Tattoos have been designed for decades to represent some symbolic depiction of it, and it was tattooed on any part of the body. Still, people are becoming conscious and want to ink an amount that can add to their appearance and make them look more sexy and charming. The rib cage or ribs is the most sensual part of the body and quite a sensitive place. Designing tattoos on the ribs is a great delicacy and looks appealing if some bold designs are sketched intricately and adequately.

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15 Best Rib Tattoo Designs:

Let’s have a glance at the top 15 different types of rib tattoo designs:

1. Awesome Side Rib Tattoos Design:

As the lotus flower displays are known and loved by people for their gorgeous looks, the flower grows in muddy water still yet is pure. Similarly, the women depicting this tattoo want to display a lotus flower’s characteristic and possess a beautiful internal heart like it.

2. Inspiring Tattoo On the Ribs:

A rib is a place that can be hidden from the other and visible if you wish so. Here the wearer has scripted the most powerful words in the world as if he wants to announce that he has fallen in love with someone.

3. Airplane Small Rib Tattoos Design:

This is the most enticing and fascinating tattoo design on the ribs where the aeroplane is sketched, an excellent way to show that the person is fond of travelling and loves adventures. The small dots and the black ink add more sizzles to the design. Anyone who wants to avoid rib tattoo pain can choose this small and simple design.

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4. Stunning Female Rib Tattoos Design:

This is another striking and bold tattoo design that both men and women can style. It emphasises that the person’s deeds are against the law of society and have a rebellious bent of mind trying to bring unrest in society with their acts.

5. Ripped Skin Rib Cage Tattoo Design:

A tattoo is being designed in an artistic way that shows the man’s skin is ripped, and the glaze is coming out from it. The tattoo rib cage design lends a realistic look to the person and extends to the sides, lending a macho look.

6. Pointed Rib Cage Tattoo Design:

Some people keep moving despite hurdles and dangers and succeed in all spheres, in any life situation.  In the same way, a small arrow is designed with an infinity symbol, meaning that the hand will keep moving in a direction until it reaches its goal.

7. Marvellous Mens Rib Tattoos Design:

This is a stunning and beauteous design where a tribal lady image is depicted in an artistic way covering the entire ribs and sides of the person. The feathers crown adds a more admiring look to the design.

8. Rib Skull Tattoo Design:

This is a simple tattoo design laid sketched on the ribs wherein a skull is outlined in an outstanding way fetching an admirable look. As the skull tattoo keeps reminding the person that death can arrive at any moment, you enjoy every moment of your life and want it to the fullest.

9. Freedom Rib Cage Tattoo Design:

Some people like to stay like free birds and would love to live their lives like birds which move from one place to another without any restrictions and fly high without any set boundaries and limitations. This image depicts the same thought process as the wearer. He dreams of living this kind of life.

10. Adorable Women Rib Tattoo:

This perfect tattoo design is for people who love small and intricate designs. They even admire beauty in the simple design and even appreciate it by depicting them. Here a tiny flower bud is outlined with some leaves, ideal for a person who believes in simple techniques and can quickly achieve that minimalist appearance.

11. Fabulous Rib Cage Tattoo Design:

Triangle is a simple diagram of geometry, and it holds deep symbolic meaning wherein three corners represent the three trinities of life and the involvements around it. This image depicts the holy mind of the wearer.

12. Floating Rib Cage Tattoo Design:

Some people are ambitious to become sailors, and their dream cannot be successful due to uncertainties. Here a big ship is sketched, covering the ribs at the sides lending a heavenly look to the tattoo lover and an excellent and easy way to depict your feeling through drawing them.

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13. Dream Catcher Rib Cage Tattoo Design:

This is one sensual and incredible tattoo design outlined on the ribs where a dream catcher design is sketched to keep all the bad dreams and nightmares away from the wearer, and soothing dreams flow throughout his sleep.

14. Lovely Rib Cage Tattoo Design:

Many tattoo lovers adore depicting design that is symbolic and have deep, touching meaning with them. Here the wearer has designed a cherry blossom tattoo on the ribs covering the sides, trying to portray that this tree indicates the arrival of the spring season and it’s time for celebration and spreading happiness all over.

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15. Impressive Rib Cage Tattoo:

This tattoo design indicates the hold bent of mind of the wearer and who knows the magic of enchanting this magical word. This magical word can bring peace to your life. You can live a composite and happy life for the rest of your life.


Rib Cage tattoos are in various shapes and sizes and can be depicted in any style you want to get those striking looks. The person can show any format, from ultra-modern design to traditional techniques which appeal to you the most.  Both boys and girls can sketch the rib tattoos according to their choice and ideas with black ink or a colourful way.

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