium. Becomes a must have during pregnancy.

Benefits of Raisins during pregnancy:

1. Dental care:

Hormonal imbalances during pregnancy. Deteriorates the teeth and makes them loose. Raisins are a rich source of calcium and oleanolic acid. Which makes them an appropriate choice to combat that.

2. Improves digestion:

Raisins being rich in fibres. With other laxative properties. Aids in a smooth bowel movement and removing constipation. Which is a much frustrating ordeal during pregnancy.

3. Improves haemoglobin:

During pregnancy, our body goes through a lot of changes. Due to which there is inconsistent production of red blood cells making a person go anaemic. Raisins being a rich source of iron improves the haemoglobin. And, reduces the chances of becoming anaemic.

4. A good source of instant energy:

Raisins being a rich source of natural glucose. It provides instant energy to the body and reduces the fatigue.

5. Prevents cancer:

During pregnancy a body undergoes a lot of deterioration. And, has a long-lasting impact on the health. One of such complications could be cancer. Eating a handful of raisins every day during pregnancy. Will regulate the blood flow and prevent the cancerous cells from developing in the body.

6. Avoids acid reflux:

Raisins being rich in fibre. Can prevent acid reflux from occurring in the body.

Those above are the few of the many benefits of consuming raisins in pregnancy. Which makes it a must-have during pregnancy.

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Side effects of raisins during pregnancy:

One of the thumb rule for pregnancy food in moderation. Anything in excess does more harm than good. Even if it extremely nutritious and a must in your pregnancy diet. The following are the potential side effects. Caused by consuming too many raisins during pregnancy.

  • Raisins being a rich source of natural glucose. Too many raisins can raise the blood sugar and lead to gestational diabetes.
  • It can also cause infant diabetes making normal delivery. Impossible and a compulsory caesarean delivery.
  • It can also cause type II diabetes in the newborn.

How to eat raisins during pregnancy:

Raisins are an extremely healthy snack if eaten in moderation. The following are some of the interesting ways. In which you can eat raisins during pregnancy.

  1. Soak a handful of raisins in water for about an hour. Eat them with hot milk before going to bed.
  2. Add a handful of raisins in the boiling water. And, let it boil for 15-20 minutes. You can consume this water in small proportions throughout the day.
  3. You can also make a dry fruit laddoo including raisins. Badam, nuts of your choice and some amount of ghee. Eat one laddoo every morning as a healthy snack bite.

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Eating black raisins during pregnancy:

It’s very healthy to consume black raisins soaked in water during pregnancy. Here are a few health benefits of eating black raisins during pregnancy.

  • Purifies the blood.
  • Protects the skin from unwanted damage and ageing.
  • Maintains healthy skin.
  • Say no to pimples.
  • Prevents hair loss.
  • Strengthens the roots of the hair.
  • Prevents greying of hair.
  • Protects the hair follicles and thereby promotes hair growth.
  • Strengthens your bones.
  • Protects the teeth.
  • Improves digestion0.
  • Keeps the mouth fresh.
  • Fights infection.
  • Reduces anaemia.
  • Aids in gut movement and reduces acidity.
  • Prevents constipation.
  • Boosts energy.
  • An excellent choice for low blood sugar.

Add raisins to your pregnancy diet to satisfy your sweet tooth. As well as reap its inherent benefits. Eating raisins during pregnancy is very important. Use it as garnishing on your rice or top. It on your dessert in. Whatever manner you consume to make sure. It is added to your food. But also take care that you don’t overeat it and it’s only in moderation.

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers:

Q1. How much quantity of raisins should be consumed each day during pregnancy?

Ans: Raisins are very nutritious. And one can reap health benefits. If consumed during pregnancy. However, consuming raisins during pregnancy. Can cause gestational diabetes. And, reduces the possibility of normal delivery. A handful of raisins each day is a safe quantity to be consumed during pregnancy.

Q2. What are the benefits of eating kismis during pregnancy?

Ans: The following are the list of the benefits of eating kishmish in pregnancy:

  • Dental care.
  • Improves digestion.
  • Improves haemoglobin.
  • A good source of instant energy.
  • Prevents cancer.
  • Avoids acid reflux.

Q3. Can we eat soaked black raisins during pregnancy?

Ans: Soaked black raisins are all the more beneficial. Than regular raisins during pregnancy. And a must-have in the pregnancy diet. One can safely consume soaked black raisins during pregnancy. provided you eat it in moderation.


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