Red Eye Makeup has become quite a trend these days. People have started to experiment with this beautiful colour, and we can see the results in magazines, television and newspapers. Everyone seems to be in love with it. Therefore, we have a practical red makeup tutorial just for you.

How to Apply Red Eye Makeup to Your Eyes:

The Vamp Red Look:

For this, you will need your red and black eye shadow. First, take some red paint on your eyes with a brush. Leave out the area near the corner. Now apply the black eye shadow there. After you have done this, start to blend the colors. Don’t spread it too far. You will be surprised how great it will look in the end.

The Party Look:

Use red and black eye shadow to get yourself a nice party look. Make sure you are applying kajal on your lower eye as well. Try to create a smudgy look on top and below the eye. Make it as thick and as heavy as possible. Don’t let it overspread.

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Evil Shades of Red:

To get the evil shades of red design, first, apply some red colour above your eyelids. Then use a darker shade of red on your eyelid. Now take your kajal and border the end of your outer eye. Now blend both shades of red but very gentle and smooth way. You will get excellent results towards the end.

The Simple Red:

Apply a simple base on your eyes first so that the makeup can last for a long. Now take some red eye shadow. Start applying on both your eyes until it’s deep and red. Don’t overdo this, however. Make sure you are designing this well. You can also use some kajal for highlighting.

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Shimmering Red:

You will need some red eye shadow and liner for this kind of makeup. You can also use some good glitter, but again, that depends on your choice. Paint the eye shadow properly on the eyes. Make sure you are making an oval shape. Now take your liner and create a nice and smooth whisk. Glam it up with glitter.

The Water of Mars:

To do the water of mars, you will need to apply the eyeliner first. Let it dry. After that, paint your eyelids with some red shadow and try to create a smudgy look around them. Use some black eye shadow on top to blend it. Apply kajal towards the end to make it look attractive.

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Pretty Red:

You will need to paint your lids stylishly. Draw a simple border first and then fill it up. Make sure the strokes are smooth and done with great precaution. Don’t change the pattern of the strokes either.

The Red Eagle:

For this design, use a smudge-free kajal and create a wave on top of the eyelid. After this, paint the rest of the eyelid with red eye shadow. Use kajal again on the lower eye and border it with red. Your Red Eagle eye will be ready.

Creative Red Eye:

You will need to paint your eyes with white eye shadow and then use some liner. Create a thick red border below the eye as well as on top. Blend with some black eye shadow, and your creative red eye will be all set for the night.


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