Hair Rebonding is a chemical treatment that relaxes the hair and makes it soft, smooth, and straight. It has been essentially suggested for women who have long and unmanageable hair. When it is done correctly, the procedure will help in taming the hair down and will also last for an extended period.

Rebonding hair is a life changer as your whole look will be transformed. Since hair is a valuable asset for women, giving it some good treatment shall boost your confidence immensely. Most of the advanced technologies shall also give you great results. A basic idea and understanding of rebonded hair have been shared in this article, along with some tips just for your understanding and knowledge. Many women have changed their lives and how they look through this treatment, and you will be able to do the same for your hair if you are willing enough.

Hair Rebonding Tips And Treatments:

If you are eager to know how to take care of rebonded hair, then the following points are here to provide you with specific important facts that you should consider.

1. Use A Cream Softener:

Buy a good cream softener from a local market and apply it to all sections of your hair. Let it stay there for about 20 minutes. This will break down the natural bonding of hair and make fresh rebonding. Your hair will be straight and sleek at the end of this. You will have to follow some basic steps, however. First, wash your hair with some mild shampoo. Then apply the relaxant and let it stay for half an hour. Wash it off again. Now the hair shall be straightened in sections. Apply a neutralizer to reset the bonds. Rinse that off as well, and then blow-dry the hair. End it with some good application of hair serum.

Using a leave-in conditioner always helps. A conditioner softens the hair from the roots and works even better than a cream softener to make the hair smooth and silky. You don’t wash off such kind of conditioner. It should be left in the hair to work its magic. You moisturize the hair with such a conditioner and go to work. These conditioners do work and can make the hair soft from the core. If you are looking for a suitable conditioner, you should check your hair quality first and then avail of one accordingly.

2. Use A Wide Toothed Comb:

After the procedure of hair rebonding has been completed, you will need to use a wide-toothed comb. The problem with other normal combs is that they do not help remove tangles of your hair, which further leads to hair damage and breakage. If you use wide-toothed combs, such kinds of problems shall rarely happen. Your hair will be soft, smooth and shiny instead. And always try to comb from the top to the ends to get the best results. It is always better if you visit a good hair product store but only the comb from there.

They will be able to provide you with the best one out there for solving your hair combing issues. You will likely mess up when you purchase one for the first time. You have been going through rebonding hair therapy, and a lot is going on, and for that reason, a professional should be available when you want to take the ultimate and best care of your hair. There are obviously numerous stores out there that can provide such a comb to meet your hair brushing needs.

3. Use Cold Water:

Using cold water after completing your hair rebonding process is a must. Hot water is responsible for stealing all the moisture from your hair, making it dry, rough and frizzy. The best solution for rebonding hair is to use cold water whenever you have a shower. You will be surprised to see how such a small tip can turn out so good and effective. Even though it seems a little too impossible to do during the winter season, you might still want to take the trouble of choosing cold over hot.

According to many studies conducted on hair rebonding issues, it has been seen that women using hot water to wash their hair were suffering from breakage and other similar hair issues even after going through the therapy. However, a hair rebonding procedure will only be complete when you have only washed your hair with cold water. Cold means cold only, not lukewarm water. You have to pay attention to the details if you are going to cure something awful.

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4. Hair Routine For Rebonding Hair:

After the hair rebonding treatment, you are not allowed to wet your hair for the next three days. After three days, you should wash it off with a good quality herbal shampoo and some conditioner. Leave the conditioner on your hair for a couple of extra minutes. Don’t wash it off thoroughly. If you leave some residue behind, it shall work on the outer surfaces of your hair. Also, stay away from swimming for the next five days. Otherwise, the chemicals might settle in. As discussed earlier, a leave-in conditioner does help, and in this case, when it is compulsory to use a conditioner, what can be better than a leave-in conditioner?

Know your hair quality and avail the right conditioner for you. Even though there are not many changes in your hair quality after the rebonding hair treatment (hopefully), you will still have to buy a conditioner to judge your hair quality. Please purchase shampoo based on that belief. There are always products for think, medium, and hair.

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5. Follow A Healthy Diet:

Eating the right food has always been an important issue, regardless of your problem. Your stomach always comes into the equation whenever it is something with your body. Get a proper diet chart from a professional by educating him(or her) about your condition and the treatment that you have availed yourself, and you will get a diet chart that is suitable for your condition immediately. To maintain the quality of your hair, you must follow a healthy and nutritious diet, which will include all kinds of necessary vitamins and minerals (that offer hair growth and helps with maintaining healthy hair).

A good diet consists of green leafy vegetables, citrus fruits, cashew nuts, almonds, and poultry. Stay away from deep-fried and fatty foods. Avoid alcohol and other bad habits such as smoking and drugs. Instead, drink a lot of healthy homemade juices and try and get some exercise for 30 minutes daily. Mixed fruit juices will come in handy at this point.

6. Protect Yourself  From Harmful Climate:

Another valuable tip for rebonded hair is protecting yourself from harsh or bad climates. You can carry an umbrella or tie a scarf around the head like a balaclava before you step out under the sun. Provide the hair with a good hair care product that restricts the damage caused by the sun’s harmful UV rays. You can apply that before heading out, let it sink in, and start the protective action. Some products leave an odor (often lovely) when they start working. You must keep your nose alert and heat out only after you sense that smell.

Stay away from cold winds, fans, and coolers as well. You will have to be extra protective during the winter seasons. If you are willing to take care of your hair, you must watch your back. Don’t use fancy hair products like hair gels, sprays, blow dryers, or curlers for some time. So, before applying any fancy hair product or colourful hair dyes, remember how much you had to get yourself through to bring your hair to a decent state. Sacrifice the fancy touch-ups if you want a head full of healthy hair. This will help you keep your hair voluminous, soft, radiant, and glossy in rebonding hair.

7. Hair Masks For Hair Rebonding:

Now that you’re done with the treatment stage and stepped into the maintenance stage, you will have to take proper care of your hair. From this point, you will have to consider hair mask therapies. You must apply hair masks daily to keep your hair healthy and soft. Try going to the salon or hair spa to take care of it. Specific hair masks are made from fruit extracts, which can be done at home, and you won’t have to visit the parlour then.

For professional treatment, the parlour should always be the right destination. But if you want to keep things natural, try some good homemade masks. A good mayonnaise, banana, or egg pack does wonders for your hair. Don’t forget to add some honey to each paste. It will bring drastic changes to your hair. This natural stuff always helps in curing almost all hair issues.

Don’t Mess With Your Hair – Trim Instead:

Try not to mess with your hair for the next six months. By this, we mean no streaks, highlighting, curling, or hair colouring. Your hair has to relax since so many chemicals have been used. What you need to do instead is trimming. Do it twice a month.

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Precautions For Hair:

The first thing you need to do is keep your hair far away from pollution and sun damage. Since your hair has been recently rebonded, you need to cover it adequately. The hair is more likely to be damaged due to harmful natural factors such as sun rays, wind, etc., and other biological factors. You will need to take extra care now. Use a scarf or an umbrella whenever went outside in day time. You need to avoid using hot water and also stay away from blow dryers. This will make your hair unmanageable, brittle, frizzy, and unattractive. One of the most important things you will always need to keep in mind is avoiding hot water after the treatment.

There may be some chemical burns or damage caused to the hair due to applying different hair products, and you will need to stay away from that. You will have to protect the hair from drying out. Drying out can be a huge issue when trying to protect the hair. Thus, you will need to keep the hair moisturized at all times and prevent the drying process. These are the basic precautions you must take after the treatment.

Advantages And Disadvantages:

Using the cream softener will give you tangle-free and shiny locks. But it also has a bad side. Your hair shall be subjected to great chemical damage and lead to hair fall. It can also burn a bit because of the high temperature of the straightener. Tucking or tying your hair can also cause great damage. And touch-ups will weaken your hair, causing several other injuries too.

There are probably no bad side effects of using a leave-in conditioner. Rather, it is good for the hair and assists in the rebonding process.

When you are taking proper care of the hair, it will show. If the steps are followed to the point, and you follow the proper diet, your hair will be healthy and shine naturally. The hair will feel smooth, there won’t be any frizziness in the hair anymore, and it will feel like the hair is moisturized 24×7.


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