Rangolis are the symbolic representation to welcome Goddess Laxmi to your house. According to Hindu mythology, Friday is the day of Laxmi and to welcome her few makes Rangoli designs for in front of your door. You can keep it simple if you want and if you have time make grand Rangoli designs for Friday. You can create freehand Rangoli easily.

Best Rangoli Designs for Friday with Pictures:

Here are some top 9 Rangoli designs for Friday, you can try to welcome Laxmi Devi. These rangoli designs for Friday are simple and freehanded.

1. Flower Rangoli with Dots:

This is an easy Friday Rangoli design you can try. The flower design looks attractive and you can make it colourful. By drawing an outline, you can easily make one. To create this, you don’t need to spend so much time. You can make it in 30 minutes.

2. Colourful Rangoli Design:

This is a colourful Friday Rangoli design. It is a floral pattern you can easily draw with a flower in the centre and a big flower around it. Just draw some simple shapes and fill in apt colours on it. Outside the Rangoli is you can draw small flowers around it.

3. Free Hand Rangoli Design:

If you are looking for easy Friday Rangoli kolam this is the best choice. You can draw this simple white kolam easily using your hand. Just draw some patterns and fill flowers in it. This is the traditional Rangolis you can try to welcome the goddess.

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4. Modern Rangoli Design:

If you don’t want to use traditional designs for Rangoli this is the best option. You can raw this using water colour using a painting brush. First, you need to draw the outline as per the given design and fill colours as per your choice. You can use this kolam permanently because it won’t vanish easily.

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5. South Indian Rangoli Design:

Rangolis are traditional in South India. If you are looking for traditional simple Friday Lakshmi Rangoli this is a perfect choice. For this is you only need to use rice powder. Draw a Diya and other simple and easy fillings around it. It is the most commonly used type of Rangoli in south India.

6. Outdoor Kolam Design:

if you want to make a grand Rangoli for Friday and any other special occasion you can choose this design. It is a colourful kolam and a time -consuming design too. You can draw an outline first and fill the appropriate colour in it. You can design this with the freehand. Make Rangoli colourful and attract others.

7. Friday Kolam with Lines:

Friday Rangoli designs are many and from them, if you want to choose an easy one try this design. To draw this only you need to draw some lines and connect them as per the diagram. After completing you can draw some flower designs around it to make it attractive. For this is you can use white rice powder as per tradition.

8. Lotus Rangoli Design:

Lotus represents the goddess Laxmi. So, in order to welcome her to your home and you can try this lotus design. You can easily draw this using simple rice powder. Freehand drawing is enough to draw this flower and fill it with lines. You can save time by choosing this design.

9. Peacock Rangoli Designs:

Peacock Rangoli is a famous design everyone looks for Friday kolam. It is one of the colourful designs you can draw on Fridays. Both types are available to draw. Plain and colourful designs are there this is a colourful design and easy to draw also. You can fill bright colours to decorate it.

Friday kolams are very important among Hindus. You can try the different designs each week. Some people prefer permanent kolam as stickers. But drawing them is an enthusiastic process. All these Rangolis are for people who love to spend time to decorate our home entrance with beautiful kolams.


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