Simple Rangoli design with dots plays an important role in various Indian Rituals region to region. People make rangoli in front of their houses to welcome prosperity, luck, and goddess Lakshmi in their house. This is very common in festivals especially in Pongal in South India and Diwali in North India. However, there are 29 states in India and every state draw their own kind of rangoli with lime powder, rice and different vibrant colours on the floor. These are simple patterns with dots. Connecting these dots, one can make rangoli either simple or complicated. This article is completely based on the rangoli design with dots so that you can have a glimpse of these simple yet beautiful designs.

Most Popular Rangoli Designs with Dots 2022:

Here are the best rangoli designs with dots, try these attractive designs; it gives a peaceful atmosphere and bright look at your home.

1. The Colorful South Indian Dotted Rangoli:

This type of rangoli design with dots are followed in festivals such as Pongal. The design is filled with beautiful colours which build up the whole design. The rangoli also sports a beautiful four-sided pattern, which makes it look authentic.

  • Design Specification: this is a traditional design of South Indian culture especially for the Pongal festival.
  • Meaning: its spiritual meaning is to bring prosperity and luck to the house.
  • Speciality: its traditional design with Kalash and lotus makes it is special and denotes the culture in India.

2. The Most Complex Rangoli Design with Dots:

This rangoli design with dots is different from any design you have ever seen. It displays an octagon design that sports simple patterns inside the design with dots. The dots are connected using a different colour, which makes this design so unique.

  • Beginners can also make this design where dots are placed first then joined through curves.
  • Mostly famous in South India and people make it with lime powder or rice.
  • The simple and easy design removes the negative energy from the house.

3. The Simple Dotted Rangoli Design:

This easy rangoli with dots design is a simple one compared to the previous ones. Here a circle is drawn in the middle and other intricate patterns are done surrounding the main circle. Without a doubt, this is one of the most beautiful festivals rangoli designs ever and is often been done on Bengali occasions.

  • Anyone can make this design and can also fill colour in it.
  • Geometrical shapes are easy to make and they tangle out the viruses and bacteria entering the house.
  • Lotus symbolises purity.

4. The Five Parallel Dots Design:

These beautiful new rangoli designs with dots are very beautiful. On the centre, a dot is done, and an intricate pattern is made by joining the four dots on the four corners. Many small dots are drawn throughout the design which is further joined. Many colours can be applied to the blank portions of this design. However, yellow, red and blue will be the best colour combination for this design.

  • This geometrical design is very famous in every house, and people can make it every day by using colours or only lime powder.
  • This symbolises power and purity.
  • Made in festivals only.

5. The Dot Rangoli Design for Diwali:

These easy rangoli designs with dots for beginners design is often sighted during occasions such as Diwali. Like the previous one, this design is also done using the parallel dot pattern. Here, white and pink ground rice are used to adorn the rangoli design. So now you know how to do it, keep it on you’re to-do list for next Diwali.

  • First dots are placed in the square and then connected with white colour powder.
  • The special occasion for this design is the pooja celebration.
  • Shankh wipes out the negativity from the atmosphere and colours add happiness.

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6. Rangoli Designs with Dots for Beginners:

These are much easier designs and are intended for beginners. Here are the rangoli designs with dots step-by-step easy and small types of rangoli designs for beginners. You don’t have to be an expert for doing this design. Anyone can do it easily with patience. Different colours can be used to make this design look more attractive.

  • This design is especially found in Rajasthan where people make this on their walls as wall painting.
  • The geometrical shape of this design means power.
  • Brings prosperity to the house.

7. The Small Dot Rangoli Design:

This small dot rangoli design is a masterpiece. It sports a unique dotted pattern, which is further joined together. Many ground rice colours can be applied to this design to make it look more attractive. It is one of the best rangoli designs ever.

  • The flowers and birds show nature, and this is made to welcome a new season like Makar Sankranti.
  • Shows freedom, happiness, and one should blossom like a flower in their life.
  • Dots are placed on the floor to make this design.

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8. The Small Rangoli Design with Dots:

This is the most beautiful rangoli design with dots. Here, the picture is drawn roughly on a paper before its final application. The dots are drawn in a parallel pattern and filled with beautiful colours that beautify the whole design.

  • Girls of the house prepare this rangoli as it is easy to make.
  • Geometrical shapes are made in front of the house and colours are filled as per the requirement.
  • It symbolises power, masculinity and the ability to grow.

9. The Dotted Floral Mehndi Design:

This particular spiral-shaped rangoli design is filled with beautiful floral patterns. Dots are done in between and to the sides of the floral designs. In the centre, there is another unique pattern, which seems to be controlling the whole design.

  • Women make it calm their anger and increase brain power.
  • Shows the power of one’s brain.
  • Dots are placed on a floor and the design is started from the middle as shown in the picture.

10. Hexagon Shaped Rangoli Design:

These simple rangoli kolam designs with dots are very simple and easy to make and the hexagon is used to make this lovely design. This very basic design for beginners and colours can be used in this design. The whole geometric pattern shows the power and prosperity in the house.

  • The hexagon shape denotes the not ending loop that keeps away the negative energies from the house.
  • Any occasion is suitable for this design.

11.  Square Shaped Dotted Rangoli Design:

This square-shaped rangoli design with dots is very popular these days as it is easy to make. This design is for beginners where they put the dots in a square pattern and connect it through the lines and curves. This simple design can be made on every occasion.

  • Any beginner can make this design without any fuss by putting the dots on the ground.
  • Every occasion is suitable for this design.
  • Denotes the living and non-living things by square and flowers.

12.  Dotted Curves and Lined Rangoli Design:

This requires a large surface area in front of the house where you can put the dots in a circular shape from the centre to the circumference. Now by joining each dot to make the design and the design should look symmetrical. The suitable occasion for this design is New Year.

  • One can make flowers, triangles and another geometrical pattern by joining these dots.
  • A special occasion is Happy New Year.
  • Beginners can also make this powerful design by adding vibrant colours to it.

13.  Diya Rangoli with Dots:

This rangoli design with dots is suitable for only Diwali occasions when we lamp Diyas in front of our houses. This whole pattern is in square shape gives the swastika look at first sight. Goddess Lakshmi loves colours and design that is why people make it in front of their house in order to make her happy.

  • This pattern is so clear and easy to make that beginners can also make it.
  • The best occasion is Diwali in order to please Goddess Laxmi.
  • Wipes out the negativity and welcomes prosperity and happiness.

14. Diwali Rangoli Design with Dots:

As per the picture, this design is very famous in South Indian culture where dots were joined to make a beautiful pattern of Diyas, triangles, and diamond-shaped designs. Every part of this design is geometrical hence; it is easy to make for everyone.

  • Its significance is wiping out the negativity from the house and bringing prosperity.
  • Make home more beautiful to welcome guests.
  • Adding colours can increase its beauty.

15. Star Kolam Design with Dots:

This star kolam rangoli design with dots is a very popular pattern in Rajasthan and Gujarat villages where women of the house make it on their walls denoting the presence of stars and other objects that is present in-universe.

  • It represents giving gratitude to the Sun, Moon, and the start that is present in this universe, and people can see it.
  • Beginners can make this design in one go as dots at different ends are joined to make this simple design with lines only.

Tips for Dotted Rangoli Designs:

  • While making rangoli design with dots then make the pattern on the floor before giving it final touch-up
  • The symmetry of dots and straight lines are more important is dotted design so make it first on the floor then outline with white colour
  • Make the design on the chart paper with scale then use that chart for making the design on the floor for clarity and cleanness
  • Place dots on the floor at an equal distance so that making patterns and any design will become easy. Place these dots either in circular shape or square.


There is a lot of variety available for the rangoli design with dots in this article. Choose the one as per your tradition, culture, and occasion. The list of 15 rangoli design shows different significance, and it has a different meaning from flowers, lines to stars. You may create your own design as it also gives you an idea about new patterns and trends in 2022.

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