Rice bran oil is great as it is a good way to keep your family’s health high. Rice bran oil vs sunflower oil is always a debate among people. The mild flavour of rice bran oil is a perfect complement to any kind of food. You can use it for any of the Indian dishes and also continental ones. It has a high smoking point which makes it perfect for deep frying as well. The oil contains good fats and lowers your cholesterol levels. It is less oily and rich in Vitamin E. The oil will greatly help you to reduce your weight. In this article, we will explore some best rice bran oil benefits along with nutritional value and side effects.

What Is Rice Bran Oil?

A popular question a lot of people have is – What is rice bran oil? Rice bran oil as the name suggests, is the oil made from the bran of rice. This is the outer husk, the brown cover of the rice. This outer husk or chaff is collected and then pressed to get the oil. This is one of the good oils for your health.

Rice Bran Oil: Is It Good or Bad for You?

Natural Rice bran oil is a perfect complement to your food. Since it is less oily and lowers cholesterol, the oil makes it good for Indian food too. The good fats and Vitamin E present in rice bran oil all make it better oil than other conventional oils. So do choose rice bran oil for you and your family’s better health.

Nutritional Benefits of Rice Bran Oil:

The nutritional value of 100 ml of Rice Bran Oil contains about:

  • Calories: 884
  • Total Fat: 100 g
  • Saturated Fat: 19.7 g
  • Polyunsaturated Fat: 35 g
  • Monounsaturated Fat: 39 g
  • Carbohydrates: 0 g
  • Fiber: 0 g
  • Sugars: 0 g
  • Protein: 0 g
  • Rich Source of Vitamin K and Vitamin E.

Rice Bran Oil Benefits and Side Effects:

Amazing Rice Bran Oil Health Benefits:

Here we enlisted the 14 surprising rice bran oil uses for health, hair and skin. Let’s have a look at them.

1. Rice Bran Oil Lowers Cholesterol Levels:

The best rice bran oil in India is perfect for your heart health. The World Health Organization also recommends rice bran oil as the best oil for lowering cholesterol levels. As the oil is less oily, it doesn’t stick to the arteries and block it. This allows for free movement of blood flow and gives your heart ease of function. So choosing rice bran oil cholesterol will aid in lowering your cholesterol levels. It is good for people with heart problems as well as others who love to eat more food. Keep your system in check with this oil.

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2. Rice Bran Oil Benefits for Diabetes:

Rice bran oil brands in India are keeping Indians in good shape. The oil is known to lower blood sugar levels and also blood glucose levels by about 30%. Many studies have shown that people who take insulin were able to reduce the daily level of injections by consuming rice bran oil for two months. Rice bran oil for diabetes is the safest bet that people can take. It allows you to eat a healthy diet while taking care of your blood sugar levels. People, who indulge in sweets or high-sugar foods, can now have these without fright at a normal level.

3. Rice Bran Oil Good for Weight Loss:

Rice bran oil for weight loss is the best way to keep the scales positive. As rice bran oil is less oily, it doesn’t stick to food. This is a good thing when deep frying items. This oil doesn’t feel oily when eating as well. So the best way to stay healthy and keep your weight in check is by switching to rice bran oil. The top rice bran oil in India gives you the guarantee that the oil is organically produced and so safe for consumption. Choose the best oil for your diet regime and see the difference in health and weight.

4. Prevent Cancer:

As rice is produced in India, rice bran oil brands available in India are plenty. So choosing the right one for your health is easy. Cancer is a problem that seems to be affecting many more Indians now than ever before. Chemoprevention is seen to be a good byproduct of rice consumption. So it is seen that rice bran oil cancer may have some way in which to prevent cancer and the treatment of cancer as well. Rice and its by-products are great ways to keep you in good health. Further studies and clinical tests are needed to see the complete change in this direction though.

5. Rice Bran Oil Has a High Smoke Point for Frying:

Rice bran oil ingredients make it the best oil for deep frying and stir-frying. The high smoking point of rice bran oil is the reason why you can use it for Chinese cooking and also for deep-frying any kind of food. Rice bran oil for cooking is the perfect way to see that you get healthy meals every time. So even if you want to indulge in a deep-fried chicken you can do so unapologetically. As the oil is less oily it doesn’t stick to the fried food and this leaves them crunchy and lighter for you to enjoy.

6. Rice Bran Oil Boosts Heart Health:

Rice bran oil is a good way to keep your heart healthy. As rice bran oil has oryzanol it is a perfect antioxidant to make your heart good. It decreases the absorption of cholesterol and increases the elimination of the same. So if you or your family member is prone to heart problems, you must switch to rice bran oil. Rice bran oil images all show the goodness of this wonderful oil. You can see the rice bran oil nutrition facts above.

7. Rice Bran Oil Helps Improve Liver Function:

Rice bran oil benefits can be seen in the form of liver functions as well. The liver enzymes are boosted and this clears the toxins that are present in the liver. The reduction of kidney stones is also a great plus point of rice bran oil. So if you suffer from kidney stones or have a weak liver, then it is a good idea to shift to rice bran oil. The lowering of cholesterol will also aid in the complete good and proper health of other vital organs of your body. Rice bran oil health benefits can be seen from this list that we have made.

8. Rice Bran Oil for Cooking:

Rice bran oil uses are the most effective for cooking. As the oil has a very high smoking point, it is great for frying – deep-frying or stir-frying. This makes the food cooked in it healthy and oil-free. The oil is also less oily and so it does not stick to the food. You do not feel the oil in your mouth when you eat food fried in this oil. Cooking food requires you to add very little oil and this keeps your heart healthy. So all in all this is the perfect cooking oil for everyone. If you are prone to heart problems, diabetes, etc then choose this oil.

9. Rice Bran Oil for Massage:

The advantages of rice bran oil are plenty when taken internally. But this oil also has the property to heal you externally. You can use rice bran oil for the skin and see the effects on your health. A good massage is the best answer to sore muscles and aching joints. When given by a masseur the massage gains more power. Rice bran oil for massage is a good option as opposed to coconut oil or sesame oil. Choose this oil for its Vitamin E content that will seep into the skin and moisturize it. Vitamin E in rice bran oil is the perfect tool for healthy skin.

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Top 4 Rice Bran Oil Benefits For Skin:

Here we enlisted the 4 best rice bran oil benefits for skin. Let’s have a look at them.

1. Rice Bran Oil for Skin Lightening:

Vestige rice bran oil benefits can be seen for the skin as well. The rice bran oil skin lightening is the perfect way to make your skin glow and shine. As it increases hydration and reduces pigmentation, the skin tone gets even out and thus lightening the skin tone.

How To Apply Rice Bran Oil for Skin Problems:


  • Rice bran oil

How To Do:

  • Use a cotton ball and dip it in rice bran oil.
  • Massage your face with this in a circular motion for some time.
  • Wash off with warm water.

How Often Should I Do This?

  • Do this once a week for oily/combination skin, or twice a week for dry skin.

2. Helps in Treating Acne:

Acne is the main problem because of the stress and pollution that many youngsters face. Rice bran oil’s advantages and disadvantages can be many, but its use for skin problems is good. Rice bran oil benefits for skin and hair making it the number one oil base. Due to the antioxidants, lycopene, etc it helps to protect the skin from environmental stressors.

How To Apply Rice Bran Oil for Skin Problems:


  • Rice bran oil

How To Do:

  • Make a paste of rice bran oil and fuller’s earth.
  • Apply this paste to the affected areas.
  • Once dry, wash off.

How Often Should I Do This?

  • Do this for a few days till the acne reduces.

3. Rice Bran Oil Helps in Treating Eczema:

Rice bran oil for the face has Vitamin E and this promotes the hydration of the skin. Eczema is a skin condition where the skin is extremely dry and results in itching. So treating it from within is a good idea. The fatty acids, Vitamin E and Omega-9 are perfect carriers of hydration that dry skin requires.

How To Apply Rice Bran Oil for Skin Problems:


  • Rice bran oil

How To Do:

  • Apply rice bran oil on the face or affected areas and massage well.
  • This can be done after a bath too.

How Often Should I Do This?

  • You can do this daily – once or twice.

4. Helps in Delaying the Ageing Process:

Vitamin E present in rice bran oil is one of the major reasons why the skin appearance is so much brighter and clearer. When the skin is hydrated, it gives it a great glow. Omega-9, fatty acids, beta carotene, and lycopene are all great for the skin. This rice bran oil benefits for skin by delaying the ageing process.

How To Apply Rice Bran Oil for Skin Problems:


  • Rice bran oil

How To Do:

  • Massage the oil in circular motions on the face and all over the body.

How Often Should I Do This?

  • Twice a week is a good idea.

Rice Bran Oil Benefits For Hair:

1. Promotes Hair Growth:

Rice bran oil benefits hair and is one of the reasons why it is used so often. Rice bran oil for hair growth is seen to have a positive effect. This rice bran oil cosmetics have all properties of Vitamin E that enter the scalp and reach the hair roots. This promotes hair growth. When you use rice bran oil, hair loss is reduced considerably.

How To Apply Rice Bran Oil for Skin Problems:


  • Rice bran oil

How To Do:

  • Massage the oil on the scalp and leave it for half an hour.
  • Wash off normally with shampoo.

How Often Should I Do This?

  • Twice a week

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Rice Bran Oil Side Effects:

The rice bran oil side effects have not been many and so you will find that it is actually quite safe to have. There are no rice bran oil disadvantages that have been studied so far.

  • The only rice bran oil health risks could be in case of digestive tract problems as the fibre in rice bran can block the digestive tract. Not many people have rice bran oil allergies.
  • Fortune rice bran oil benefits clearly outweigh the side effects.
  • Do check the allergy levels for yourself before using it externally on the skin. All in all, it should be a good choice for your health.

As you have seen that rice bran oil is a good option for you and your family. This has been recommended by the WHO as well. So you can be assured that this oil will help you in terms of heart health, hair problems and skin conditions. Each of these health problems can be treated and kept in check with the help of rice bran oil. Choose pure unadulterated oil for this purpose and see how this has a positive effect on your health.

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