R.i.p. tattoos are generally made in memory of some loved one or some great celebrity you held close to your heart. These generally comprise elements that have some symbolic connection with the person in question. People often get anchors for sailors, birds for bird lovers, angelic wings and so on. Almost all rip tattoos have names or dates incorporated within them to make it evident whose memory you are cherishing. These tattoos look beautiful, but their value is more sentimental. There are several possible variations for such tattoos, and not one is better than the other. Yet here are nine of the best-made rip tattoos to help give you an idea of what it should look like.

Rip Tattoo Designs and Ideas:

Are you having an idea of paying your tribute to someone? We have created an interesting gallery of top RIP tattoo designs and ideas, and take a look ahead!

1. Last Breathe Tattoo Designs:

RIP tattoos help us to remember our loved ones who have passed away from the world. If you want to stay with their memory in your life, this kind of tattoo will be more helpful to remain with their love, memory and Peace. There are varieties of tattoos available for the RIP of a person or a partner. Those RIP tattoos are a remarkable way of giving a tribute to your loved one who has already passed and started their journey beyond life. Numerous designs and styles of RIP tattoos are available for both men and women. Rip tattoo can be done with the person who gives a pleasant look and peaceful mind for the tattooed person.

RIP tattoos help in keeping the memories intact in your mind. Getting a tattoo done in memorialising your loved one who left the world will be very emotional. In this tattoo design, the last breathe of the loved person’s last heartbeat can be drawn as a tattoo design in the name of that loved person. It will remain there for a long time as the best memory of the particular person. It can be designed with a thin line and dark black colour ink, giving the people an enticing look.

2. RIP Of Grandma Tattoo Design:

This RIP tattoo design contains a picture of a person’s grandma, which will indicate the memory of that person and show deep condolence for that person. The tattooed people can feel deeply missing his/her grandma’s memory in the world. So in memory of that particular person, this RIP tattoo design can be used in various styles and designs. The flying dove indicates the dead person soul may rest in peace in heaven. There remains a hope since ancient days, that the dead person will live peaceful in heaven, while we can pray for them to god.

A simple rip tattoo design creates a peaceful feeling for the person who gets tattooed. There are many elegant and simple designs available for both men and women. The most common memorial tattoo designs will generally include dates, names, and portraits of the person who has passed away, quotes RIP, crosses, angels or angel wings, hearts, etc. These kinds of RIP tattoos will show your love, respect and passion towards the person who has left you forever.

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3. Eyes RIP Tattoo Designs:

Eyes RIP tattoo designs will be drawn to create an awareness of donating the eyes of a person who had left to the heavenly world. Today, many people are suffering from eye-related issues where some of them do need an eye replacement, but getting an eye is very difficult for any person. Putting an eye Rip tattoo will make others think about it when they look at these, thus encouraging them to donate their eyes. These tattoos can be designed by the way it is having an eye image and can be drawn either in black and white colours or multiple attractive colours. You can get the exact design which you love to have hired a professional tattoo artist.

4. Memorial Of Child’s Tattoo Design:

In this memorial of the child’s tattoo design, the person has the footprints of the child. This tattoo became familiar as a memorial tattoo for parents in remembrance of their child, where often they opt to choose small cute footprints or the portrait of their sleeping baby. These tattoo designs are always devoted to best friends, which usually include strong friendship quotes and meaningful symbols like infinity.

People who have lost their beloved person or the partner in their life always prefer to get memorial tattoos in which hearts, poems, and flowers will be used to get the best combinations. The tattoo was done for the memories of parents; grandparents can include dad and mom too. A small RIP tattoo design gives the cutest look to the tattooed person. There are many small RIP varieties of the cutest designs. If you have decided to get such a tattoo, think carefully about it before getting it.

5. Astounding RIP Tattoo Design:

Are you looking for the best RIP tattoo ideas? Get here with the best and stylish Astounding RIP tattoo design, which is having a skull placed inside a rose along with wings and having the birth and death date around it. The birth and death dates are inked below with the name of a person you want to dedicate to the remembrance of them. This kind of tattoo will be inked as a strong memorial tattoo for your dear one who has departed for their heavenly abode in practice for a long.

RIP or referred to as Rest in Peace tattoos, the carvings on body parts will be done as a mark of respect or to show how much the tattooing person feels missing their loved one who is no more. But, be sure to decide the design before you intend to get it tattooed, especially with the case of Astounding tattoos.

6. Green Creature RIP Tattoo:

Green creature RIP tattoo will be there in a number of designs and patterns in the tattoo world. A scaly green creature is seen coming out of the body through the ripped skin. People who love greeneries will like to have this tattoo on their body as this will add a personal touch to them as they are very special and close to their hearts. Some people may keep it simple and somber while others will go for the option of colorful tattoos tattooed with multiple colors.

In the green creature tattoos, several other things such as Dates, Prayers, and names may also be added, which looks as if they can also be inked as a part of the design. While going through a tattooing process, be careful methods as this process will be more concerned with health issues.

7. Parents Rip Tattoo Designs:

This is the most common kind of tattoo design. It’s not elaborate or complicated. It’s a simple tattoo that has more depth than other intricate ones in that it represents the undying love that only a child can bear for their parents. You write ‘rest in peace’ or ‘in loving memory of’ and so on. You can add other embellishments if you wish, but the emotional value of the tattoo remains the same whether it is simple or elaborate.

8. Roman Numeral Dates Tattoos:

People often choose inconspicuous designs so as not to have other people constantly questioning them and reminding them of their loss. Dates in roman numerals are an excellent example of such a design. You can use the birth date or the death date of the person in question. The best part about these designs is that they are small and can be got anywhere at all.

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9. Simple Word or Phrase Tattoo:

You can choose a phrase or line that helps remind you of those who have moved on and get that as your tattoo. For example, the line – ‘may angels lead you in, can be used to denote your well wishes to the souls that are no longer with you on this earth plane. It is one of the best rip tattoo designs for girls.

10. Name And Date Tattoo Design:

If you wish to make your design obvious and simple, you can simply write the person’s name and the particular date of your choice. You can choose the style of writing and what other embellishments to add.

11. Dove Tattoos:

Girls generally choose Dove rip tattoos. Doves are the bird symbols of Peace and loyalty. A dove with a heart is an excellent way to remember someone who is no longer with you, especially if the person in question felt the same way about doves.

12. Bird Rip Tattoo:

Most people choose to symbolize the memory of their loved ones through birds. I guess it’s something to do with birds flying high and seem to touch the heavens above. This is one of the best rip tattoo designs for women.

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13. A Cross Tattoo Designs:

For believers in Christ and his grace, a cross is an apt rip tattoo. By choosing to get a cross with the person’s name and maybe with hands folded in prayer, you are trying to express that you are in constant prayer for your loved one to reach the gates of heaven safely.

14. Angel Wings Tattoo:

Another excellent idea is one with angel wings. You can write the name of the person you are paying homage to and then embellish his name with angel wings and clouds and other elements that attempts to denote that that person’s soul rests peacefully in heaven.

15. A Sailor Rip Tattoo:

The best kind of rip tattoos for sailors include elements of their trade. But this is an apt choice only if the person you are remembering was an avid lover of the seas. One such design is an anchor, which symbolizes the roots that a person has left in your life. You can make the tattoo pretty by embellishing it with other details or keeping it simple.


Memories will always remain even when they are gone! The simplest way to honour your loved one who has passed is to get a RIP tattoo in memory of them. Get started here to remember your loved ones! There are a lot of ways to design a memorial RIP tattoo. Find below many ideas, designs, and styles of RIP tattoos. At times, funny elements and cartoons will be added to tone down the sadness factor. Nevertheless, a RIP tattoo will remain close to the wearer regardless of the form it can be tattooed. Getting this kind of RIP tattoo will be strengthening the emotional connection with the Soul that rests in Peace.

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