Raisins During Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is a power that transforms women into realizing the miraculous potential of her body. But this is a very delicate phase with respect to their bodies as they are not only responsible for their own health but also the health of the baby which grows and received nourishment from the mother’s womb. Personal preferences aside a mother has to abide by a huge list of dos and don’ts that will help her to play the perfect host to the growing fetus inside their body.

raisins during pregnancy

A pregnant woman needs full nutrition in the most planned manner possible. So binge eating is not really associated with pregnancy apart from the usual cravings. Dry fruits like cherries and apricots and raisins are the perfect foods to consume during all three trimesters.

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Health Benefits of Raisins During Pregnancy:

Let us discuss the benefits of raisins during pregnancy from the point of view of the mother and the baby.

Tooth Care:

Many pregnant women also suffer from bleeding gums and foul breath. While these may seem like non related problems it actually is a very deep seated digestive problems or vitamin D deficiency that can not only cause complications in a pregnancy but also affect the bone structure of the baby. Raisins provide oleanolic acid that prevents cavity, tooth decay, gingivitis etc. It also helps keep the mouth healthy and prevents nauseating in expectant mothers.


Raisin fibres absorb water and create a laxative tendency that helps ease and regularize bowel movements. It is very essential for a pregnant mother since the digestion system works overtime working for both the mother and the child. Constipation is very common in every pregnancy.

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Prevents Anemia:

Pregnant mothers often develop anaemic tendencies as they provide the nutrients for the growing foetus. Raisins contain nutrients such as Vitamin B complex and iron along with other minerals that are known to increase the haemoglobin levels in our body. This helps keep anaemia away and also prevents weakness and other associated problems during this phase.

Prevents Cancer:

The body of an expectant mother goes through a lot of changes. This often sends the free radicals in our body in frenzy. Add to that an unrestricted flow of carcinogens and you have the perfect combination for a cancerous tumor growth. Raisins are the perfect agents to monitor and rationalize the body and provide anti oxidants to control the frenzied free radicals.

Controls Acid Reflux:

The fibrous raisins help clean up our gastrointestinal tract by flushing out the bodily toxins and wastes. With hyperactive digestion for two people and limited space due to the growing baby acid reflux and indigestion is very common. The magnesium and potassium in these fruits help ease the process and controls it.

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High Energy:

The physical strength required for the mother’s body increases during pregnancy and there is a need to get fast absorbing good nutrients for the baby as well. The energy required for this can be obtained from raisins. They are the perfect snack that can boost your sugar levels in minutes. However gestation diabetes is common during pregnancy so moderation and guidance is a must.

Improved Eye-Sight:

While it does the mother a world of good the humble raisin is also responsible towards developing proper eyesight in a baby. It is known that raisins improve the body’s immunity. But there are beneficial vitamins in raisins that ensure that the baby does not develop any complications at childbirth and labor. Also it ensures that the child is not born with deformity in their eyes.

Proper Bone Structure:

Raisins contain a good amount of calcium which helps ensure that the baby is born with good bones and strong ones at that. With proper absorption of Vitamin D through calcium the maximum benefits of good health can be bestowed upon the child.

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