Designing and creativity know no bounds, but still one needs to have a clear idea and imagination to make his or her creativity eye-catching and alluring. Each Indian household loves to have a Rangoli design in front of their house and nowadays, people from across the world are designing various attractive Rangolis in front of their house so that the entire ambience assists in reflecting joy through the colours used in the Rangoli.

Beautiful Rangoli Designs for Competition That Looks Creative:

1. The Welcome Design:

This design is taken into use by almost all households throughout the year, irrespective of whether there is a festival or not. The ‘Welcome’  written reflects the warmth with which the hosts are welcoming their guests. A placid floral design decorated with bright colours accelerates the beauty of the Rangoli. The word ‘Welcome’ may be written by using various colours and the letters are then outlined with white.

2. The Ganesh Design:

Lord Ganesh is said to be the Lord of the ‘beginnings’ and in numerous households love to have the Lord drawn in the Rangoli so that it marks the beginning of happiness. Ganesh can be drawn by using a paper that is cut into the design of Ganesh. Thereafter Rangoli powder is sprinkled over the paper and the design is made. Various designing can also be done around the Ganesh so as to make the Rangoli look more captivating.

3. The Kathakali Dancer Headgear Design:

The Kathakali Dancer Headgear design is unique yet simple. It is designed by using rangoli powder and flowers. Green is the base colour and the design is based on the headgear’s that are used by the Kathakali dancers. The design is absolutely stunning, even if it is done with freehand.

4. The Flute Rangoli Design:

This Rangoli design mirrors simplicity, yet sophistication. It has outstanding flower petals on the outer part, which are primarily done up with rangoli powder and the flute inside is done with yellow Rangoli powder. This combination adds contrast and enables the Rangoli to look deep and beautiful. Various Indian households use different genres of this flute design during the day of Janmashtami.

5. The Bird Design:

This Rangoli design is stupendously placid and is suitable for any festivity or can even be used throughout the year. This well-designed Rangoli has blue as its base colour that mirrors pride and serenity. The eyes and beaks are also impeccable designed and the design done on the outer parts is also enthralling.

6. The Fish Design:

The Fish Design has been done with utmost perfection. Each fish comprises of various colours thereby, making the Rangoli look colourful and beautiful. This design is very unique and appealing to the eyes. The Rangoli can be done by using colours or flowers and both shall suit very well with the concept.

7. The Idol Ganesh Design:

As said earlier, Lord Ganesh signifies the beginning of happiness and thus, people love having such Rangoli designs being made in front of their doors. Under this type of design, beautiful flowers are made and several other designs are also used, making the center of the Rangoli the primary focus. After the completion of the Rangoli, a small Ganesh idol is placed at the center, which assists in giving a type of 3D effect to the beautifully created Rangoli design.

8. The Kathakali Face Design:

This design purely depicts the face of a Kathakali dancer. The primary focus is on the face and several unique designs are drawn outside the face with the help of flowers. Diyas are placed so as to enhance the beauty and placidness of the design, and the face, as usual, remains green. Rose petals can also be used in order to provide a special touch to the Rangoli.

9. The Rose Design:

This design is solely based on a single flower. Rose is an all-time favourite flower of everybody and thus, this Rangoli shall be adored by all. It constitutes of drawing one or two roses that are filled with the colour red or pink, while the petals are filled with green. This design looks absolutely amazing when shades are given to the colour of the flower and the petals.

10. The Semi-Circle Rangoli:

Under this genre, the design constitutes of semi-circles instead of flowers. It is undoubtedly a very unique design, with the internal designs done with perfection. The lines drawn inside should be thin and constant so that the entire Rangoli has an ebullient glow in it. The Rangoli may be painted, if the person wants to retain it for a long time.

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11. The ‘Aum’ Design:

‘Aum’ has always been considered a sacred word and nothing better than it shall be better for a Rangoli design. The design can be made simple or heavy, as required by the person. However, the more simple and floral the design, the more alluring it shall look. This Rangoli can be made complete floral and a combination of yellow and orange flowers will be applaudable. Diyas or small candles can also be used to add beauty to the rangoli.

12. Kalash Rangoli:

Kalash design as a Rangoli will do wonders. Four Kalash needs to be designed along with small coconut trees joining the entire concept. The Kalash is decorated with different and bright Rangoli colours, while the coconut leaves are given their natural colour of green. The designs need to be bordered using white, which adds contrast and liveliness to the design.

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13. The Swastik Rangoli:

Swastik Rangoli is also very placidly designed like the ‘Aum’ Rangoli. Red colour is used to draw the Swastik and various designs are drawn on the outer side so as to make the entire Rangoli look deep and heavy.

14. The Faces Rangoli:

This Rangoli design comprises of two Indian faces, a man and a woman. The faces have been perfectly drawn and decorated using white colour. Blue is used as the man’s face colour and yellow plus orange is used for the lady’s face colour.

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15. The Peacock Design:

This design is unique and exemplary, with a peacock designed with a peacock feather. The peacock has been drawn with its beautiful wings opened, while the main feather contains perfect stripes drawn at the borders.


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