The blowouts, bouncy hair, wavy bobs, and curls. This is what reminds us of when we think of retro hairstyles. The good old days of the early to mid-1900s were all about perfect looking good hair days. Those eras are concerned about hair pretty much more than we did right now and nailed the game. They have set the standards higher, and now we have the retro themed hairstyles and hairdos back in the fashion!

If you love all such stuff, vintage and classic, you would also love these beautiful and stunning retro looks.

9 Simple Retro Hairdos for Women:

Here the 9 best and stylish retro hairstyles for women in images.

1. Side Ponytail with Teases Crown:

This style was famous in the 1960s by French actress, and due to this, she was called a sex symbol. This bouffant retro hairstyle has inspired many worn to open their hair and give it a fluently sexy look. It suits on round, oval, and regular face cut because side ponytail provides the hair with a bouncy and long look and fluffy crown gives the volume to the hair. With time this style has vanished, but still, you can find girls carry this retro look casually for every occasion. Make a ponytail on either side of the head by using a fancy rubber to tie it. This is perfect for beach parties.

  • Suitable for Medium and long hair for slim, round and oval faces.
  • Suitable to Day time party.
  • Preferred to 22-35 years age group.
  • Summer is the Best season to wear
  • The suitable dress goes will bikini, skirts and other western wear

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2. Retro Fringe:

Zooey Deschanel brought back this iconic retro style with her heavy fringes that almost cover her eyes. The volume and drama are synonymous with the retro era. This Hairstyle gives the retro yet stylish look for summers. If you make a bun with fringes, then these styles go with every dress and occasion. Wavy hair with slight straight look will go for this hairstyle for the oval and slim face. Suitable for every occasion and easy to carry this style with western as well as Indian dress especially Anarkali suits which will give you a cute and trendy style.

  • Suitable for Medium hair, and long, and slim faces.
  • It is suitable for casual outings and corporate meetings.
  • Preferred to 16-25 years age group.
  • Summer and spring is the Best season to wear.
  • The Suitable dress will skirt and other western wear

3. Retro Waves:

A Veronica Lake inspired hairstyle, where the natural length and flow of the hair is flaunted to the best. This is a lovely hairstyle for those with straight to wavy hair. Just roll out your big hair rollers and a blow drier to medium heat. The curves will move and fall naturally. Add some hair serum to max the gloss factor.

  • Suitable for Medium hair, and long, and slim face.
  • Proper occasion for corporate meetings and tourism.
  • Preferred 22-35 years age group
  • All season are the Best season to wear
  • The fitting dress goes will skirt, and other western wear

4. Double Dutch Side Braid:

This princess look hairstyle was famous for every occasion with every dress, especially for summers. Most women carry this hairstyle in the day time for casual outings and exercise like yoga and gym. Carry this hairstyle professionally and casually in offices and unique in house parties. Use beads or flowers to make this style more stylish and elegant. Brides can choose this hairstyle for the themed wedding around the beach with no veil.

  • Suitable for Medium, and short hair for slim and oval faces.
  • Proper occasion for Dates and corporate meeting.
  • Preferred to 22-35 years age group.
  • Summer and spring are the Best seasons to wear
  • The suitable dress goes will skirts, other Indian and western wear

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5. The Head Band Bouffant:

This is a classic 1960’s inspired style that has been worn everywhere. From movie to red carpet galas this style is a timeless retro cliche. Often identified with the Brigitte Bardot style this is all about great long hair and height. It is a more swept and non messy variant that can be used with any outfit. Here is a do it yourself tutorial to get the bouffant look at home.

  • Suitable for Medium and long hair for normal, round and slim faces.
  • Suitable for parties, small outings and corporate meetings.
  • Preferred to 22-35 years age group.
  • Summer and spring are the best seasons to wear
  • Suitable dress goes will Indian, skirt, and other western wear

6. Teased Double Bun:

This elegant up-do has a teased crown and a unique twist. The key to this look lies in the imperfection. The messier the better as it will add the much needed volume to your hair. Start with parting the hair mid way from one ear to another. Separate the two and tease the lower section into a messy bun. Now create a pouf on the upper end and place it on the bun after tying a ponytail. The trick is to not pull the hair through the last loop of the pony tail elastic as it will add volume to your bun and your overall look.

  • Suitable for Medium hair, long round, and slim face
  • Suitable for little outings, casual parties, and corporate meetings.
  • Ideal to between 16 to 22 age group.
  • Summer and spring are the best seasons to wear
  • The suitable dress goes will skirts, long clothing, and other western wear

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7. High Volume Bun:

The high volume bun is another classic retro style which had takers everywhere. It is a neat and graceful style that is perfect for the evening appearances. This involves a high ponytail over a poofed up lower bun. The higher the ponytail and more the back brushing, the more is the volume of this style. This look is seen here sported by actress Marion Cotillard at a red carpet gala as the epitome of retro grace.

  • Suitable for which hair type and face: medium and long hairstyle for diamond and pointed face
  • Suitable for any parties.
  • Preferred to 25+ years age groups.
  • every season is the best season to wear.
  • The fitting dress goes will gown with the thick neck to reveal beauty bones and Indian bride

8. Long Wavy Curls:

The long wavy hairstyle looks flawless with neck-less and tops that gives a vintage yet modern look. This look can be created by first blow-dryer in straight hairs or wavy hairs leaving an ample amount of hairs to the roots. Additional curls can be created by using rollers and iron curlers. Once the hair is set, comb it gently and leave it free for the bouncy finish. Pull some part of the hair on the back and tuck it with hairpins at the centre.

  • Suitable for long hair slim for diamond, square, oblong, and oval face
  • Suitable for Dates and corporate meeting.
  • Preferred to 22-35 years age group.
  • All season is the best season to wear.
  • The Suitable dress goes will Indian and other western wear

9. Side Swept Curls:

This style has earned legendary status thanks to the enigmatic Elizabeth Taylor. This is a perfect retro style for those with natural curls. It frames the face and brings out your eyes just like Hollywood’s own Cleopatra. It is an easy and effortless look, the curlier the better.

  • Suitable for Medium and short hair for slim and oval face
  • Suitable for Dates and corporate meeting.
  • Preferred to 22-35 years age group.
  • Summer, spring and winter are the best seasons to wear.
  • The suitable dress goes will skirt and other western wear

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Low Maintaining Tips for Retro Hairstyles:

Retro Hairstyle needs intact braid of pony in place so that it won’t frizz or tangle while doing any activity. Making these styles is easy but following these simple tips can help in maintaining these styles. Here are easy and manageable tips for managing these retro styles at home.

1. Washing Long Hair:

Wash the long hair at regular interval of 3 days in a week so that hair won’t get greasy and tangle so that making any style will be easy.

2. Condition Hair:

Hair conditioning is easy to make a double bun, crowned, and bobby hairstyles. It gives the smooth and shiny look to the hair.

3. Cleaning and Cutting of Long Hair:

Retro look hairstyle is suitable for long hairs so that it will look like the 80s and 90s style. So maintaining these styles need regular trimming of hairs, vitamins and minerals are required for its health.

The modern retro hairstyle looks suitable for any occasion, and one can carry it every time in daily life. It is said to be retro, but still, people are following it in everyday style. The styles mentioned above are for every woman, for every face type, and can be made on every occasion. Either get the help at the nearest salon or try making this style at home, it will fall in the budget and easy to carry and require less maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

Q1. How Long should I Carry This Retro Style?

Ans: As long as you want to carry it because hairstyles changes with time and trend and comes again after some time. So, changing hairstyle gives a confident and modern look.

Q2. Does retro Hairstyle Look Good on Every Kind of Dresses?

Ans: Depends on the dress, season, and occasion, the hairstyle can vary, and you can opt girlish braided look at day time and bun for night parties. Choose the dress as per the occasion then select your hairstyle.

Q3. How can I Modify retro Fringes Hairstyle?

Ans: Fringes look good on the oval and slim face, but you can also make bun or braid on this style by leaving the fringes on front. It will give the retro yet a cute look on a sunny day. Carrying this dress with a short skirt will suit best with long boots.

Q4. Hot Iron and Curlers can Damage Hair?

Ans: Yes! It can damage hair when used regularly so try to use rollers and curlers on wet hairs so that it lasts longer.

Q5. How to Make Bouncy Braided Hairstyle?

Ans: The bouncy braided hairstyle can be made on silky and smooth hair with no oil in the hair. So while making a braid, keep some part of hair loose for a bouncy look.


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