Reiki meditation does wonders for relaxation. It benefits people from different walks of life. It is a form of meditation which can hamper you mind and body if it is not being practiced properly. To avoid chaos you need to abide by a few rules which are important for balancing the mind, body and spirit. With the help of Reiki meditation you can get your life back on track and transform yourself completely.

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How to Do Reiki Meditation:


1. Sit or lie down in comfort and keep your spine straight. Start taking deep breaths and imagine that the most pure and healing power of energy in entering your body. As you exhale give away all tensions, negativities, pain, anxieties, anger, depression, etc. Let it all out with your breath and just get rid of them.

2. Place your hands on each of the major chakras on the front on your and hold them each for about 3 minutes. If your body needs to be held a little more then hold it for a few more minutes. Get connected to your body and start trusting it. When you hold your hands on the chakras feel that there is super natural energy which is invading in your body. Start letting it flow from your hands and then to the rest of your body. You would be at peace and your mind would be relaxed.

3. Place both of your hands and finger at the top of your head as you hold and listen to your body. Feel it with gentle love and affection. Inhale and exhale deeply and slowly. Stress on the positive things about life and let all negatives fly off.

4. Gently take your hands off from the head and place them on your forehead covering your eyes. Feel comforted and relax.

5. Now again move your hands back to the head gently and place them in a comfortable position.

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6. Now bring your hands down to your throat and don’t push too much because you need to be comfortable enough to breathe. You could either put both your hands on your throat or one in front of your neck and one at the back. Whatever is comfortable for you do that and just feel relaxed.

7. Now let your hands come over your shoulders behind you and your fingers should be pointed down. Hold on and feel comfortable.

8. Next you place your hands on your chest and cover your heart. Do it with calm and ease. Hold onto it and listen to your heart beat.

9. Now slowly move your hands to your lower chest. Place them just near the bottom ribs.

10. Hold your stomach placing your hands next there and just be relaxed.

11. Now move them gently and place your hands on your lower abdomen. Go down and gently touch your pubic bone.

12. Now move your hands on both of your hips. Hold and be comfortable.

13. Next you move your hands and place them on each of your knee.

14. Now place your hands on your feet. You could either cover the top or bottom of your feet at one time. Just do what makes you feel comfortable. Hold them and relax. If you feel uncomfortable then just withdraw.

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15. Now join your hands like we do while praying. Stay in that position for about 3 minutes and breathing naturally. Let the energy take over your entire body and you feel flushed away from all sorts of negativity. You are bound to feel light, loved, joyful and blessed. You will be ready to start your day energetically.

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