Gemstones are naturally found, and some of them rarely occur on earth. Below are some of the rare gemstones list occurring on earth with the price of some of them. Buy any of them for your desires.

Fortune Rare Gemstones With Images:

Here look at our top 9 lucky rare gemstones collection. Select from these rare gemstones according to your desire.

1. Painite:

Painite gemstones and minerals are found only in Myanmar. They are available in dark red, garnet and orange-brown colours. Painite gemstones are very rare gemstones, especially dark red painite is the most expensive gemstone, which costs 60000 US Dollars per carat, and orange-brown painite stones are the rarest colour of this gemstone.

2. The Pink Star Gemstone:

The gemstone is a rarely found stone because of the presence of a star which is because of the small number of these stones mined in the world. Pink is one of the common ones found, and while buying such a stone, keep in mind not only be concerned about the weight but also the body colour, visibility and intensity of the asterism.

3. The Tanzanite Blue Gemstone:

This is a highly prized gem found in the foothills of Kilimanjaro in Northern Tanzania. Its availability is limited and will probably be mined within 20-30 years. This is the reason behind the stone being so desirable and also this colour being a very bright and attractive one.

4. The Taaffeite Gemstone:

Taaffeite is named after the gemologist Richard Taaffe, who discovered this stone’s cut and polished specimen. Only a handful of the precious stones have been found, which makes them a true collector’s gem. They are available in numerous colours, from colourless to lavender, usually found in Sri Lanka and Tanzania. It is one of the rarest and most valuable gems in the world.

5. The Black Opal Gemstone:

The rarest type of opal is the black opal found in Australia in lightning ridge, New South Wales. The stone has a brilliant play of colour and fire, in the dark gems, along with their scarcity, causing them to be worth a large amount.

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6. The Benitoite Gemstone:

This is found near the San Benito River in California; Benitoite is a blue to a purple gemstone. It gives out a brilliant chalky blue colour under the UV lights. It is the official gem of California and is sold in jewellery, but it is available in limited sizes.

7. The Bixbite Gemstone:

The stone is also known as scarlet emerald and is usually found in Utah, and New Mexico, the only commercial mine for the stone, is found in the wah-wah mountains of Utah. A very expensive and rarely found gem, this has been rated as 1000 times more valuable than gold. Even the cut stones are sold at a price as high as 10,000$ per carat.

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8. The Alexandrite Gemstone:

The gemstone is named after the star Alexander 2 of Russia; this is mined from the deposits in the rural mountains of Russia. It is a colour-changing gemstone with the colours shifting from red to green. Some countries have it in the market, but it is still among the rarest stones.

9. The Jadeite Gemstone:

This gemstone has deep, translucent green colour and is a valuable and rarely found a gem in some parts of Myanmar. Imperial jadeite has been sold at a million price at many auctions.

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10. The Musgravite Gemstone:

The colour of the stone varies from greenish-grey to purple. It was discovered in Australia and is still found in parts of the same continent, making it a rare stone in the world and priced at about 3500$ per carat.

The list is to make you aware of the rare gemstone rings in the world and is sure to let you buy these to decorate your home with antiques in case they come under your affordable list!


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