Flowers are itself an art and rangoli made of flowers is incomparable with other rangolis. This form of rangoli making is very popular everywhere. No matter what occasion is but Flowers add colours, fragrance, beauty etc to it. Festivals are the season when all India make rangoli in front of their houses with flowers. It is auspicious for many cultures but in some places, it includes an everyday routine. So here in this article, you can read about the floral rangoli designs to try in the year 2023.

Beautiful Flower Rangoli Designs with Pictures:

Here are some of the best Beautiful flower pattern rangoli designs with images to inspire you.

1. The Welcome Flower Rangoli Design:

How about welcoming your guests with awe? Well, this rangoli is simple and yet beautiful, that uses one yellow flower, in the centre along with its petals, with many white flowers surrounding it. The flower buds are also beautifully arranged between the white flowers. Here is a simple one for you to try quickly!

  • Most people make this rangoli for the welcome, and it does not harm nature as well.
  • The flower symbolises purity hence in temples and for auspicious occasions people make it.
  • Circular rangoli attracts positivity.

2. Swastik’ Shape Flower Rangoli Design:

This simple rangoli design with flowers look complex but are rather easy to try. It follows a pattern of using a single design thrice, but with a different colour combination and size. With the swastika emerging, it looks marvellous. There are sharp edges, and the outer border is round in shape. This Rangoli will look mind-boggling when it’s decorated with flowers itself.

  • The special occasion to make this rangoli is pooja either at home or temple.
  • Circular shape attracts positivity and flowers fill the fragrance in the atmosphere.
  • It is beneficial for nature.

3. Flower Petals with a Circular Border:

This design of rangoli has a triple set of flowers petals with a circular border. Its centre has been well decorated with petals as that of a lotus. Bright colours have been used, primarily consisting of light yellow and orange. Deep green has been used to give the Rangoli a natural effect.

  • The shape and design show why and where to make rangoli hence, and this rangoli is suitable for the welcome ceremony.
  • The circular shape of rangoli attracts positivity in the house.
  • Flowers is eco-friendly hence it will not harm nature.

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4. Symmetrical Rangoli Flower Pattern:

The symmetrical pattern has to be used in the outer part, while the inside includes a simple yet exquisite flower design. Outer symmetry has to be done with perfection to make the Rangoli captivating. A thin green border has been made on the outer part and the interior as well so as to separate and differentiate the two patterns used in the Rangoli.

  • This rangoli is suitable for marriage functions for putting the Kalash in the centre circle.
  • The circular shape symbolises the wholeness and the presence of God who is present everywhere.

5. Semi-Circle in Shape Flower Rangoli:

This design is indeed spectacular and the lemon yellow petals used, enhances its beauty even more. The flower petals drawn are semi-circle in shape, adjoined beautifully with each other. Small diyas have been placed on the outer-most border and on the floor as well. Red, lemon yellow, mauve, white, green and orange used in the Rangoli, turned out to be a great combination.

  • This eco-friendly rangoli is suitable for rangoli competitions in schools and colleges.
  • The circular shape symbolises wholeness, totality and the presence of God who is present everywhere.
  • The flowers denote purity and can be used as fertilizers.

6. Indian Flag Theme Flower Pattern:

The petals in this Rangoli design are based on the Indian flag theme. A peacock has been perfectly drawn at the centre implying the national bird of the country. Such Rangoli designs are very much prevalent during patriotic occasions, such as Independence Day, Republic day etc. The entire Rangoli has deep colours as its base and a combination of flowers, seeds and Rangoli powder has been used.

  • The circumference shows no ending loop that denotes the presence of God is everywhere.
  • Special occasion for this rangoli is Republic day and Independence day.
  • The flowers denote purity and can be used as fertilizers.

7. Outer Circular Borders Flower Pattern:

This Rangoli design has several petals and no outer circular borders. It has a long Diya that stands in the middle, and the entire set-up and this set-up adds a sparkling design to the design. Small Diyas have been placed all over in such a way that the flowers seem to be throwing out fire sparkles around them. Such Rangoli designs are generally used during the festival of lights, Diwali.

  • This flower rangoli in floral shape is suitable for the Diwali festival in temples.
  • Every design is made of flower petals that can be re-used as fertilizers.
  • Flowers itself shows the beauty of nature and purity.

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8. Symmetrical Square Shape Flower Rangoli:

The petals in this design have pointed edges, and the centre has a symmetrical square shape. Small round designs have been done in between the petals to give a heavy look to the Rangoli and fill up the void spaces that lie in between the petals. The petals have been decorated using varieties of Rangoli powder or flowers.

  • This design is a masterpiece for pooja functions only.
  • The swastika sign denotes the presence of God in the house.
  • Its design meaning is welcoming god in the house for luck and happiness.

9. ‘Holi’ Flower Rangoli Pattern:

This Rangoli design is a blend of various flowers, which have been used in different patter. The word ‘Holi’ has been written in Hindi using the petals of a yellow flower. This Rangoli design is especially for the festival of Holi and this is the reason why various colours of flowers have been used to decorate the Rangoli.

  • Rangoli itself denotes its importance as Holi is the best festival for it.
  • Playing Holi with flowers will not waste water and it won’t harm nature as well.

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10. Multi-Coloured Flower Rangoli:

Check out this brilliant mishmash of green leaves and lively flower petals. This multi-coloured flower rangoli design can be made for marriages or other social occasions. The flowers used in this design are similar to those used in the previous one. But the shapes and patterns have created a big difference between the two.

  • If there is a marriage function going on in a family, then this rangoli design is the best decoration for welcoming the guests, for pooja and marriage ceremony.
  • Circular shape denotes the blessings of god everywhere.

11. Rangoli For Religious Celebration:

A very easy yet very refreshing floral rangoli, isn’t it? Be it a religious celebration or a marriage ceremony, this stunning ‘colour cocktail’ is sure to grab the attention of a lot of guests and add a zing to the mood of the entire house. Made using the simplest of flowers, this one is sure to catch the eye.

  • If you are planning for a romantic night, then prepare this rangoli in house.
  • The vibrant colours in the rangoli enhance the romantic mood and happiness.

12. Different Petals Of Flowers And Diyas Rangoli:

This whirlwind flower rangoli will also help you get lots of appreciation for sure. It has been made of maroon, orange, purple, yellow and orange petals of flowers and decorated with lighted Diyas. While adding Diyas can be rangoli to perfect for Diwali, it will even look beautiful without any other decoration.

  • This decoration is best for Diwali festival and competitions also.
  • The vibrant colours of flowers enhance the positivity in the atmosphere.
  • And the design is random, but the circular pattern shows purity and calmness.

13. Beautiful Flower Rangoli Design:

The pattern of the flower made at the centre is the speciality of this exclusive rangoli. You can see how flower petals are used in conjunction with green leaves to create a beautiful circular design.

  • When you are planning to welcome a new guest in the house like a newborn baby the prepare this rangoli at home as its bright white and vibrant yellow shows purity and happiness and it attracts everyone.
  • The circular pattern shows the blessings of god everywhere

14. Circular Flower Rangoli Design:

While most of the rangoli’s come in a circular shape, this wonderful one has been given the true shape of a flower. The petals or lotus used in this creation have added a new dimension to it.

  • This rangoli is suitable for courtyard decoration every day.
  • The flower brings happiness and freshens the air in the surroundings.
  • Flowers also attract insects so that they can eat it. Hence, it can become food for many insects.

15. Attractive Flower Rangoli Designs:

If you love to play with colours, this one will be ideal for you to give a try. The design is quite unusual, and the flowers chosen are beautiful.

  • This pattern is suitable for corporate functions, especially in festivals.
  • The circular shape brings positivity and prosperity.
  • Moreover, flowers can be used as fertilizers again.

16. Best Flower Rangoli Design:

This is possibly one of the best flower rangoli art designs that we can ever see around. There is no doubt that the patterns created here are very complicated and one must have enough experience in making rangoli designs before trying it out.

  • This rangoli is a mixture of flowers and grains for a welcome ceremony only. one can make this rangoli in their courtyard also.
  • As discussed above, the circular shape denotes the presence of God everywhere.
  • The use of grain can become food for many insects.

17. Flower Rangoli in a Circular Motion:

The petals are drawn in such a way that it gives the entire Rangoli a circular motion. Four Diyas are drawn to connect the four corners of the square with the circular Rangoli flower design. Yellow, orange and red have been chosen as the primary colours in order to make the Rangoli look bright and attractive. This design can be done using flowers, seeds or Rangoli powder or can even be made more beautiful by using a combination of all three.

  • Like circle, the square denotes spirituality and sacredness.
  • Diwali is the best occasion to make this rangoli everywhere.
  • Diyas in the rangoli brings light and prosperity and attract Goddess Laxmi.

18. Floral Rangoli Designs Using Flour:

This freehand floral rangoli design is made with coloured flour. In this design colour is mixed with flour and a rangoli pattern is made. This is not occasioned specific design for Diwali, Holi, Pongal, new year and other festivals.

  • One can make this design everywhere for decoration,
  • Most of the time people make this rangoli pattern for competitions where freehand designs are made.
  • It symbolizes the nature that attracts everyone and calms the mind.

19. Hallway Floral Rangoli Design:

As shown in the picture, this design is made at the corners of the hallway where guests can cross from one end to another end. You can either draw the semi-circle or any curved design at the ends. White flowers are used as boundaries, and coloured rose petals are filled inside them.

  • The vibrant and bright colours add beauty to the ceremony and if this is a wedding then can be the best welcome alley for a bride.
  • The vibrant colours bring happiness.

20. Floral Rangoli in Water Pot:

Pot floral rangoli is another form of rangoli design in which rangoli is made inside the pot that is filled with water. Now fill the water with colourful lilies and orange mogra, red roses and other flowers. Make the center in the water with a flower and encircle the flower with different colours as shown in the image.

  • It looks beautiful in the garden and courtyard.
  • The flower rangoli in water gives the refreshing look to the design and the flower won’t dry in summers.

Additional Tips For Floral Rangoli Designs:

  • Use flower petals in place of the flower so that fewer flowers are used.
  • Make the outline of the design first then fill the flowers in it so that it will look clear and vibrant.
  • Instead of using white flower petals use white powder for making boundaries so that the petals will be intact in place.
  • You can also use colourful grains for rangoli making if flowers are not available.
  • Avoid the use of a fan when flower rangoli is made so that petals do not go up in the air.


The floral rangoli design is easy to make with natural ingredients like flower petals, flour, and rangoli colours available in the market. These are freehand designs without any pattern or dots where you can make designs as per your choice and add colours. Here in this article, you can find the best design for the 2023 year for your homes and offices.


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