Revathi nakshatra, or the Revati star sign, is the 27th and last in order of constellation in Indian astrology. If you follow Hindu religious and traditional beliefs and prefer naming the newborn according to their nakshatra, this guide on Revathi nakshatra baby names helps you. Today, we will explore all about the Revathi nakshatra, its features, starting ideal name syllables for babies in this star, and some meaningful name choices.

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Let’s get started and get to know all about the Revathi nakshatra names.

What are Revathi Nakshatra and Its Characteristics?

The Revathi nakshatra ranges from degrees 16.40 to 30 in the Pisces zodiac sign. The symbol of this Revathi star is a drum, and the animal is a female elephant. The governing or ruling planet for this star sign is mercury. The Revathi nakshatra deity is Pushan, who is a guarder or protector of herds and flocks.

The name Revati in this star means wealthy. So, the main feature of those born in this star sign is known to be prosperous, and having fruitful life ahead. Besides, if the newborn is under Revathi nakshatra, they are always polite to others, charming, friendly, and helpful. They are amicable, sincere with others, pure-hearted, and ever soft and gentle in handling the opposite person.

Revathi Nakshatra Names Starting Letter:

If the little one is born under the influence of this star, it is lucky and auspicious if the Revati nakshatra names begin with the following syllables:

De, Do, Cha, Chi.

In case you are looking to go according to the padas,

  • The Revati Nakshatra 1st pada names begin with De.
  • The Revati Nakshatra 2nd pada names begin with Do.
  • Revati Nakshatra 3rd pada names begin with Cha.
  • The Revati Nakshatra 4th pada names begin with Chi.

List of Meaningful Baby Names for Revathi Nakshatra 2023:

Now let’s get started and explore the beautiful, mesmerizing, meaningful, and most unique Revathi natchathiram names for boys and girls this decade.

Revathi Nakshatra Baby Boy Names:

1. Chayan:

Chayan or Chaayan means moon or moonlight. It is a lovely and unique modern baby boy name choice for those born in Revathi nakshatra. We love the meaning and pronunciation too.

2. Chahat:

The name Chahat is derived from the Hindi language, which means want or love. It is a lovely and mesmerizing modern-day name choice for Revathi nakshatra borns.

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3. Chaitain:

Chaitain is a name derived from several ancient Indian languages. It means intelligence, perception, and life. The name is a significant and creative name choice, ideal for looking for something new and artistic.

4. Chaitya:

Chaitya means spirit or of the mind. It is a lovely name choice which is originated from the Sanskrit language. We love this Revati nakshatra male names.

5. Chakra:

Chakra is already a classic and popular name many Indians know. It is named after the weapon of Lord Vishnu and is a traditional choice for Revathi nakshatra borns. It is also famous for Revathi nakshatra names in Tamil for boys.

6. Chakradhar:

The name Chakradhar is a lovely and traditional baby boy name for Revathi Nakshatra, which is quite a popular choice. It means Lord Vishnu. This is among the most common Revathi nakshatra names for boys.

7. Chakshu:

Chakshu means an eye. It originated from the Sanskrit language and is a lovely modern yet meaningful name choice for Revathi nakshatra.

8. Chaman:

The name Chaman means flower garden. It is a beautiful and mesmerizing baby boy name for Revathi nakshatra with short and cute pronunciation.

9. Chanakya:

The great Scholar and emperor Chanakya inspired the particular name. It subsequently also signifies scholarship and intellect person too. This boy, names for Revathi nakshatra, is a traditional choice.

10. Chandan:

The name Chandan means auspicious and perfumed. The name also means sandalwood. It is a traditional Indian household name that is already famous.

11. Chandu:

Chandu or Chandhu is a common cute baby boy name choice for Revathi nakshatra. The name is derived from the word Chaand in Hindi, which means the moon.

12. Chandradev:

Chandradev literally translates to Moon God. It also means the king. The name is a traditional yet uncommon name choice.

13. Chandresh:

The name Chandresh means Lord of the Moon. It is a very conventional yet meaningful name choice for baby boys in Revathi nakshatra. The name is derived from the Hindi and Sanskrit language.

14. Charit:

We love the name Charit. It means history and also a beloved one. Modern parents who love literature and art can try out this unique and meaningful lovely name choice. What do you think of this Revathi star boy names?

15. Chavrik:

Charvik means someone who is intelligent and smart. It is a unique and rarely found baby boy name for Revathi nakshatra.

16. Chinmay:

Chinmay means a person who is embodied with knowledge and intellect. The name is quite popular already and is a classic name choice to date. It is originated from the Indian languages.

17. Chintan:

Chintan in the Hindi language means mediation. The name also implies thought, contemplation, or mind. This is among modern trendy Revati nakshatra Hindu boy names.

18. Chirag:

Chirag in Hindi again means brilliance. The name also signifies lamp, glory, and radiance. We love this short and cute baby boy name for Revathi nakshatra.

19. Chiraksh:

Chiraksh means beautiful eyed. The name is derived from two words, Chiru and Aksh, from the Indian local ancient languages. It is a very unique and rare baby boy name for those born under the Revathi nakshatra.

20. Devank:

The name Devank in Hindi means someone who is like a Godly figure. This is a traditional name meaning yet with a lovely modern connotation.

21. Devik:

If you want a short and cute lovely name, Devik can be the right choice. It means divine.

22. Dev Kumar:

Dev Kumar means son of God. It is derived from the Hindi language and is a familiar classic Indian name found in several households. However, this is a favorite choice for baby boys in Revathi nakshatra.

23. Devarsh:

Devarsh means someone who is God’s gift. This is a stylish baby boy name choice for Revathi nakshatra.

24. Devyan:

Devyan name means serving God. It is a short and cute mesmerizing yet meaningful baby boy name that originates from the local Indian languages.

25. Dousik:

Dousik means intelligent and wise soul. It is rarely found for boys in this star sign and can make the ideal choice for modern parents looking for an apt one.

Revathi Nakshatra Baby Girl Names:

26. Chaahana:

Chaahana in the Hindi language translates to longing or affection and desire. The name is a lovely and meaningful choice for modern-day babies in Revathi nakshatra.

27. Charani:

Charani means nomad. This is a rare name ideal for baby girls in Revathi nakshatra.

28. Chaarvi:

We love the name Chaarvi. This means a beautiful soul. It is a unique and beautiful name choice, ideal for new millennials born and those who want a rare, uncommon name idea.

29. Chaitali:

Chaitali means someone who is born with a beautiful or good memory. It also means a person born in the month of Chaitra. This is a traditional name, meaning yet isn’t very famous and is commonly found under Revathi nakshatra.

30. Chaitra:

Chaitra is a modern-day name that is getting trendy and famous these days. It means new bright light of hope. We love this Revathi nakshatra female names choice.

31. Chakrika:

If you want a very traditional name yet not a very famous or common one, chakrika can be a good deal. It means Goddess Lakshmi.

32. Chanasya:

Chanasya means someone who is lovely and pleasant in nature. It is derived from the Sanskrit language and is a unique, rare, and adorable name choice for baby girls in Revathi nakshatra.

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33. Chandini:

Chandini is a very famous and already trendy name, ideally found in several North Indian states. It means moonlight or someone who has a radiance and glow. We love this beautiful Revathi nakshatra names for girl.

34. Chandrakala:

The name Chandra Kala means Moonbeams of radiance. It is a very traditional and famous baby girl name in several Indian households.

35. Charana:

The name Charana in Sanskrit and other languages means feet. This is inspired by Hindu religious texts and is a very rare yet traditional name choice for Revathi nakshatra born.

36. Charitha:

Charitha means someone who is warm-hearted. It also means the right person with a vice character. This is among common and famous Revathi nakshatra names in Telugu.

37. Charithra:

Charithra in several South Indian languages means history. It is a beautiful and intricate name meaning for Revathi natchathiram baby girl names.

38. Charulatha:

Charulatha means beautiful creeper. The name is a very conventional choice and is famous in several households already. It is an ancient classic baby girl name for Revathi nakshatra.

39. Charvi:

Charvi means beautiful woman. It is a short and cute modern new day baby girl’s name. If you want a short and cute one, this is among the list of Revathi star baby girl names that can suit your choice.

40. Chaturya:

Chaturya in the Sanskrit language translates to an intelligent or wise character. It is a lovely choice for modern parents who want a creative and innovative name.

41. Chavi:

Chavi in the Hindi language means reflection. It also implies the ray of light. This is a beautiful and mesmerizing short and cute baby girl name. We immensely love this one.

42. Chinmayi:

Chinmayi means blissful. It also means consciousness. This is a traditional yet creative baby girl named Revathi nakshatra, which originated from the Sanskrit language.

43. Chirasvi:

Chirasvi means someone who has a beautiful smile. The name also means gorgeous, timeless women. The name is rarely found and is an adorable baby girl names for Revathi nakshatra.

44. Dekshita:

Dekshitha or Dekshita means prepared or to initiate. It is a lovely and common baby girl name that is trendy in several South Indian states.

45. Depali:

Depali means a happy person. It is a short and adorable baby girl name for Revathi nakshatra and meaning too!

46. Devaki:

Devaki is the mother of Lord Krishna. It also implies divine and something grateful for. We love all the meanings, and it is a popular classic name choice for Revathi nakshatra-borns.

47. Devyashi:

Devyashi is someone who has divine blessings. It can be the right choice for those looking for traditional meaning yet it isn’t very commonly found.

48. Chitralekha:

We love this poetic name, Chitra Lekha. It means beautiful, just like the picture. It is an artistic, creative, and mesmerizing choice of names for Revathi nakshatra girl.

49. Chitrani:

Chitrani is none other than the goddess River Ganga. It is a common choice inspired by the Ganga river.

50. Dea:

For those parents who want a super cute and very short lovely name, Dea can be a unique choice. It means goodness or someone who is kind.

Revathi Nakshatra Unisex Names:

51. Devak:

Devak means divine. It is a unique and creative unisex name choice for Revathi Nakshatra, suitable for both boys and girls.

52. Chaitanya:

Chaitanya is another common yet creative and trendy unisex name for boys and girls. It means life, knowledge, and consciousness.

53. Devala:

Devala means she is dedicated to God. If you want a traditional name that is good for boys and girls, Devala can be ideal and rarely found.

54. Charu:

Charu means pleasant and beautiful. This Revati nakshatra Meena rashi names are commonly found as a name for both men and women.

55. Devasri:

Devasri is God like Saint. This is a very traditional and classic common name choice for both boys and girls in Revathi nakshatra.

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Revathi Nakshatra Twin Names:

56. Charan – Charuvi:

Charan and Charuvi are twin ideas for boys and girls in Revathi nakshatra. The name Charan means feet and also implies the divine feet of God. Charuvi means light and a brilliant soul.

57. Chaitna – Chaitri:

Chaitna and Chaitri are both twin baby girl name ideas for Revathi nakshatra. The name Chaitna means seeds of the sunflower. Chaitri means someone born in the month of Chaitra or the spring season. These are rhyming name ideas.

58. Chakrin – Chakrika:

Both are twin baby boy and girl names for Revathi nakshatra. Chakrin means Lord Siva or Lord Vishnu. Chakrika is none other than Goddess Lakshmi. They both are traditional name ideas.

59. Devagya – Devain:

These are twin baby boy names with traditional meanings in Revathi Nakshatra. Devagya means command of God. Devain means divine.

60. Chatur – Chayank:

Chatur and Chayank are lovely and modern twin baby boy name ideas for Revathi nakshatra. The name Chatur means clever man. Chayank implies the moon.

With this list of Revathi nakshatra baby names for boys and girls, we hope your search for an apt and meaningful choice of name ends. What are your thoughts on these names, and which are the ones you liked the most? Let us know!


All the names and meanings mentioned above are contextual and may alter as per different languages, regions, and countries. We advise conducting in-depth research to understand several meanings and symbolism attached to the same name.


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