Red is the colour most associated with lust, love, romance, and the most intimate feelings. Using red curtains in your house will bring warmth and intimacy, making any space look more lively. The different cloth materials of these curtains make them even more appealing. Depending on your taste, you can choose from the array of red curtain designs from this article and see the change happen!

Latest Red Curtain Designs In India:

Here are our 9 simple and modern red curtain designs with images. Let’s have a look at them.

1. Red Velvet Curtain Design:

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If you are looking for soft and stylish material for your curtains, then velvet is the perfect option. The red colour adds to the texture of the fabric. The red velvet curtains in this room not only block sunlight; it are in complete contrast to the window sill elevating them even more! You don’t have to worry about a total lack of sun since tying up the curtain will do the trick.

2. Red Curtains Living Room:

The living room is where you spend most of the time, and it presents the taste of your style for your guests. The red silk curtains in the living room look attractive and meet all the needs. It is a perfect combination against the grey wall colour makes your living room look chic. The material with the dark colour hides any unexpected mishaps you might have.

3. Kids Red Curtain Designs:

A delicate balance is necessary when you want to design a stylish space for your kids. This curtain is in a light shade of red with stars all over. It ignites the imagination of your kid, engaging their young eyes. It matches in contrast to the colour scheme of the room, elevating it entirely.

4. Red Sheer Curtains:

This red sheer curtain is a perfect addition to your house if you want to infuse style into the decor while allowing adequate lighting. Sheer curtains are lightweight fabric that doesn’t completely obscure the light but adds a rosy glow to the room because of the red colour while giving you a measure of privacy. These are floor-length curtains that can be used for both windows and doors.

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5. Red Eyelet Curtain Design:

The speciality of eyelet curtains is the ease of functionality they provide by having round holes across them, making the curtain slide smoothly through the rod. This red eyelet curtain is made of cotton that is simple yet adds elegance to the room. This is a perfect option for people who want a complete blackout. Suitable for both long windows and doors, it acts as a contrast to the white window background.

6. Red Floral Curtains:

If you are bored with the straight curtains, you change it up with these red floral curtains. The eye-catching designs balanced with red and white looks impressive. And blends effortlessly into any colour palette of your room. This curtain is made of complete polyester which gives it a beautiful shine. This goes hand-in-hand with the stylish-looking furniture in any room.

7. Red Christmas Curtain Design:

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Bring a colourful change to your space by using these red Christmas curtains. Christmas reminds happy memories of childhood for many of us. Hanging these curtains not only reminds you of those happy times but also keeps festivities on point. The vibrant design of this curtain makes your space look luxurious.

8. Red Checkered Curtain:

If you are bored with straight single-colour curtains, then these red checkered curtains with the combination of white are aesthetically pleasing. These red blackout curtains are perfect for protecting your privacy better and are made of cotton material. It is in point with the all-white colour palette of the room.

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9. Red Print Curtain Designs:

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The taste of the person plays an essential role in the décor of their house. There are unique options available in the market that can print your choice effectively. This red print curtain filled with strawberries is a perfect addition to your kid’s room or living room as well, giving out a funky vibe.

10. Red Polka Dot Curtains:

If you think polka dots are too 80’s, then you cannot be more wrong! Although they may give a childish feel at first glance, red polka dot curtains make any room of your house look mature and incredibly chic when you use them right. Try these classic and fun curtains for a boost in your simple living space. Best suitable for long windows and doors, it is an acquired taste.

11. Rustic Red Curtain Design:

The no-fuss rustic red curtain is aesthetically pleasing; it elevates the natural materials and subdues hues around the room, making it look comfortable. This is a single large curtain with a colour combination of red and black that completely blocks out light, making it feel cosy and intimate. Red and black work in contrast with the white furniture and wall colour of the room.

12. Red Beaded Curtains:

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Bead curtains are gaining popularity since they allow plenty of light but filter it enough to create a beautiful ambience. Giving you a sense of gentle separation is the main feature of these red bead curtains. When used as a room divider, doors, and windows, these beads act as an ultimate non-curtain while being a curtain! So style your house with these sparkling red bead curtains without any delay.

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13. Red Embroidered Curtain Designs:

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Embroidery has been a part of our tradition, and implementing it on a curtain makes it look classy and stylish. This red embroidered curtain elevates the beauty of the fabric embellishing it. The simple see-through material not only beautifies the pattern but also gives your house a traditional look. The curtain’s sheer material adorns your room with little sun rays, and lighting up the room in a simple way.

14. Fancy Red Curtains:

Fancy is the word that comes to mind when an extraordinary element is added to something simple. These fancy red curtains have floral patterns on the top area with flowing red material downwards that adds class and style to any room. The design of the curtain perfectly matches the throw pillows placed on the sofas. The synchronization sits like a jigsaw puzzle making your room look beautiful and perfect.

15. Vintage Red Curtain Design:

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Vintage often refers to something that belongs to an era from the past. There are a ton of memories associated with it, and many times passed down from generations. This vintage red curtain gives any room a royal look. It increases the beauty of the place with its silky smooth material. Depending on how you store it, these curtains last long and reflect the respective era’s style.

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Available in various materials and several shades of red, these curtains provide privacy and block unwanted light. Accentuate the beauty of your rooms with the perfect red curtain designs mentioned in this article. Do not forget to let us know if this article was helpful for you.


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