Casual jeans are worn at every moment and are very common worldwide today. Formal jeans and designer jeans are no doubt in the wardrobe of everyone. A form of jeans which is similarly very famous among youngsters and models is the ripped jeans. Ripped jeans, also known as the destroyed jeans, torn jeans or distressed jeans, are fashion statements. Distressed jeans have a shabby look indeed, but the impact of being cool is so in fashion. A dashing and cool image can be shown easily with the ripped, torn or wrenched and repaired jeans.

New and Trendy Collection of Ripped Jeans for Gents in Fashion:

Lat we have to look at the top distressed jeans collection for Mens with images.

1. Men’s Ripped Knee Jeans:

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Men knee torn jeans is generally more on-demand. The crazy look from the torn jeans gives suits best for male attire. Boys are commonly seen in wrenched jeans because of their rough lifestyle. Compared to the girl’s lifestyle, ripped jeans look cool more on men. Knee ripped men’s jeans can be worn with a cool dark shirt and a blazer to have a cool look.

2. Straight Legged Ripped Jeans for Men:

Straight legged ripped jeans for men are also with designer effects in them. A contrast colour patch is seen from inside the jeans with the portion of the skin. The designer effect gives more attraction due to the coloured cloth peeping from inside. The chic cool look can be best for men with a muscular body.

3. Designer Ripped Jeans for Men:

Designer ripped jeans for men are also in great demand to be one of the pieces in the wardrobe. Slim fit blue jeans with scratches from the top thigh portion to the ankle give a spectacularly cool look.

4. Destroyed Torn White Ripped Men Jeans:

Image Source: Pinterest

White jeans are one of the designer jeans men and women would love to have for themselves. A designer white ripped jeans is sure, not less in their value. And ripping off white designer jeans on ourselves is also not a cool job. White jeans are particularly worn very carefully not to have a stain on them. At the same time, ripped white jeans are costly to be owned.

5. Ripped and Repaired Men Vintage Jeans:

Vintage ripped jeans are stylish destroyed jeans, very much attractive and cool in looks. The male attire seen in these jeans makes the men look strong and attractive. The vintage’s shabby look can recognise ripped jeans with the dusty colour and bleached stains.

6. Bright Red Mens Ripped Jeans:

Coloured ripped jeans both men and women commonly wear. The red colour particularly is worn more. White shirts or tees are the best suit in the red trousers with scratches and torn effects on them.

7. Men Designer Slim Fit Jeans Ripped:

Image Source: Pinterest

Designer slim fit jeans for men are with parts with designer looks on them. The patches turn out, destroying the jeans’ stitches, making them look cool. The pockets are seen attractively shown with stitched highlighted to be repaired. Somewhere it is also replaced with zips.

8. Sand Colour Ripped Skinny Jeans for Men:

Sand colour jeans with a destroyed effect are a trend in jeans. The sand colour jeans come in many shades. Men and women both can wear such colours. A baggy shirt or t-shirt can look awesome on such jeans.

Fashionable Collection of Ripped Jeans For Ladies in Trend:

Let us look at the top designs of jeans with ripped patterns for women.

1. Women Ripped Fit Jeans:

Image Source: Pinterest

Girls who wish to look cool and different can go for women’s ripped jeans shredded from the thighs to below the knees. The tiny shreds look as if it has been scratched off or torn naturally. The worn-out jeans also look like ripped ones. Some seen skin part makes it look rougher to get the cool look. White shirts or short blouses look awesome with light blue torn jeans.

2. Rolled Up Women’s Jeans Ripped:

Image Source: Facebook

A greater impact can be brought to your look with the wrapped up jean. Women can wear such a pair of jeans ripped in holes from different parts of the trousers. The holes can be stressed naturally, showing the treads of the jeans fabric. The ends of the pants can be wrapped up to the ankle-length to emphasise more dashing. Summers can be made cool with the out ragging ripped jeans.

3. Women Ripped Patch Jeans:

Ripped and repaired jeans give a fantastic cool look as well. The patchwork looks as if the torn areas are covered with different coloured jeans. The chic look with such a pair of jeans can give you a trendy cool image. High boots can go well with patched-up jeans. A cool image can be made by looking simple with ripped and patched up jeans.

4. Repaired Ripped Jeans for Women:

Inner patched up jeans have a fantastic look of ripped jeans to get a rocky image. Women can wear such a pair of ripped and repaired jeans with a jeans jacket on a casual t-shirt. The sporty shoes and a cool image can be a perfect combination. DIY ideas can make your ripped jeans look more attractive. Painted images on the scratches of the jeans make them more attractively look different.

5. Baggy Ripped Skinny Jeans for Girls:

Baggy jeans are more comfortable in the collection of jeans for women. Skinny ripped jeans are very hard and complicated while wear. It may happen to wear the leg out of the holes of the skinny jeans. Baggy ripped jeans can make you fit in comfortably and easily. Moving about is also easy in baggy jeans and the fear of ripped jeans getting more ripped off is less.

6. Women Knee Ripped Black Jeans:

Black jeans are designed for both men and women. Women prefer knee-ripped jeans as there is less of a torn part and a ripped effect. At the same time, there are women bold enough even to rip off the thigh and hips portion of the jeans. Some of these jeans have huge holes surrounding almost more than the knee part. It is the choice of the wearer that suits them more.

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7. High Waist Distressed Bleached Ripped Jeans:

Women’s high waist jeans are designer jeans that come in the ripped form. Designer printed jeans with a floral design pattern or geometric designs have ripped off portions that look trendy.

When you want to look cool with ripped jeans and all, it is important to have proper accessories that go well with the image of being cool. A baggy shirt or a blazer, a long designer handbag and pack booties for women can go great while men can choose knee-length overcoats, or jeans jackets, white skin-tight shirts etc., one can choose according to his\her choice. Torn jeans come in many different designs. From bold to decent look, torn jeans with fame can be your next look.

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