9 Best Resorts In Pondicherry

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The former French India or as we call it Pondicherry is now an urban town in the furthest of Southern India where beauty meets elegance. Pondicherry or Puducherry is one of the most critically beautiful French-Portuguese cultured town where the relics from the past are still now being reflected on their cultural surface. Housing a variety of culture along with millions of flocking tourists, Pondicherry is now an established tourist spot in the furthest tip of India, way down in the south. While the place is simple blissful and heavenly with perfectly organized scenery and sceneries, some of the beautiful lodgings provided by the Pondicherry tourist care is simply worthy a mention.

Beautiful and Famous Resorts In Pondicherry with Images:

1. Ocean Spray:

resorts in pondicherry

The name is enough to let you know you’re going to have a gala time in this beach front resort in Pondicherry. The exclusivity of the place is only defined by their man made lake situated right in the middle of the resort. The resort has their own discotheque and comes packed in with a banquet hall. Well built rooms are just another bonus that defines this resort oh so well.

2. Soorya Beach Resort:

Soorya beach resort

Soorya Beach resort is the perfect lodging for you and your family this holiday season. The resort even though has extravagant pools for entertainment, the hospitality availed here is twice as welcoming and endearing as you have experienced in any other relative’s house. Along with a full time health spa, this must be the paradise you were searching for.

3. Le Pondy Resort:

Le Pondy resort

Le Pondy is one of the most established premium living resort of Pondicherry that brings out the mixed cultures and ethics through their extensive architecture and hospitality. Along with a poolside party arena, there is room for entertainment along with the basic facilities. The icing on the top of the cake is the private beach attached to this resort.

4. The Dune, Eco Village And Spa:

The Dune eco village and spa

The dune is situated on the coast of Coromandel and not only famous for their luxury lodging but also widely known for their Eco friendly spa. The main aim of the Dune is to provide the right amount of comfort but in a Eco friendly, which explains the safe chlorine free pools. Along with this is a spa and a yoga hall, a aromatherapy and a private beach too.

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5. Club Mahindra Pondicherry:

Club Mahindra Pondicherry

Club Mahindra expertise in providing excellent lodging while on vacation in a class way backed by an affordable budget package. This is why you can trust Club Mahindra resort in Pondicherry to provide you with the best time. Along with a souvenir shop and a health spa, this resort will be the hub for you while on vacation.

6. Windflower Resort And Spa:

Windflower Resort and Spa

The windflower resort is what we term exotic where fine elegance is appreciated and enhanced only by their smooth hospitality. Trading from a wide range of palatable cuisines to a high end spa and massage center, the resort also comes with an activity room for all from small children to the youths.

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7. Purple Resorts:

Purple resorts

Here is another small time resort in Pondicherry that will leave you wanting for more. The basic amenities are 24 hour service along with a separate section dedicated to corporate meetings on vacations while the pool area can be the informal break you were looking for.

8. Nalla Eco Resort, Pondicherry:

Nalla eco resort

This is probably yet another best looking and homely resort that Pondicherry can offer to you. While the elders can have a gala time on the sea facing terrace, the fathers can clink glasses on the sea facing bar. For the little kids night cinemas and theatre performances.

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9. St. James Court Beach Resort:

St James court beach resort

The saint James beach resort is a sea facing luxury lodging packed with swimming pools, entertainment arenas, conference and banquet halls, children’s parks and a beautiful discotheque.

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