Beautiful ring designs have always adorned the lovely fingers whether of men, women or infants. Made from gold, silver, ruby, diamond, fibre, etc. it has it own importance for each finger. On a whole, rings symbolise infinity, tangibly and feminism. It is believed that when you wear a ring in any of your finger, it gives you a magical power not sensibility. The appearance of the ring in any finger gives a different and sacred visualization with the stone or diamond it carries.

Jewellery Designs of Rings for Women and Men:

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Let’s have a look at some popular ring designs getting trendy this season.

1. Gold Ring with Ruby Stone:

A simple but sophisticated design of ring made from gold looks marvellous for routine wear. The ring is studded with a dark red ruby which gives an amazing touch to its design. The ruby is a symbolism of love, power, energy and passion. It is the natural stone of the people born in autumn and hence proves a good luck when gifted them for special occasions.

2. Infinity Floral Ring in Silver:

A lovely combination of an infinity design and a floral design studded in silver is the popular design of rings for women. The infinity is a symbol of eternity and empowerment. But a ring design with infinity means deep love between two lovers. The floral design with a white crystal stone adds to its beauty. The design is widely used in engagements and marriages as it represents a strong bond of love.

3. Mens Gold and Diamond Ring:

A simple gold and diamond ring for men gives a stunning and bold look when worn on the ring finger also known as annular finger. The thick gold ring is simply studded with six tiny white diamonds to give a charming touch to the ring. The ring when worn on the annular finger symbolises artistic, optimism and affection characteristics of the wearer. It best suits on formal wear.

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4. Heart Shapes Rose Gold Ring:

Want to gift something personal and unique to your fiance on your engagement! A heart designed ring is the perfect to add how your love towards her. The ring is made with several hearts made out of rose gold and studded with CZ tiny diamonds to add in its beauty. The heart in the ring represents love, affection, respect, power, etc. and hence is perfect as a sensual gift.

5. Four Petal Silver Flower Ring:

A silver metal ring with the design of a flower gives a refreshed look to your personality. The ring gives a shiny look as made with sterling silver and the petals made with white diamonds. The ring symbolises peace, happiness, purity and wealth when gifted to someone special. It gives an elegant look when carried on designer dresses. It is also a thumb ring and hence it represents the strong willpower of the person wearing it.

6. Sterling Silver Ring with Leaves:

Want a fancy look for your outfit. Try something related to the nature. The ladies ring of sterling silver is studded with purple stones which are given the shape of the leaves in a different texture. Such rings are widely carried out on the index finger which is also known as the Jupiter finger. When worn, it represents leadership, ambition, power and truth.

7. Butterfly Ring Design Jewellery:

Butterflies have always been the eye attraction of the female. A quite popular and most beautiful design of the jewellery ring is the butterfly design. The ring is made out of rose gold and given the shape of a butterfly where the wings are studded with CZ diamonds to give a glittery look. The design represents change, happiness, freedom and purity. It is an amazing gift for independent women.

8. Kaido Design of Ring for Women:

Popularly known as Kaido in Gujarat, it is a thick ring generally worn on the ring finger or the thumb by the women. The design is of a thick ring with minor mehendi like designs embossed in it. Made out of rose gold, the ring is given diamonds to add to its shine. It beautifully shines your ethnic wear giving a unique and designed look to your hand.

9. Designer Ring Design for Wedding:

Want your fingers to look stylish with designer wear and designer ring! A fashionable ring design with a flower emerging in between of two leaves is a good ring idea. The leaves are also given a curvy look studded with white diamonds. The flower is given a golden look with pale yellow diamonds. The design is inspired by the Arabic mehendi designs. It gives a rich look to your personality in marriage functions and special events.

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10. Rich Ring Design for Ladies:

Want to wear a rich and elegant design for a high society party or for royal weddings! Try a design including both diamonds and rubies. The base of the ring I’d made out of white gold which increases it ls value to a new level. The design is then fully covered with white crystal diamonds and rubies fixed along. The design symbolises royalty, wealth and fidelity. It can also be a gift to someone very special. The design is also widely carried by the men in their ring finger.

11. Garnet Ring Design for Girls:

A uniquely designed rings designs for cute girls is the Garnet ring design. The ring is a mixture of gold, Garnet and sea pearls. The design is inspired by the historic ring designs where the sea pearls show a note tied for strong bonding. Hence forth wearing the ring of the last finger defines strength, power, emotions, fertility and prosperity. It gives a classy look over casuals specially cow boy dresses.

12. Scorpion Ring Bracelet Jewellery:

The ring designs attached with the bracelet are quite in trend among the youth these days. A scorpion ring bracelet is one of them. The bracelet is followed by a scorpion design to give a wild look to b the viewers. The ring bracelet is made with sterling silver. The design represents change, death, sensuality, attraction, passion and sexual energy. It can be a sparky gift for your beloved to show your passion for love.

13. Mangalsutra Ring Bracelet Design:

A new and popular ring designs emerging in the market is that of a ring mangalsutra. A bracelet is connected with a ring with strands similar to that of mangalsutra. The pendant of the mangalsutra becomes the bracelet and the strand is taken till the ring finger with a ring studded with tiny design of a diamond. It gives a stunning look on ethnics where you can carry heavy necklace on the neck and mangalsutra on the wrist.

14. Bridal Toe Ring Jewellery:

Toe rings have their own importance in the Hindu weddings according to the culture. There is a ritual where the bride’s parents make her wear the toe ring. Such a rajwadi design of the toe ring gives any bride an amazing and bold look. The circular ring is studded with white and green emeralds designed in a royal manner. It is also known as Bichwa in India.

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15. Pearl and Beads Toe Ring for Teens:

A lavishing but simple at a time, the toe design made with sea pearls and crystal beads gives a marvellous look to the feet. The toe ring is starched till the feet giving a sandal look. The ring gives a perfect look for beaches on casuals. It is widely accepted design by the college teens for a fashion stand at college and also in offices.

16. Baby Hand Ring Design in Gold:

Baby shower is an important celebration in any women’s life. To increase the importance of the day, a ring with the design of a baby hand is the perfect gift you can hand over. Made out of gold, the ring is given the charm of a baby palm which indicates the entry of an angel in the life of the wearer. When gifted it symbolises deep love, happiness, purity and good luck to the new to be mother.

17. Infant Ring Design for New Moms:

Want to gift a special gift on her baby shower or after her delivery! A heart designed infant ring is the best to gift. The ring is made with gold and given a heart design on the top. The design shows the utmost love and passion the couple carries for each other. It is also the symbol of sexual energy when gifted to a new mother from her husband. It adds cuteness to the baby’s hands when worn.

18. Indian Traditional Ring Designs:

Looking for a traditional style jewelry rings design! Try a ring designed in the Maharaja style. The ring has a round texture which covers two to three fingers. Made out of gold, the ring is embossed with heavy designs inspired by the henna designs. It gives a royal look on ethnic and designer lehengas, sarees, anarkali suits etc.

19. Peacock Design Ring:

When it comes to jewellery, peacock designs cannot be excluded. A ring design with the texture and design of a peacock gives a stunning and traditional look to your outfit. The ring is made out of gold and is studded with light brown diamonds giving the peacock a realistic look. The design is widely carried on suits and lehengas and sarees with peacock designs.

20. Mid Finger Rings for Women:

The rings are not only worn on the fingers but also on the mid fingers. They are often worn on sets related to any thing similar. The designs can be made with charms such as the moon, arrows, stars, sun etc. Such rings symbolise infinity, tangibly, fertility and prosperity when worn under casuals or formals and also with ethnic suits.

21. Heavenly Blue Ring in White Gold:

Want to wear your birthstone! Here is a design which is made with the heavenly blue sapphire gemstone. The gemstone is studded in white gold. It is the birthstone of the March. It mainly symbolises loyalty but other than that when worn on the first finger, it represents protection, spirituality and good fortune.

22. Gold and Silver Ring Design for Men:

Want to wear something religious! A ring design made with gold and white gold or silver gives an amazing design with the symbol of om surrounded with crystal tiny diamonds in white making it look religious. The ring is the design for men and mostly worn on the ring finger. It is also known as the Ganga Jamuna design. It suits all the outfits and is highly worn for daily use. It shows ones belief towards God and respect.

23. Alphabetical Ring Design with Diamonds:

What’s special than a personal ring design with your initials! A lovely design made out with gold and diamonds gives a fashionable but soffesticated look to the wearer. The curvy alphabet adds to its beauty. It can be a wonderful gift to the person you love. Such designs are also worn by both men and women. It can also be a cute gift to the new born infant gifting him the alphabet he owns.

24. Christian Ring Design for Wedding:

The Christian ring designs have their own charm. They are designed in a manner giving some message. Such a design for Christian weddings or engagements is a design with white gold with quotes written in it in an embossed manner. You can write a message on the ring for your beloved or any quote or simply his/her name. It is the symbol of spirituality, purity, love and loyalty.

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25. Black Ring Design:

Want to have a stylish look for any functions or simply for regular wear in black! Black has always been the center of attraction to all. An amazing design of the ring with a black diamond surrounded with several white shiny diamonds looks lovely when takes the design of a flower. The ring looks amazing on ethnics and also on formals such as plazo, long designer kurta etc.

In the ancient times, the rings were carried out according to the status of the person. For example, the doctors wore rings on the thumb, merchants on the index finger, fools on the middle finger, students in the ring finger and the lovers on the last finger. Still the rings hold an important place with several designs to make the fingers look more pretty.


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