Who said film stars always have makeup on? Rashmika Mandana is one of the famous stars in South Indian cinema and has made a place for herself in the audience’s heart. In this article, we have curated the list of the best photos of Rashmika Mandana without makeup. If you observe, film stars, irrespective of gender, follow a proper skincare routine to avoid the effects of makeup application for long periods. This is the reason why their skin looks flawless even without any makeup.

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Rashmika Mandana got recognition in the Telugu industry because of the highest profit-earning movie Geetha Govindam, starring Vijay Devarakonda. Rashmika is called Karnataka Crush in the Kannada film industry, and she has about 2.7 million Instagram followers. Today, we have provided you with a list of the best pictures of Rashmika Mandana’s makeup. Read on!

Rashmika Mandana Without Makeup Pictures:

Rashmika Mandana has taken up the south Indian film industry by storm with back-to-back hits in every language. But her cute uploads on Instagram showing her natural self make her more relatable to fans. Go through this article for all-natural pictures of Rashmika Mandana without makeup.

1. Quirky:

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The pressure of staying perfect for their fans can sometimes be overwhelming. But this Picture of Rashmika Mandana without makeup showcases her quirky side to her fans and followers, making her even closer to her fans.

2. Dog Parent:

Image Source: Instagram

Rashmika Mandana brought home her pet dog “Aura” during the Covid-19 pandemic. She introduced her furry friend to the world in June while shooting Goodbye. The actress is sporting a Minnie mouse tee while taking a selfie of herself and her dog, that pretty smile lighting up her face.

3. Gorgeous:

Image Source: Instagram

Rashmika Mandana gives her fans a glimpse into her funny side, bringing a smile to their faces amid beautiful and dead gorgeous posts of people. In this Instagram post, the actress mentioned that if people love her through this post, then nothing can break the bond.

4. Lucky Star:

Image Source: Instagram

Many people think Rashmika Mandana is plain lucky to have what she has in her life. But this post commemorates all the preparation and the mended ways that have put her in this place. Deep isn’t it?

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5. Glowing Rashmika Mandana:

Image Source: Instagram

This no-makeup picture of Rashmika Mandana was taken during her trip to Juhu chaupati, Mumbai. The actress has been preparing for her Bollywood debut Mission Manju starring Siddharth Malhotra.

6. Happy Fortune:

Image Source: Instagram

You can see the happiness in her eyes. The fortune cookie says, “You will find a way to create the happiness you desire,” and the actress says that joy is finding supportive fans and followers who supported her through thick and thin in her career.

7. Cat Lover:

Image Source: Instagram

In between shoots, Rashmika Mandana spends time with her furry friends. The happiness she is experiencing is evident on her face. There is no need for makeup with all that natural glow!

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8. Sister Love:

Image Source: Instagram

This no-makeup picture of Rashmika Mandana is all about sister love. The actress adores her younger sister to no end, and it shows in all her social media posts. The actress posted that she is sending positive vibes from home to all her fans in her Instagram post.

9. Food Lover:

Image Source: Instagram

Rashmika Mandana’s love for food is most evident in this beautiful picture. The Geetha Govindam actress seems to enjoy her food to the fullest, just like any of us.

10. Smiley Face:

Image Source: Instagram

A smile on her face has always been the distinguishing feature of Rashmika Mandana, and who wouldn’t love that smile? The actress thinks people who think smiling at strangers is weird cannot be her friends because she is that stranger that smiles at anyone that comes her way!

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11. Me Time:

Image Source: Instagram

Taking some time for oneself is necessary to have that refreshed feeling once you get back to work. This picture of Rashmika without makeup is her taking some time off to get back to work more refreshed.

12. Adorable:

Image Source: Instagram

Shiman Mandana is the cute little sister of actress Rashmika Mandana. One look at her social media posts reveals her love for her little sister. This post in her Instagram handle was posted by the actress quoting, “the magic lies in the smile of someone who feels love.”

13. Gorgeous Skin:

Image Source: Instagram

This flawless skin of Rashmika Mandana didn’t come to her without effort. The actress is known to enlighten her fans with her routine skincare from time to time on her social media handles. Look at her skin gorgeous all over. Follow her advice if you want the same!

14. Deep Thinker:

Image Source: Instagram

This lovely picture of Rashmika Mandana was taken during the movie ‘Dear Comrade.’ The picture credits were given to her co-star Vijay Devarakonda. The serene picturesque background adds to the actress’s beautiful look.

15. Rashmika Mandanna Real Face Without Makeup:

Image Source: Instagram

We don’t choose family, but we can choose our friends. This picture of the Geetha Govindam actress posted on her Instagram handle is to wish her friend a happy birthday. She looks cute as a button in this picture.

16. Free As A Bird:

Image Source: Instagram

Even stars need a break from the hard work to entertain us. This picture of Rashmika without makeup is one where she is chilling with a cute little pigeon and adoring its beauty.

17. Earthy Picture:

Image Source: Instagram

This all-natural picture of Rashmika is on the eve of the “Hara haitohbharahai” green India challenge” challenge. Actress Samantha challenged the dear comrade actress to plant saplings. The actress further challenged her friends for the same.

18. Peacefully Happy:

Image Source: Instagram

Sometimes choosing what you want might feel daunting with all the hustle and bustle going on in life. But it looks like Rashmika Mandana desires peace and happiness more than anything in life.

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19. Cute Selfie:

Image Source: Instagram

Giving a glimpse into her daily life, this no-makeup look of Rashmika Mandana is a skincare goal. But, it also tells us that a happy smile is more than enough to light up your day and the people around us.

20. Reach For The Stars:

Image Source: Instagram

This picture on the Instagram handle of Rashmika Mandana was quoting Theodore Roosevelt “keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground.” The starlight makes the actress’s face glow while staying grounded with all the success.

21. Throwback To Childhood:

Image Source: Instagram

Doesn’t Rashmika Mandana look cute? The actress posted this adorable picture to her Instagram handle as a throwback Thursday picture. Supposedly, this is her waiting for Corona to leave. Don’t we all?

22. Childhood Memories:

Image Source: Instagram

This is a collage of Rashmika Mandana’s childhood pictures collected by fans. The actress was a natural beauty right from her childhood. And another speciality is that all these pictures were taken on the birthday of the actress.

Interesting Facts About Rashmika Mandana:

Here are some interesting facts about your favourite star Rashmika Mandana:

  • Rashmika Mandana was born and raised in Kodagu, Karnataka.
  • Rashmika Mandana did PU in Mysuru and schooling in Coorg.
  • The Geetha Govindam star has a bachelor’s degree in English literature, Journalism, and psychology making her beauty with brains.
  • The actress’s life changed after winning the Clean & Clear times fresh face title in 2014.
  • Rashmika Mandana’s first break was with the film Kirik party in Kannada. The film’s director, Rishab Shetty, spotted the actress when she won the title.
  • Fans have been dubbed her national crush because of her success in the Tamil and Telugu industries. However, she is gearing up for a release in Bollywood and Kollywood.
  • Rashmika Mandana did a viral photoshoot for free with a friend to raise awareness about rising pollution in water bodies, despite her fame.
  • Rashmika’s sister Shiman is someone she adores beyond all the memorable roles and hard work.
  • The actress has numerous puppies at home to keep her company.
  • She is a BTS fan and enjoys Shakira and Justin Bieber’s music.
  • Rashmika is a travel lover, and London is her favourite destination.

Rashmika Mandana’s popularity is not just remained in the South Indian film industry and she is gaining popularity in Bollywood. The pictures of Rashmika Mandana without makeup covered in this article will give you a glimpse of the actress’s natural beauty. Don’t forget to let us know if you found this article helpful.


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