We wonder how many would know about Rambutan. Even if you do, do you know it’s origins and where you can buy it from? Or maybe, about the health benefits it can provide your bodies with? The local marts are where you would find Rambutan at, and the health benefits are a plenty for anyone to enjoy.

We would ask you to look online and search for Rambutan, get to know the fruit and learn more. Experts opine that the plant is multi-functional and there is a lot it can give, let’s just call it a powerhouse of benefits, which helps with the growth and development, along with the functioning of the body too.

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Every part of the fruit is important, say experts and the plant too. Right from the leaves to the fruit to the root, the Rambutan plant has many healing properties which work wonders.  Even the seeds have had a mentioning in ancient texts for medicinal needs and properties. In short, Rambutan can help with;

1.   Skin and lips.
2.   diabetes (both types).
3.   grey hair.
4.   fevers.
5.   nausea.
6.   sore throat and more.

Description of The Fruit:

Across the globe, Rambutan is found in many zones and there are more than five to six breeds of it being plucked every year. Right from Australia to Asia, and even America now, Rambutan seems to be everywhere.

Benefits of Rambutan:

1. The skin of Rambutan helps with chronic fevers and dysentery, say experts. When used with the best ingredients, the efficiency of the fruit is realized as a medicinal blessing

2. The bark of Rambutan plants are used to treat chronic sores that can be painful. Even chapped lips and moistening of the lips can b done using the barks flesh.

3. The leaves of Rambutan are very potent as a medicinal part, since it can help treat stomach issues and loose motion. The leaves when crushed and juiced can be applied on the hair, which prevents hair falls and promotes hair growth too. Herbal shampoos are made from Rambutan leaves, say holistic experts, some of the shampoo brands not all.

4. Let’s not forget the seeds of Rambutan, which have their own healing properties and importance. The seeds help combat diabetes and pains, say experts.

5. The fruit is pleasant and sweet to taste and have, which is why most people prefer Rambutan juice as a smoothie. One can get their internal organs cleansed having a cup or a glass of the smoothie from the fruit. We all know when the internals are kept clean the externals too would shine, so why not have Rambutan

6. Rambutan can be made into ice creams, seafood salads, pastes for curries, marinate for meats and as a flavor for many cuisines too.

7. Rambutan has plenty of vitamins and minerals in it, such as B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, potassium, calcium, manganese, magnesium, iron, vitamin C and fibre too. All of which is very important for the functioning of the body, and protecting the body from damages by oxidation in the long run.

8. The fruit is very useful when it comes to treating and eliminating cancer from the body. It also works wonders removing waste materials from the kidney and the liver, thanks to the amounts of phosphorus in it. Even the tissues of the body are taken care of and repaired, hence healing properties are available.

9. Calcium present in Rambutan helps with strong bones and teeth, say experts. The fruit also is good for those suffering from dandruff, hair fall, white hair, acne, weight gain, ageing, skin and hair issues, diabetes, skin diets and more.

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Rambutan indeed is a low profiled fruit and not many would recognize it instantly when they see one, which is why we ask you to check online for pictures and more information too. The fruit is potent as a medicinal blessing, since it can work wonders on many health issues and provide treatments for a plethora of hair, skin and body ailments, including hypertension and anxiety pangs as well.

Cultivation of the fruit is happening across the world as we speak, and as mentioned there are many breeds of Rambutan available. The demand is high since it helps people gain energy and an active life, say experts. Even the most simplest of ailments can be cured in time, when the juice or paste of Rambutan is administered to the patient.

Head aches, migraines, back aches, arthritis etc and even stress to a large extent can be done away with when Rambutan is provided to the patient. It is a fruit which can instantly help with relief from depression too, and that is why the ancient texts have a mentioning of the Rambutan properties.

Instead of depending on over the counter medical substitutes which have plenty of chemicals in it, why not use the blessings of Mother Nature and choose Rambutan? Experts across the world swear by its healing properties and we feel it is high time the fruit is popularized and the truth be told to everyone too.

There are blogs online which would give out recipes on how to use Rambutan. Please check them and incorporate the simple cooking styles to enjoy the health benefits from the humble Rambutan, from today.

These were the best nine reasons why we love Rambutan. If you would like to share some of your tips and ideas with us, please feel free to write in or comment below. We love hearing from you as we love sharing with you. Dont forget to have a little today!!

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