Whenever your favorite celebrities appear on the red carpet, they always look glamorous and appealing. However it is very important to understand that they look great not only because of the fancy dress and the makeup, there are several other factors which play an important factor. If you were looking for some of them, you have come to the right place. The best red carpet beauty tips and secrets have recently been revealed and have been enlisted in the following paragraphs just for you.

Beauty Tips for the Red Carpet:

1. Hair:

The hair should always be beautiful and glamorous before you make an appearance on the red carpet. It should be styled well one or two days before the main day. You can straighten it or curl it, depending upon what suits your face. A nice weave braided hair is guaranteed to look fabulous.

2. Skin:

To look great on the red carpet, Hollywood celebrities have created a special facial. It moisturizes their skin and nourishes it gently. This facial consists of some of the most natural elements such as eggs, raspberries; cocoa, whipped cream cheese and strawberries. They are also used for exfoliation purposes.

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3. Eyes:

To look good on the red carpet, celebrities start working hard on themselves. They use a very good night cream for their eyes which make the skin around their eyes soft and supple and create a very attractive and appealing look.

4. Diet:

One of the biggest secrets to looking fabulous on the red carpet is maintaining a good and healthy diet. You can start from getting fresh and raw vegetables and go up to drinking organic fruit juices. It removes all toxins and gives you a very glowing and healthy appearance.

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5. Fitness Routine:

To increase your appeal on the red carpet you can simply use a good fitness routine. Try doing some push ups or keep your body in a push up position stay like that for a minute or so. You can also run in place for about three minutes and repeat this a few times after a ten second interval. Doing a good cardio workout can burn off around 450 calories for sure.

6. Lips:

To make the lips look luscious and beautiful, the celebrities use beets. Yes, you have read right! They boil two beets, cut the roots off and make a good puree. Then they add one layer of it with a nice cotton swab. For more colour, they apply more and more layers.

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7. Well-Manicured Nails:

A manicure and pedicure is required for your nails to look all glamorous and attractive. You can also try some fancy nail art designs at the salon or spa to increase its appeal. A little detail can do wonders to your looks and make you look the most attractive among all.

8. Good Jewellery:

Good and charming jewellery is always important to look good on the day of the red carpet. It depends on the kind of dress you wear. You can always experiment with some nice bracelets and earrings or some neck pieces to give yourself that charming and beautiful look you are looking for.

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9. Proper Clutch:

When you appear in front the camera, every single that you wear receives limelight. Therefore it is important to have a cute and pretty looking clutch. It is an essential fashion accessory and is a must. It does not always have to match the colour of your dress or heels. Whether it is multi-coloured or well designed, a clutch always compliments your personality and gives you an elegant look.

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