It comes as a no surprise to see a celebrity like Rakul Preet Singh has been able to fantasize her fans. Her innocent charm, as well as sensuality, looks much understated to the eyes of the beholder. Rakul Preet Singh saree photos look fantastic as well as divalicious in wearing various kinds of sarees. Rakul Preet Singh’s saree style lingers more towards cuteness, as she loves to wear mostly silk or linen-based sarees – either traditional or solid colours. She also likes to add various kinds of floral and gold jewellery to the mix, along with linen or silk top-blouse and tightened or loose hair strands.

Latest Collection of Rakul Preet in Sarees with Images:

Here is the best saree collection of Rakul Preet that will inspire.

1. Rakul Preet Singh in Red Saree:

Looking for a sizzling look for a romantic day? Have a look at this Rakul Preet Singh in red saree image and you are surely going to love it. The saree is designed in blood red colour with chiffon material. The simple saree is given floral designs in golden randomly stuck throughout the plain saree. With a designer blouse, the saree gives a stunning look. Best for weddings, this saree can also be carried on dates or other gatherings too.

2. Rakul Preet Singh in Black Saree:

Want a complimentary look in saree? Try this Rakul Preet Singh in black saree look. The plain black saree is given a pink designer piece on the side to give it a modest look. Again, the entire saree is also given a thick border in pink and golden with brocade designs on it. The saree is also tucked with golden diamonds on it in the saree. With a pink brocade blouse, this saree is best for festivals as well as weddings.

3. Rakul Preet Singh in Half Saree:

Is pink your favourite colour? This image of actress Rakul Preet Singh in saree is surely going to capture your heart then. The saree is given a half saree design where the lower portion is given a plain texture with big floral design buttas in golden colour. With a similar blouse, the saree pallu is given a strip look in golden with similar borders. The saree is made using silk material while the pallu is in chiffon.

4. Rakul Preet Singh in Silk Saree:

A perfectly designed Rakul saree in silk is created, keeping in mind the traditions and culture of the Southern part of India. The saree is given an orange colour while the border is made in golden thread work. The pallu is given a blue temple look design which perfectly gives a true combination with orange. The centre part of the saree is given a plain texture. The saree is designed best for a festival look, marriages, and even for religious functions.

5. Rakul Preet Singh in White Saree:

Fan of going white for a unique look? This Rakul Preet Singh in saree design is going to be heart-throbbing for you. The saree is made using georgette material with an off-white texture. Again, using a light brown colour, the saree is also given checks design in the entire saree. To add to its delicate look, the saree is given a silk border with geometrical lines on it. This saree is best for parties and other such events with a fashionable blouse.

6. Rakul Preet Singh in Net Saree:

When it comes to a net saree, this Rakul in saree image is quite a deadly combination of material and saree colours too. Inspired by the DhupChav saree designs, this saree is made using net material while it is given a combination of baby pink and grey colours. The entire saree carries a light texture where the work in the saree is done through the grey and golden thread embroidery. This designer piece is best for receptions, weddings, parties, etc. with a floral silk designer blouse.

7. Rakul Preet Singh In Green Saree:

This is simple yet stylish. This is the comments you are surely going to get if you get a similar saree the Rakul Preet saree images carry. Made using georgette material, the saree is given a plain light green texture that comes with utmost brightness. As the saree is completely plain with a tiny golden border, giving it a silk designer blouse or brocket blouse would enhance the appearance. This light to carry saree is best for kitties, parties and small events.

8. Rakul Preet Singh In Yellow Saree:

Want a rich look for even the smallest function? Have a look at this Rakul Preet Singh in saree images and you are surely going to demand one. The saree is completely given a yellow texture with different shades. Again, the saree in chiffon is given a traditional look with the golden border with pink designs for the best mixture of colours. This lovely saree is best for any kind of small or big function like wedding, engagements, parties, etc.

9. Rakul Preet Singh in Kanchipuram Saree:

Kanchipuram sarees add to the traditional appearance when worn. And this Rakul Preet saree photos will make you go crazy to add a traditional themed saree in your collection. The saree is made out of pure silk material in multi bright colours like pink, green, yellow, etc. The saree is given various tiny designs while the pallu is completely traditional with golden work on it. Best for a festive look, this saree is worn for festivals, special religious occasions, and marriages.

10. Rakul Preet Singh in Blue Saree:

Are you looking for printed sarees? Have you checked out this Rakul Preet Singh in blue saree image? Designed with georgette material, this saree is given a dark blue colour while the border is given a plain pink texture. The entire saree carries prints of in multi-colour that makes the saree dimensional. Again, the entire saree also carries dark prints for a fabulous look. Best for regular wear, this light saree is also the best for gatherings, small events, kitties, parties, etc.

Rakul has always remained in trend with light sarees in bright colours. Hence, if you are looking for a saree that is bright yet sophisticated, try the collection of Rakul Preet Singh saree photos for getting the best for your wardrobe. Again, the best part of selecting a Rakul saree is that your saree would always be combined with a designer blouse even if it simply a printed one too. The blouse patterns she carries with the saree boost the beautiful look of the saree to a great extent. So, which was your favourite saree from the collection? Run for it today itself.


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