Plain or designed, neutral or bold, matching with your style, the ready made curtains are available to add colour to your rooms. A wide range of designs, styles and colours are available in the market. Investing in them is time-saving as well as cost-effective. A collection of top 9 ready made curtains is the best home décor choice to transform plain-looking rooms with brightness and warmth.

Beautiful Ready Made Curtain Designs:

Have a look at selected ready made curtains below, which attract the attention of everyone.

1. Eyelet Door Curtains:

Lime green ready made eyelet curtains provide the latest looks and privacy to your home décor. They are made of 100% polyester jacquard material and the length can be tailored according to the measurement of your rooms. These curtains of heavy GSM fabric come with 8 stainless steel eyelets giving uniform deep folds from top to bottom.

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2. Room Darkening Curtains:

These grommet top curtains are made of super-soft polyester fabric and have 8 silver steel eyelets sliding smoothly on standard curtain rods. The ready made blackout curtains have foam-backed opaque fabric to block out light, so they can block 99% of light, stop UV rays from entering your room and reduce the noise level. Appropriate for spaces requiring a darkening effect with an elegant finish.

3. Energy Efficient Curtains:

These insulated curtains help to prevent heat loss all year round. So maintain a perfect home temperature in style. These purple, medallion pattern polyester-ready made blackout curtains have an easy hanging, six grommets, design panel which helps you control the filtering of light, noise reduction and prevent heat loss. Your house will stay warmer/cooler as per the season.

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4. Velvet Home Theater Curtains:

These polyester blends and lightweight velvet blackout curtains are a perfect choice to create theatre-like surroundings at home and enjoy your favourite movies. Suede looks alike fabric comes with modern Thermal back technology, helping in blocking out light and reducing outside noise level ‘n’ echo and not to forget its energy saving benefits. These ready made blackout curtains are machine-washed.

5. Waterproof Outdoor Curtains:

Waterproof curtains, are an ideal curtain for verandas, patios, balconies or any other outdoor installation to give you a little privacy. Made from plastic material, it is durable and cost-effective. The most attractive feature is the elastic locking system, hooks and screws to prevent the curtains from blowing in windy situations. These ready made eyelet curtains successfully protect from wind, dust, rain and sun rays.

6. Party Time Velvet Velour Curtains Ready Made:

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Velvet is a luxurious fabric, often used in events where spectacular effects are required. Velvet velour curtains are fire-resistant and have exceptional sound barrier properties. The ready made velvet curtains can transform any venue into a grand location. You can invest in it for a party or a family event organized on a large scale. The creative use of lightning enhances its stage décor.

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7. Jacquard Pencil Pleated Curtains:

These fully lined with high-quality jacquard twin luxury ready made curtains improve your home’s thermal efficiency by keeping the house cool/warm during summers or vice versa. It comes complete with a tie-back for a pencil pleat finish to adjust to the size of the window. This neutral color ready made pencil pleat curtains gives a very elegant finish to your room décor.

8. Sheer Net Readymade Curtains:

Sheer window curtain made of voile is an excellent choice to brighten your living room or bedroom otherwise, they can be used as room dividers. This sheer fabric of ready made net curtains helps in creating a veil-like effect dealing with privacy issues. The sheer flowing fabric gives privacy to your room without blocking the sunlight.

9. Crushed Velvet Designer Curtains:

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A pair of ultra-soft fully lined crushed velvet fabric with a contrast edge border gives it a special touch. The eyelets on top are 40mm in diameter. This medium-weight synthetic luxurious fabric reflects light and looks lustrous and the overall effect is a heavy fabric. These crushed velvet curtains ready made need to be dry-cleaned only.

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Curtains are a great way to set the tone of your rooms and give your home décor a perfect finish. Getting ready-made curtains with a professional finish at affordable prices gives you the option of an instantaneous curtaining solution. It is an inexpensive way to get the curtains without spending endless hours going to the shops.


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