We love getting dressed, we stalk our favourite celebrities and go through fashion magazines for some inspiration and the latest trends. But why only dream them, when you can get your fantasies real?! This red carpet hairstyles guide will help you with this.

Now get ready like a diva and flaunt your beauty out like a celebrity with these best-loved and trendy hairdos. Hair plays an integral part in getting decked up and transforming yourself into a new self. These celebrity-inspired hairstyles will help you not just to know the contemporary looks but also fit yourself in the right style as per your persona.

15 Trending Celebrity Women Red Carpet Hairstyles:

The internet sensation and top loved red carpet hairstyles are here. Watch these celebrity red carpet hairdos for inspirational looks, new hottest trends, and fashionista vibes this year.

1. Sonam Kapoor In Chopard Party:

Sonam Kapoor has always been more of a fashion and style diva than of actress. She said in several interviews how she loves appearing stylish and fashionable at events. This contemporarylook of hers in the Chopard party has been the talk of the town. With a neat mid-parted bun and overall exquisite and plush look, she is looking hot and bold at the same time.

2. Aishwarya In Paris Fashion Week:

Aishwarya Rai Bachan has always been a fashion diva right from the 1990s. She dint budge in her looks as yet and still manages to give us some fashion goals. This red carpet look of the diva in the recent Paris Fashion week has been setting trends high. She tried out a puff bun with a contemporary and classic look.

3. Deepika In The Met Gala Event:

Deepika has been recently experimenting heavily with her styles, and fashion critiques often rank her high in contemporary looks. This Met Gala look with a heavy high ponytail has been talking of the fashion town back then. While some are impressed with her, few gave this a miss. However, we overall love how unique and seamlessly she carries such heavy style statements. It provides a vintage and vibrant vibe effortlessly.

4. Diana Penty At Cannes:

Diana Penty’s wavy bun at the Cannes film festival reminds us of the good old vintage and classic looks. The wavy side hairbun with such a sizzling outfit is absolute love. The grandeur and elegant look give us the perfect look of beauty and glamour. This has been an underrated gem in the red carpet looks yet is among a highly fashionable look.

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5. Alia Bhatt in IIFA:

Alia has always been a youthful star. Her looks oriented her personality and often is about looking sleek, young, and very chirpy. This Alia Bhatt’s look in the last IIFA red carpet gives us similar fashion goals. The thin and very elegant messy braid goes perfectly with her lightweight, silky outfit, and we love how she is flaunting her vibrant and modern vibes in this picture.

6. Scarlet Johansson’s Bossy Look:

Scarlet Johansson is quite famous for her simple yet striking red carpet looks. Although with a minimal makeover, she always manages to appear gorgeous and stunning before the paparazzi. Here is one such style where she is flaunting her short hair for an event. If you think red carpet means only looking like a diva or princess with long flowy hair, here she proves it wrong. We quite love the way she is bossy and owning the event. Don’t you?

Possible Style Options:

  • Suitable Hair Type: Those with any short hair and texture can easily imitate this celebrity hairstyle.
  • Preferable Face Shape: Wear this style only if you have an oval or elongated face shape.
  • Best Season to Try: This striking look is best during the summer season for comfort and ease.
  • Ideal Age Group: Women above 35 years can appear youthful and stylish in these kind of celebrity short hairstyles.
  • Perfect Occasion: Try this look during your cocktail parties or high-end events with your office.
  • Matching Outfits: Long slit gown and casual jeans and T-shirts are suitable for this style.

7. Amber Heard’s Fashion Waves:

If you have good curly or wavy hair, you can take great advantage of it by rocking the look like Amber Heard. This actress entirely owns the show with her soft curls and stylish vibes. If you think this look is complex to achieve, not at all! All you need to do is brush up hair thoroughly and curl it around in wavy fashion. Try this style, and you will surely fall in love with this contemporary trend. We love how this turns out every single time and surprises us yet again!

Possible Style Options:

  • Suitable Hair Type: Any long hair texture can try this red carpet hairstyle. If you have wavy hair, then you are blessed to have an edge in this hair look.
  • Preferable Face Shape: Those with heart and oval face shape can try this style for best of looks. Those with oblong faces also can imitate the same.
  • Best Season to Try: Winters and monsoons are the right time for this hairstyle.
  • Ideal Age Group: Those women in 30s can look very youthful and stunning in this look.
  • Perfect Occasion: Wear this style during wedding receptions or parties.
  • Matching Outfits: Long slit gown or skirt can look amazing in here.

8. Bang on Like Taylor Swift:

The celebrity single and icon, Taylor Swift, is famous not just for her talent but also for gorgeous beauty. This stunning woman impresses us often with her makeover skills and here is another such inspiration. If you are sceptical about trying bangs, here is an edge on why one must try out. Tiny striking bangs on the forehead can transform the way you can look when added with soft waves. You can play with this hairstyle very often in other forms of hairdos as well.

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Possible Style Options:

  • Suitable Hair Type: Curly and wavy hair texture is an advantage to this hair look.
  • Preferable Face Shape: Those in oval and rectangular face shape can try this style out.
  • Best Season to Try: Winter and spring season can be the right time to this look.
  • Ideal Age Group: Women in the late 20s and 30s can match with this look better than others.
  • Perfect Occasion: Wear this style during dance nights or fests kind of events.
  • Matching Outfits: A nice short skirt with a fancy top can match this look. One can also pair skater dress or knee-length fancy dress with this look.

9. Zendaya’s Messy Bun:

We all love the latest messy hairstyles. Here we can see the famous star, Zendaya flaunting her messy high bun, is such a lovely gesture. No wonder we call messy as a new style in the fashion era. You can also replicate the same for special events and get instantly dressed by adding this fashion vibe to you. Take someone’s help if you aren’t a pro in this, but believe us one can make a pro look with just messy high bun!

Possible Style Options:

  • Suitable Hair Type: Wavy hair texture is perfect to match this red carpet messy bun look.
  • Preferable Face Shape: Wear this look for oval and heart-shaped faces.
  • Best Season to Try: Any season is perfect for trying this kind of hairstyle.
  • Ideal Age Group: Those women in the late 20s to late 30s can try this hairstyle and flaunt it out loud.
  • Perfect Occasion: Date nights or exclusive parties can be a great time for this hairdo.
  • Matching Outfits: Wear this look with long shoulderless gown and rock the day.

10. Rihanna’s Neat Bun:

In case you want to have a traditional hairstyle, yet tweak the look and experiment with it, this can be a great option. We can see how Rihanna owns the hairdo in her fashion sense. You can do the same with stylish wet hair tight bun look and manage to look gorgeous with your vibes. This one is quite easy to do and yet a great variant to get transformed into a stylish avatar.

Possible Style Options:

  • Suitable Hair Type: Those in straight hair texture can quite try this red carpet look effortlessly.
  • Preferable Face Shape: Those with round and square face women can prefer this look.
  • Best Season to Try: Summers is the right time of the year to try this hairdo.
  • Ideal Age Group: Women in 30s and 40s age group can look effortless and stylish in here.
  • Perfect Occasion: One can wear this for friend’s gatherings or outings on select days.
  • Matching Outfits: Wear this with a long gown or lovely skirt, as you wish.

11. Sarah Ingle’s Princess Vibes:

Do you dream of looking like a princess? We understand the urge and fantasy to look like a fairy! Here is one such option as inspired by Sarah Ingle. This beauty is rocking this style with gorgeous braid and looks like a million bucks. Now you can also try this similar look and similarly match the trend. This feminine look is classy, vibrant and very elegant.

Possible Style Options:

  • Suitable Hair Type: Any hair type can try this style quickly without efforts.
  • Preferable Face Shape: Wear this look for the heart and oval face shape women.
  • Best Season to Try: Winters and monsoons are the right time of the year to try this look.
  • Ideal Age Group: Wear this style for women in the late 20s to 30s age group.
  • Perfect Occasion: One can wear this for wedding parties or as a bridesmaid.
  • Matching Outfits: Long gown can be a dreamy outfit to match this hairstyle.

12. Selena Gomez’s Red Carpet Braids:

Selena Gomez is not just a singing talent but also made her mark as a fashion queen. Her unique two braided looks had gone crazy on the internet when she was noticed in the same. If you think that the red carpet look only equates to fancy feels, she proves us wrong with this unique and yet trendy style. One can easily follow the trend by tying two loose braids on both sides and leaving it to fall on the shoulders. Here is how to style this easily.

Possible Style Options:

  • Suitable Hair Type: Any wavy or straight black hair texture can try this red carpet hairstyle easily.
  • Preferable Face Shape: Round and heart face shapes are the best for this look.
  • Best Season to Try: Wear this style during summers and spring season to rock on the day.
  • Ideal Age Group: Women and young girls in 20s can try this style for fancy feels.
  • Perfect Occasion: Pair this style with a high-end fashion event or themed party to look great.
  • Matching Outfits: Match this style with a unique dreamy outfit to equate the feels.

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13. Tyra Banks’s Crazy Look:

No one can own such crazy and unusual look like Tyra Banks. If you are gutsy and have a bold side within you, then you must not miss this style out. Besides these, if you have dense, curly hair, then this hairstyle surely has an edge on you. Those women who love experimental looks further can like these kinds of hairdos and yet manage to own the day with their attitude.

Possible Style Options:

  • Suitable Hair Type: Curly dense hair is the best texture suitable for this curly hairstyle.
  • Preferable Face Shape: Women in oval and elongated face shapes only can prefer this style.
  • Best Season to Try: Any season is perfectly suitable to go in this look.
  • Ideal Age Group: Those in the 30s and 40s can own this look and manage to look youthful too. Women in the 20s can also prefer this out.
  • Perfect Occasion: Wear this style during unusual parties and unique, trendy days.
  • Matching Outfits: Pair this style with quirky outfits like jumpsuits or shoulderless tops and trousers.

14. Katy Perry’s Blonde Style:

If you have blonde coloured hair and want to try out a unique look, then you can own the day trying this look similar to Katy Perry. This is high twisted bun which looks feminine, elegant and classy. Women who love to display a certain extent of fashion trends with no risk can prefer this kind of style. This red carpet updo further is quite easy to do and can be done by yourself. All you need to do is take all the hair into a tight bun and twist it as shown in the picture in reverse circle form to get it done.

Possible Style Options:

  • Suitable Hair Type: Those with straight hair texture can prefer this look.
  • Preferable Face Shape: Women in any face shape can try this hairdo out for great style.
  • Best Season to Try: Summers is the right time of the year to experiment in this hairdo.
  • Ideal Age Group: Women in 30s and 40s can look effortlessly youthful in this style.
  • Perfect Occasion: Wear these kinds of hairdos during casual parties and evening outings.
  • Matching Outfits: Match this with long gown or skirts to feel amazing.

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15. Emma Stone’s Natural Looks:

If you want to look natural, simple, yet stylish for the day, we understand you. Some girls who love in natural fashion exist and yet want to trend the day with bright looks that are, however, casual. This ‘La La land’ princess, Emma Stone has given us huge fashion inspiration with this simple haircut yet gorgeous fashion feels. Try this kind of style out, and you can yet strike attention from the crowd despite looking simple.

Possible Style Options:

  • Suitable Hair Type: Wavy medium hair texture is the best bet for this red carpet hairstyle.
  • Preferable Face Shape: Wear this style for any face shape, as it matches everyone.
  • Best Season to Try: Winters are the right time to experiment in this style.
  • Ideal Age Group: Women below 40 years can prefer this look.
  • Perfect Occasion: One can wear this style during casual date nights or cocktail parties, as they wish.
  • Matching Outfits: Pair it up with dreamy knee-length dress to balance the hairstyle trend.

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Additional Tips:

It is just not about these celebrity red carpet hairstyles, and one must also maintain good hair care health to make sure they happen in the right form. Here are a few tips.

  1. Never wash hair on the day of styling. The hairstyling may not come right if you do it with wet hair.
  2. Apply hair serum every day to make sure hair receives good vitamin E and other nutrients.
  3. Nourishment and moisture to hair are of utmost importance. Hence gives excellent oil massages often.
  4. Trim hair once in every three to four months. This helps for dead split ends to be removed and yet helps in hair growth.
  5. Do not sleep with a hairstyle. Always remove the hairdo at the end of the day.
  6. Never step out in the direct sun without good hair spray which has sun protection ingredients.

With our famous and trendy red carpet hairstyles, now you too can look like a diva without efforts. Try these out as per the event and occasion, and we are sure that you will receive a lot of compliments. Share your thoughts and favourites with us; we love to hear from you!

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

Q1. Which Are The Most Popular and Best Oscar Hairstyles?

Ans: The most common and loved Oscar hairstyles include stylish messy buns, wavy hair with curls, coiffed updos, pixies, and princess braids.

Q2. Does a Ponytail Match with a Red Carpet Look?

Ans: The ponytail is among casual red carpet look if you are wondering how a high wet ponytail or messy ponytail is quite trendy these days.

Q3. Can a Bob Hairstyle Suit a Red Carpet Event?

Ans: Yes, bob cut has several variants and is on-trend in contemporary day times. One can try out a nice asymmetric bob or messy bob for such kind of high-end events.


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