Women might be underrepresented in several realms, especially in India, but they climb the ladders quickly and occupy the top positions in several segments. These business woman in India are the most famous entrepreneurs and are among the richest ones too. They are successful in their careers and business journeys and are at the forefront of innovations and respective professions.

Today, let us explore these top businesswomen in India. They are the leaders at the forefront who stand tall as an inspiration to many other women!

Top 18 Richest Female Entrepreneurs in India 2023:

Here we go, these famous business women in India are pretty popular in inspiration, business careers, and high incomes.

1. Nita Ambani:

Nita Ambani is popularly called India’s first lady. She is the wife of business giant Mukesh Ambani and is a powerhouse of business in the country. She is the founder and chairperson of Reliance Foundation. She looks after several firms and activities under the Reliance and is involved in philanthropic activities. She even owns the Mumba Indians IPL team. Her fortune and total worth are estimated to be around $80 billion US dollars as of 2020. She is among the richest in the world.

2. Roshini Nadar:

Roshni Nadar is the daughter of Shiv Nadar and is the percent CEO of HCL corporations. HCL is a leading tech firm giant in India. The HCL corporation primarily is popular for its technological base, and she is a strategic entrepreneur, known for her decisions and running of the company successfully. She is also a trustee for the Shiv Nadar Foundation and looks after the running of several schools and institutes under the name. Her net worth is US $ 4.9 billion. She is known as among the youngest successful businesswoman and female entrepreneurs in India.

3. Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw:

Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw is famous for several qualities. She is not only the leading Indian businesswoman but also the richest and is a self-made individual. As she quotes, entrepreneurship came by accident to her, and she turned successful with the skills and knowledge that was gained practically. Kiran heads a biopharmaceutical company called Biocon, and it is among the leader in the manufacturer of several drugs. Kiran’s not just a successful businesswoman in India; she is also recently ranked as the 65th most powerful woman worldwide. Her estimated net worth is over and above $4.8 billion.

4. Zia Mody:

Do you know, Zia Mody is the most popular corporate lawyer in India? She is known famously to work with big giant corporates and make excellent deals that include Airtel, Schneider Electric, and others. She is known to be a fierce Indian businesswoman with leadership and confidence and is vocal about several women’s causes. She owns a firm that advises the leading corporate firms in India and even abroad. Her net worth right now is around US $5 million.

5. Suneetha Reddy:

Suneetha Reddy is already a famous women entrepreneur in India, given the managing director of a giant and leading hospital chain all across the country. Suneetha Reddy is among the top person who has made the Apollo chain of hospitals. She has been in the medical field business right from the younger age group and has only been successful right since. She grew tremendously in the pharma sector and is now among the most powerful businesswomen and young female entrepreneurs in India.

6. Smita V Crishna:

Smitha V Crishna hails from the Godrej family and is an heir. She is the successor to the Godrej group, which she runs with her brothers. She looks after the management and operations of the consumer goods company and is known for her efficiency and skills. Currently, her net worth is over US $4.7 billion.

7. Manju Deshbandhu Gupta:

Manju Deshbandhu Gupta is the chairperson of Lupin limited. She is the wife of Deshbandhu Gupta and has been running the company with him for over 40 years. Lupin is specialized as a global pharma company and is acclaimed worldwide for focusing on improving healthcare. At present, she looks after operations and is known as a successful top female entrepreneur in India. Manju Deshbandhu Gupta’s approximate net worth is over US $3.3 billion.

8. Leena Gandhi Tiwari:

Leena Gandhi Tiwari is the chairperson of a pharma company, USV. USV is famous for manufacturing generic pharmaceuticals that include solid orals, injectables, peptides, and biosimilars. Leena has been efficiently running the company for several decades and is lauded for her leadership skills and professionality. She recently joined as a successful businesswoman in India, and her net worth is over US $2.1 billion. Leena is among the top and most popular young female women entrepreneurs successful in India.

9. Radha Vembu:

Radha Vemnu is a famous Indian businesswoman. She is the director of Corpus Corporation and is known to have the majority of stake in Zoho Corporation, an Indian software developmental company. The net worth of Radha Vembu as an entrepreneur is over US $ 1.7 billion.

10. G Anuradha:

Anuradha is the wife of GV Prasad, who is the chairperson and CEO respectively of Dr Reddy’s laboratories. She is also the manager and trustee for the laboratories. Anuradha also founded Saptarini, an organization promoting the traditions of India. She is recently called out among influential women entrepreneurs in India and has a net worth of over US $1.5 billion.

11. Kavitha Yadupati Singhania:

Kavitha Yadupati Singhania is a board member of JK Cement and is the wife of Yadupati Singhania, an industrialist, and entrepreneur. Kavita has the majority of the stake at JK Cement. The company focuses on the construction materials sector and has a business running with cement. It is located headquarters of Kanpur. She is also the director of Express infrastructure development. She is said to have over US $ 1.4 billion as net worth.

12. Anu Aga:

Anu Aga is both businesswoman and an entrepreneur, as well as social activity. Anu Aga is into the energy and environment engineering business and holds most shares in the Thermax company. She was chairperson of the company for over 8 years till 2004. She is also into Thermax social initiative foundation activities and works for running schools in several regions to help poor kids. Anu is often appreciated for her incredible determination and strength and unnatural leadership qualities after taking over the company post the sudden demise of her husband. She has a net worth of over US $1.1 billion.

13. Renu Munjal:

Renu Munjal is the managing director of a company called Hero FinCorp. She was also the former executive director of the same company. Renu is also well known for several CSR projects establishing and running the same for women’s empowerment and vocational training centres. She is also a director on the board of Easy Bill. Her net worth is around US $1.1 billion.

14. Kalpana Apurva Parekh:

Kalpana Apurva Parekh is the founder of Pidilite industries. The business is into manufacturing adhesives and is the market leader in India for the same. Kalpana is the daughter of Madhukar Parekh, who is the founder of the same company. Her net worth is around US $ 1 billion.

15. Nilima Motaparti:

NilimaMotaparti is the director of Divis laboratories, based in Hyderabad. She administers and looks into all the aspects of the running of the laboratories. She is also a board member of several other techs and pharma giants and companies in and around south India. Nilima has over five years of experience nationally and internationally in this field. Her net worth is over 18,620 crore INR.

16. Mallika Chirayu Amin:

Mallika is the wife of the business giant Chirayu Amin, who is the managing director and head of Alembic pharmaceuticals. Mallika holds the position of CEO, executive director, and MD for the company. She is also on board with other companies such as Sierra healthcare and Sierra investments. Her net worth is INR 7,570 crore.

17. Falguni Nayyar:

Falguni Nayyar is the CEO of Nykaa, an Indian e-commerce giant focusing on women’s cosmetics and essentials. Falguni started this company herself back in 2012 and has taken over building the Indian beauty industry herself. While it only started off as a cosmetics beauty retailer, the company later expanded to other lifestyle products. Right now, she is successfully running a company that has valuations of over $1.2 billion. Falguni’s net worth is INR 5410 crore.

18. Jayshree Ullal:

Jayshree Ullal is the CEO and President of Arista networks, working on an ethernet networking data centre. Jayshree hails from India and has gone to the US to study engineering electricals. After their studies, she began working with other companies before establishing and co-founding her own company. She regularly works for this company in both countries. Her net worth is over US $1.4 billion.

These businesswomen in India stand tall for us as inspiration. Their perseverance and confidence with personality and charisma made them come far to success in their realms. We hope you enjoyed knowing about these great personalities as much as we did. Let us know your thoughts!


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