Talk about the boldest and most stylish personality in the world; the recent hot trendy topic is all about Rihanna. Rihanna’s fashion, looks and hairstyles are mesmerizing and striking. Rihanna always carries a fashion-forward statement look and inspires the new young contemporary women. Today’s round-up on her best modern looks will mesmerize you if you are often awestruck by the stunning Rihanna hairstyles.

So, keep reading and stay with us to explore the lovely Rihanna haircut ideas so we can stay inspired!

20 Different Rihanna Hairstyles Images 2023 (Bob, Braid, Etc..):

Over the years, Rihanna impressed us with her fashion transformation. She has come a long way, and looks exquisite and bold in her statement appearances. From red carpets to promotions and casual public appearances, Rihanna focuses equally on her fashion outfit and hairstyle to give the best impression. So, if you too love her personal fashion quotient just like us, let us go and explore pics of Rihanna hairstyles to date!

1. Pixie:

Rihanna is known to be the most versatile woman in the fashion world today. She experiments and nails all of her looks and appearances. She indeed creates the best impression in all her fashionista statements, and this pixie haircut is no exception. While we can confidently say that not all women can pull off a pixie haircut perfectly, we love the way Rihanna looks edgy and chic. What do you think?

2. Black Long Hairstyle:

As much as pixie can be bold and modern in looks, the traditional yet timeless long black sleek hairstyle is also equally suiting to its best on Rihanna. What do you think? In this long-length hairstyle, Rihanna looks beautiful and feminine. We love how she is mesmerizing and exquisite in this sleek, swept-back long haircut.

3. Messy Ponytail:

Messy hairstyles are timeless. They entered the fashion world a decade back and are still among the trending choices for women across the age groups. Rihanna is no exception in experimenting with messy looks, and this high ponytail hairstyles is incredible. She has worked on such a messy ponytail hairstyle with shoulder-length medium haircut, which is beautiful.

4. Mohawk Haircut:

How many women did you ever come across sporting the Mohawk hairstyle seamlessly? The haircut is challenging and requires quite a bit of confidence to look stylish and bold. But our favourite Rihanna does not budge in experimenting, and we love how she transformed this look to suit her striking personality!

5. Blonde Haircut:

Blonde hairstyles are quite favourite to many Hollywood personalities, and it is no secret. Rihanna too, sported a blonde hairstyle, and she looked exquisite. We love how she is sweeping the fashion world with her sleek, chic, edgy looks. Do you agree with us?

6. Side Shave Hairstyle:

We often observe the shaved hairstyles on men. Very few women take the bold move to experiment with this look. Rihanna, as we know, always is up for a challenge, and we see a striking and bold side shave hairstyle on her a few years back. The diva has undergone quite a lot of transformation, and this hairstyle proves that she is versatile and unbeatable!

7. Locs Hairstyle:

Locs hairstyles are timeless. They have been quite an in trend for a few years and are even hot looks in the present day. Rihanna loves her locs, and we often hear the diva talking about her locs with pride on a public platform. Here is one such sneak-peak of Rihanna in locs hairstyle. It is bold, sassy and indeed unique. What do you think?

8. Rihanna With Retro Waves:

Most of us often assume Rihanna only selects the modern, edgy looks. But the diva never fails to disappoint us, even in the traditional timeless looks. The retro waves hairstyle on her proves the same. Rihanna looks beautiful in the wavy hairstyle look in this picture. We can see the gorgeous transformation!

9. The Glossy Bangs:

How about bangs? Our diva would never leave out in trying all-rounder looks, and the glossy bangs hairstyle is one such favourite look for us. Rihanna looks beautiful and incredibly smart in these bangs with short hair. While most of us relate bangs hairstyle with medium or long-length haircut, her short edgy look proves that she can pull off any style statement seamlessly!

10. Beautiful Red Braids:

Braids! Hollywood celebrities love braids, and we often see most actresses and singers flaunt their looks seamlessly. Rihanna is seen with beautiful red braids; not everyone can pull this style off! The intricate braids hairstyle looks stunning and unique with a distinct feel. Isn’t it ravishing?

11. Rihanna With A Bob Haircut:

Bob haircut is quite common in the fashion world. Women across the age groups have experimented with different types of bob haircuts in recent years. However, one stands out only when they carry the bob haircut differently in a distinct way. So, of course, the first person that comes to our mind is Rihanna. Her stunning bold short hair bob cut is out of the world, looking seamless and exquisite!

12. Rihanna In Red Curls:

Any woman can sport a curly hairstyle. But what makes it special is how you sport it! Rihanna’s red curls were the talk of the fashion town for quite a while. The bold, striking curly look with red hair is very unusual, yet she pulled it off effortlessly. Rihanna was seen in these dense red curly hairstyles a few years back and is noted as one of her best looks of all the time!

13. Boy Crop Haircut:

You all might come across a boy haircut. But did you ever see a boy crop haircut? This unique haircut has given Rihanna new fame with her stylish, personified looks. The short hairstyles is perfect for the summer and spring season to beat the heat and give out a non-negotiable trendy style statement.

14. Stylish Bun Hairstyle:

We love all kinds of hairdos and bun hairstyles, and this particular stylish bun by Rihanna is among our all-time favourites. The diva sports the sleek, stylish tight high hair bun in one of the events and her public appearance, and we love how she can elevate even a simple look into looking edgy and hot! What do you think?

15. Timeless Sleek Straight Hair:

A straight hairstyle is feminine, elegant and very classy. It is timeless, sophisticated and gives elite vibes. Rihanna is also seen sporting a sleek straight hairstyle, which is one of her looks a few years back. As much as a diva can look all bold and distinct in many of her looks, there are days she pampers herself with such feminine exquisite appearances too!

16. Knots Hairstyle:

Knots hairstyle is pretty unique and modern. Not many have come across this unusual yet stylish look. Rihanna was way ahead of her time when she tried out and sported the bold knots hairstyle. We love how cute and smart she appears in this edgy distinct hairstyle.

17. Blonde Bowl:

Bowl haircuts are not appreciated quite often in the fashion world. It has mixed opinions on how unusual the haircut appears. However, Rihanna fought out all the assumptions and tried out the incredible bowl haircut; we are mind blown! The blonde bowl short haircut is absolutely smart and post-modern in looks!

18. The Pineapple Ponytail:

Ponytail haircuts may be quite well-known and common, but inventing the unique style even within the obvious is what sets Rihanna apart from others. The pineapple ponytail hairstyle is one of our top favourites in her all-time versatile looks. It is edgy, sleek and elegant. Do you like it too?

19. Angled Bob Haircut:

Another variant within the bob haircut which we love on Rihanna is the angled bob. She looks ravishing and nothing less than a diva in this trendy haircut. The angled bob brings out the best features from her, and we love how gorgeous Rihanna is whenever she sports this hairstyle! Adding on streaks of hair colour further accentuates the look too!

20. Braids Hairstyles On Rihanna:

Besides the unique red braids, Rihanna also sported the most common black braids in one of her appearances at the airport. Airport looks are not simple for the diva, and she looks at taking everything as a challenge. The black braids, as common as they may seem, are not so simple when Rihanna sports. She adds on a twist and brings out an exquisite look every time!

So, how did you enjoy exploring these Rihanna hairstyles and haircuts looks? Aren’t they inspiring and truly incredible? Rihanna is a versatile diva, and she always challenged the norms to bring on unique and distinct hairstyles looks in the fashion world. We hope you enjoyed exploring her popular top hairstyles just like us. Let us know your thoughts!


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