On-screen, she charmed us with her flawless skin, smoky eyes, chiselled features, drop-dead gorgeous looks and star-filled performances. Off-screen, she has embraced us with her style and grace. Ever wondered what lies behind that immaculate face of Bhanurekha Ganesan, most famously known as Rekha? Is Rekha as exquisite, flawless and unblemished in real life? It is difficult to spot her without her eyeliner, kajal, and trademark red lipstick, but we have made the best of a compilation of pictures where she appears to be wearing hardly any makeup. So let’s take a sneak peek into those rare moments when Rekha has been caught without make-up.

Marvellous Rekha Without Makeup Photos:

The collection of beautiful, veteran Bollywood actress Rekha without makeup pictures that mostly wonder you.

1. Moment Of Truth:

A rare picture of Rekha snapped in a prison house devoid of makeup. Even though the picture is black and white, one can notice the absence of makeup. She still maintains her poise, dressed in a plain salwar with her dupatta draped around her and her hair pulled back into a bun.

2. Blast From The Past:

A priceless picture of Rekha and Sridevi in a warm embrace. This picture is proof that Rekha’s beauty extends beyond the glitz and glamour of a painted facade. The sheer beauty of youth is captured in this picture, while her charisma and charm are reflected in her smile even without makeup.

3. Alluring Rekha:

In a still, from the movie Namak Haraam, Rekha is looking at her usual beautiful self without the magical touch of makeup. Her orange smeared face and the orange saree she’s wearing bring a certain vibrancy to her pale yet comely appearance. The white choker, matching earrings and prominent nose ring complete the look. In this old snap, she wears little makeup only.

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4. Flawless Actress:

While off-screen and in the present era, Rekha can’t be seen without her signature red lipstick and striking eye makeup, back in her heydays, she could be seen wearing a minimal amount of make-up in her movies. That only sought to heighten her classic good looks leaving everyone in awe of her.

5. Treasured Memories:

A sad ending to what seemed like a blissful union, if this picture is anything to go by. Rekha looks happiest in this plain and simple reflection of her beauty with no makeup and her husband, Mukesh Agarwal.

6. Khoon Bhari Maang:

Can anyone forget Rekha ‘s performance in the movie Khoon Bhari Maang? Widowed with two children, she is besotted by the ever-charming Kabir Bedi, who leaves her for dead at the mouths of the alligators. The initial part of the movie saw Rekha portraying a simpleton, clad in sarees and wearing no makeup whatsoever. The only makeup on her face gave her skin a mutilated look following the alligator attack, but Rekha being Rekha, carried the look flawlessly while acting her part to perfection.

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7. Spotted Without Makeup:

This picture is one of those rare cases where Rekha, spotted with actress Vidya Balan to watch her movie Kahaani, was without any makeup save for her lipstick and matching coloured bindi. While she could do with some eyeliner and kajal, she still is her charming self with a makeup-free face.

8. Political Rekha:

Seen here getting out of her car for a Parliament Debate, Rekha is clad in a gold and white saree with hardly any makeup other than the red lipstick that she usually sports; she looks like a timeless beauty, having aged gracefully with age.

9. Rekha Exposed:

Rekha, in her time, graced the covers of various magazines. However, she did go the way many actresses have gone by appearing nude on the cover of Film Mirror. While the bold move created a stir, the subtle makeup made her look sensational.

10. Sizzling Delight:

Rekha, at age 18, looks like the damsel of tinsel town that she went on to become. With no trace of makeup on her face, her inherent beauty is laid bare, which was just the beginning of a sensation that would sweep the Indian audience off their feet with her classy looks, style and elegance.


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